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Top 10 of the Best Moms in Anime


So Mothers Day has passed but even so I felt it was necessary to make this list. There aren’t a lot of great moms in anime, usually cause their dead and we know very little detail about them but the ones I’m here to talk about are moms who have proven to the audience that they are fantastic.


  • Spoilers!
  • Adopted mothers do count

Honorable Mentions

Haruko Kamio (Air), Ryouko Miyazono (Your Lie in April) & Akiko Minase (Kanon)

10. Sukuyo Mankanshoku (Kill la Kill)

I feel like people never praise this mom enough. The thing that Kill la Kill hassukuyo mankanshoku highlighted is that Ryuuko has never had a proper family but when she moves into the Mankanshoku household, she’s introduced to a warm, family environment especially during family dinners. Sukuyo proves to be this great mom for all she does for the family and those who eat with them by making them great food and taking care of everyone, as well as disciplining her Matarou in a comedic fashion.

9. Hiroko Katsuki (Yuri!!! On Ice)

hiroko katsukiNo matter what has happened to Yuuri, it’s Hiroko who continues to encourage him with his career in ice skating and maybe even his relationship with Victor considering her reaction during the iconic kiss scene. One thing I find even more precious that goes to show how great this mom is, is the fact both her and Yuri’s father named their inn specialty (katsudon) after Yuri knowing that it’s his favorite food.


8. Shiho Fujimiya (One Week Friends)

Shiho clearly is very concerned for her daughter who’s memory restarts every Mondayshiho fujimiya in result causing Kaori to distant herself from making friends. We see how she cares from all the effort she puts into Kaori, particularly when Kaori brought friends over for the first time in years. Kaori’s mother is in short a supportive and hardworking mom.

7. Noriko Irie/or as I call her, Mama Irie (Itazura na Kiss)

noriko irieIt’s not only her role as the mother of both Naoki and Yuuki but also being a mother figure to our protagonist, Kotoko. Mama Irie may be incredibly manipulative, bossy and in general someone you shouldn’t mess with, but she just wants what she believes to be best for her children. But what makes her so amazing is the support she has for each of her kids being the one who did support Naoki’s choice of becoming a doctor, Yuuki’s choice of eventually taking over the company and most importantly, helping Kotoko with her relationship with Naoki. Sure she may be overbearing but in the end Mama Irie is an amazing mom with her heart in the right place.

6. Queen Serenity (Sailor Moon)

Okay bear with me considering my memories on Sailor Moon may be a little bit shakyqueen serenity but one thing I’ll never forget is how amazing Queen Serenity is as a mother. When Queen Beryl attacks the moon kingdom and everyone including Princess Serenity die during the battle. Queen Serenity decides to send her daughter to earth to be reborn again and live her life normally. But what makes this more sad is that Queen Serenity was left to die alone but even so what she did for her daughter is truly amazing and goes to show how much she cared for her.

5. Chitose Hibiya (Chobits)

For those who haven’t seen Chobits this is a big spoiler. So Hibiya was married to Ichirochitose hibiya Mihara and together they created persocoms. Unfortunately however, Hibiya was unable to have children but her husband decided to make her a special persocom, Chobits which they named Freya. Because Freya was unhappy, they decided to give her a sister, Elda (who we all know as Chii). Because of Freya’s ability to fall in love, she ended up falling in love with Ichiro but because of the deep pain broke down but of course beforehand, her sister entered her body. To make things more unfortunate for Hibiya, her husband passes away. But what makes Hibiya a great mother is not only the deep love she had for her daughters but also her desire to make sure they’re happy, which is why she made a book for Chii to guide her to happiness and to realization on her true feelings towards Hideki.

 4. Kyoko Honda (Fruits Basket)

kyoko hondaAlthough Kyoko died prior to the series, the impact she has on Tohru’s life proves how amazing she is as a mother. So Kyoko started off quite reckless only to meet Katsuya Honda, fall in love and eventually marry him. Then they both had Tohru but a few years later, Katsuya died and Kyoko broke down feeling completely alone. But when Kyoko realized she had Tohru she brought herself back up and raised her daughter on her own to be the most amazing female role model in anime. Kyoko not only impacted on Tohru’s life but also Tohru’s friend, Arisa who looks up to both Kyoko and Tohru. Kyoko Honda is truly an amazing mother who raised an amazing daughter.

3. Mama Higurashi (Inuyasha)

From the very start, Mama Higurashi has been an amazing mother from the way shemama higurashi supports her family and how many times she had to cover up for Kagome considering all the illnesses she and the family had to come up with. I think what’s even better is in the end of the Final Act, Kagome had to choose between being with Inuyasha or staying in the present with her family, Mama Higurashi being aware of Kagome’s love for Inuyasha, lets her go despite knowing very well that she may never see Kagome again. That is a great mother right there!

2. Sanae Furukawa (Clannad)

sanae furukawaAgain, big spoilers! I think to be able to not only raise a frail daughter but also raise your granddaughter and guide Tomoya is impressive. Sanae is a strong mom who gave up her job as a teacher to be able to take care of Nagisa whilst owning a bakery with Akio. Sanae is the one to come to Nagisa’s rescue when she needs something and supports her family. When her daughter dies, which is unbearable for any parent, what Sanae does it fix things for both Tomoya who is extremely depressed and unable to take care of his daughter and as well as raise Ushio. If that is not a great mother, I don’t know what is.

1. Junko Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

More major spoilers! Junko and Sanae were very close but Junko was just a bit morejunko kaname impressive.. in my opinion. Not only did Junko raise up a strong and wonderful daughter but also the bond she has with her family, including the one she has with Madoka. Junko guides Madoka giving her advice whenever she needs it most, even as a business woman, she’ll always be there when Madoka needs her. In the last episode when Homura is fighting Walpurgisnacht, Madoka decides to go out there and save her, and Junko tries to stop her but Madoka manages to convince Junko and Junko knows she can’t stop her, letting her go. This all ends with Madoka saving the world, becoming a goddess but also ended up being removed from everyone but Homura’s memories. In the end it was the right choice, Madoka’s unselfish personality all came from Junko’s amazing parenting, which is why Junko Kaname is a truly fantastic mother.

Thank you for reading my top 10 list, hopefully you and your mom’s Mother’s Day was great. Should be making a new review very soon. Till next time 🙂

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Top 10 Animes I’ve Seen in 2016


The year has ended, so in tradition, my way of giving the previous year a proper goodbye is by counting down the best animes I saw that yearAnd the worst animes too, but I haven’t watched an anime that I dislike this year. So here it is, the best animes I watched in 2016.

10. Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride)

Ao Haru Ride is not the best shoujo anime I’ve personally seen, but the anime is still prettyao-haru-ride good. The story is overall good and all the characters are likable. I also must praise once again how this anime deals with two friends liking the same guy because it was realistic, not overdramatic and it fleshed out the relationship between our the two friends and how they do really like this guy but also care deeply for each other.

9. One Week Friends (Isshukan Friends)

one-week-friendsI was so glad this anime didn’t meet my expectation of it being repetitive and the story actually made progress. I love all the characters especially Shogo who cut most of the bullshit and was straight forward. I like the bond that grew between Fujimiya and Hase and how Fujimiya slowly but surely grows and trusts more. One Week Friends is an adorable anime, what more can I say.

8. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Oji (Wolf Girl and Black Prince)

This is an anime where I can say I’ve read the manga first. One thing I love is that Kyoyaookami shoujo to kuro ouji characters and Erika compliment each other beautifully, furthermore their love story was very interesting. Plus it’s obvious this anime would have a spot on my list considering Kyoya is my husbando. There is a lot to enjoy about this great rom-com anime despite it seeming a little cliche.

7. Shimoneta 

shimonetaThis anime is of the wall hilarious. The story alone is incredibly appealing and with it’s shock value, Shimoneta is hilarious. I loved all of the characters, they were each interesting, unique and hilarious. Shimoneta just had a great story that made it earn a spot on this list.

6. Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me)

I haven’t done a review for this anime yet, but I really like this series. I’ve been watching thiswatashi-ga-motete-dousunda anime weekly and I’ve read the manga before the anime came out. I liked most of the characters, I related to Kae on a spiritual level and I must say even though I fell in love with Igarashi, Mutsumi-senpai is best boy! I will get more into discussion when I review this series but Watashi ga Motete Dousunda is a fantastic anime that made it on the number 6 spot.

5. Tokyo Ghoul

Now I’ve heard many debates about this anime, a lot of people think Tokyo Ghoul is shittokyo ghoul while others defend it mainly because they’ve read the manga. However I haven’t read the manga but I love the anime. Tokyo Ghoul addressed the concept of isolation and the whole topic of ghouls vs humans quite beautifully, though thanks to AniSins I realized which side is at wrong but still Tokyo Ghoul is an amazing anime and I stand by that which is why it’s number 5 on this list.

4. Prison School

An anime I haven’t reviewed yet. Prison School is a hilarious anime and I couldn’t getprison-school enough of it. Each episode was funnier than the last. Every character was memorable and mostly likable. The anime was so over the top it was fantastic heck there is one character in the anime who tries to be all dramatic but it’s too hilarious.

3. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

sekaiichi-hatsukoiI was considering placing Sekaiichi Hatsukoi on first place considering for 2014’s top 10 list, Junjou Romantica was first place and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is just as good as Junjou, but this year I personally found some animes that were better than both Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Despite that I am in love with Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. The romance was quite mature but adorable and captivating. I loved most of the characters and in general, this is a brilliant yaoi series.

2. Hybrid Child

Definitely Shungiku Nakamura’s best work despite it being a one-shot that was made intohybrid-child an OVA series. Hybrid Child is a brilliant series, it’s emotional, the relationships are all beautiful and unique. Hybrid Child is everything a yaoi anime SHOULD be (in my personal opinion of course). This is the anime that brought me to tears this year. I would’ve easily placed Hybrid Child as number 1 but there’s a certain anime that was better.

1. Paradise Kiss

Paradise KissAfter some thought, there was no doubt Paradise Kiss would top this list. This anime is amazing with it’s story and characters. The main character, Yukari is definitely one of the most well developed characters in anime, finding herself and growing as a person. I also adore the little push she gets from George, even though people say he’s an asshole I personally think he’s good for Yukari. All the other characters are very likable and fit in well with the story. And all that is why Paradise Kiss is the best anime I’ve watched in 2016.

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Top 40 Openings to Animes I Haven’t Watched YET


From the day I started this blog the one thing I’ve always wanted to do was make an openings top list. Problem is there is way too many openings to add in and not to mention there are still heaps of animes I want to watch and heaps of openings I’ll eventually love and it’ll be  way to difficult to list all these openings. So I separated my list with animes I haven’t seen and animes I have seen. Today I’ll be listing the animes I haven’t seen yet but already started liking its opening.


  • I won’t be listing animes I’m currently watching unless I’ve only seen a few episodes. If I’ve already watched nearly half the anime then it will not count on this list
  • I won’t be mentioning animes from long-running animes like Naruto or Bleach. If I like one of their openings it’ll be on my other list because I don’t know at what point of these series is considered halfway.
  • If I didn’t mention an anime opening on this list, chances are I either don’t like the opening, never heard of the anime, forgot to put the anime on my to watch list, don’t want to watch the anime or I’ve already watched the anime.
  • THIS LIST IS BASED ON MY OPINION. If you don’t like my list, that’s fine, heck you can link me to your list or make it on the spot in the comments I’ll gladly check it out 🙂
  • I know most animes have a second opening but I never bothered to check them out so this is a list for the first openings of these animes (some of these may not be the first opening due to accidentally checking out the wrong opening).

Honorable Mentions

Zannenkei Rinjinbu (Hoshi Futatsuhan) – Tomodachi Tsukuri-tai (Haganai), Endscape – UVERworld (Toward the Terra), Driver’s High – L’Arc~en Ciel (Great Teacher Onizuka), May I Help You? – Ai Kayano, Mai Nakahara & Aki Toyosaki (Servant x Service), Tomorrow – Mikuni Shimokawa (Full Metal Panic), Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni – Eiko Shimamiya (Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni), Flying Humanoid – Shouko Nakagawa (Occult Academy), Dramatic Market Ride – Aya Suzuki (Tamako Market), All The Way – Mikuni Shimokawa, Romantic Summer – SUN&LUNAR (My Bride is a Mermaid), Sekai de Ichiban Koi Shiteru – Shuuhei Kita (Sekai ichi Hatsukoi), Colorful Box – Youko Ishida (Shirobako)

41. Mystical Ninja’s Opening

I know this is not an anime, this is a video game. But this is the only chance I had to mention this opening considering I don’t really know many video game openings and I can’t make a top list of that. Besides Mystical Ninja does have its own anime even though it’s bad. But I just love this opening heaps, since I was little and may I add so this opening is incredibly nostalgic and if this opening made the younger version of me who hated any song that’s not in English fall in love then it deserves a spot on this list even though it’s not an anime and I have played this game.

40. Nee – Maiko Fujita (Hiiro no Kakera)

I don’t know much about Hiiro no Kakera other then it’s a reverse harem. The problem with reverse harems is they follow a trend of having a bland female protagonist. Hiiro no Kakera looks like it won’t be an exception but this beautiful song with its lovely animations and the emotions expressed in this opening tell me otherwise and whether this anime turns out good or bad won’t change my love for this beautiful opening.

39. Sky Blue Days – Shoko Nakagawa (Gurren Lagaan)

I don’t know too much about Gurren Lagaan but what this opening represents is what I hope from this anime. An anime that is fun and full of energy but at the same time has action to fit in. This is an anime constantly compared to Kill la Kill and if I can really enjoy Kill la Kill, Gurren Lagaan should be enjoyable and that’s exactly what this opening gives me hope for.

38. SOMEONE ELSE – Kana Asumi, Saki Fujita and Eri Kitamura (Working!)

This opening basically tells me there is going to be lots of moe in this anime by both the music and animation. What I seem to like most about this opening is that I know I’ll get a kick out of this anime because the opening is having fun and when an opening can have fun then I can definitely enjoy myself and I’m definitely more interested in watching this anime which is what an opening is suppose to do and it did it’s job very well.

37. Trip-Innocent of D- – Larvel Stage Planning (Highschool DxD)

The problem with many ecchi anime is that it is so poor with its story and characters and relies too heavily on fanservice that it may as well be a hentai. Highschool DxD from what I’ve heard is a perfect example on what ecchi anime should be like, throws fanservice around but at the same time cares enough to take the story and characters seriously resulting in a good anime. This anime alone represents that well, it has fanservice but it also reminds you that this is not a hentai by showing some serious sides of the show and some more light-hearted sides and if an opening can give me that impression then it is definitely an opening that deserves a spot on this list.

36. Zoetrope – Nagi Yanagi (Amnesia)

I have heard some really bad things about Amnesia but regardless I have been interested in watching the anime for a while. The animation is so beautiful and this fitting song to an anime about a girl who has amnesia, it just makes me hope that Amnesia is better than what everyone says.

35. Guns & Rose – Paradise Lunch (Bacanno)

This is not one of those songs I’ll download and listen to often, but I won’t deny, Baccano’s opening is quite catchy and it just seems so fitting to the show. The anime looks like it’ll be a lot of fun but more of the light-hearted kind of fun which I don’t really expect from Baccano. Even so this opening definitely delivers what its suppose to and more which is splendid.

34. Yume no Shima Shinen Kouen (Dream Island Obsessional Park) – Susumu Hirasawa (Paranoia Agent)

When I first heard of the title, Paranoia Agent, I immediately thought of a dark anime. Watching this opening changed that image with all the characters laughing with sometimes quite depressing backgrounds which makes me look at this anime as a dark comedy… as you can tell I’m completely blind to Paranoia Agent. Even so this opening encourages me to watch the show with it’s epic song and odd opening.

33. Uragiri no Yuuyake (Treacherous Sunset) – Theatre Brook (Durarara!!)

This opening is like Baccano’s opening with its transition from character to character but I found myself enjoying Durarara’s opening a bit more. I just found that this style of music was so fitting to the anime and everything happening did the job of interesting me into watching the anime.

32. WILD CHALLENGER – Jindou (Bobobo-bobo-bobo)

What I’ve always expected from Bobobo (I’m not going to finish those Bos) is comedy and I mean incredibly absurd comedy, I mean the main character Bobobo fights with his nose hair, that is beyond ridiculous and I love it. This opening alone represents that and it has so much fun with everything. So of course this opening deserved a spot on my list.

31. CLICK – ClariS (Nisekoi)

Ah Nisekoi, the cause of the war between Team Chitoge and Team Onodera. Literally the Facebook arguments over those two teams last year caused me be interested in Nisekoi. I haven’t even seen Nisekoi to choose a side. This opening is on this list not only because it’s catchy and the animation is wonderful, mainly because of the performer, ClariS who did both of Oreimo’s and Madoka Magica’s opening. Not to mention I love its change of colors going from more pastel colors to its regular colors.

30. Hacking to the Gate – Kanako Itou (Steins;Gate)

When I first heard this opening, I was not much of a fan at all. After some time though I found myself enjoying Steins;Gate’s opening more. This opening fits well with the time travel theme involved with the anime not the mention the animation is fantastic like I can’t explain it but it’s just oddly great.

29. killy killy JOKER – Kanon Wakeshima (Selector Infected WIXOSS)

What’s so great about this opening is that the characters look so cutesy yet this opening tells us otherwise with dark yet colourful animation and it just looks like an anime that will address themes that I want more animes to address. I don’t know what themes but I know when I watch this anime I may figure it out. The music is really good too from this slower pace and then bouncing up to a fast pace and it does so perfectly.

28. One Reason – fade (Deadman Wonderland)

 An anime with an opening sung in English usually has two results. Sounding odd or sounding amazing. Deadman Wonderland sound amazing with the intensity of the sequence not just the epic lyrics but the creepy yet incredibly interesting visuals and not to mention its animations are gorgeous.

27. Again – Yui (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Honestly the first… five-ten times I’ve heard this opening I didn’t like this opening. But as I was writing this list I decided to give this opening a chance and I’m glad I did because as it turns out FMA’s opening is beyond intense with its perfect build up starting off slow and soft then going more fast paced and epic which is the best thing an opening can do. Not to mention the flawless visuals that accompany the opening.

26. Resonance – T.M Revolution (Soul Eater)

How do I begin to explain this opening. Well it just seems likes a perfect way to sum up Soul Eater’s premise. The animation and the music is incredibly intense and the way I imagine Soul Eater to be is an epic anime that knows how to tell a story but is also entertaining when it comes to comedy and this opening is a perfect reason for me to hope that.

25. Shiny Tale – Mix Speakers (Daily Lives of Highschool Boys)

This anime… five minutes into the anime and I already knew this comedy is probably just as ridiculous as Nichijou.. well maybe less intense. This opening is a fine example of what I hope for a comedy and well a fine representation of “boys being boys” considering the anime is literally called “The Daily Lives of Highschool Boys” which I don’t expect it to be any less than boys being…. boys I guess.

24. Viva Namida – Yasuyuki Okamura (Space Dandy)

“Space Dandy, a dandy guy from space” I will never get over the fact that every time I’d go on my sister’s laptop that will just come up. This opening is perfect for the anime with its animation and music. And I swear that dance is from a music video I just can’t remember which one. I don’t expect more from an anime where the male lead sings about booty..As you can tell I’ve only seen like a couple of scenes but yes this anime and its opening is awesome.

23. Hana wa Odoreya Irohaniho (Flower Dancing ABCDE) – Team “Hanayamata” (Hanayamata)

This opening is just beautiful with its animations and the last bit in the song. I’ve seen many animes with cute girls being kawaii as fuck furthermore I’ve seen many openings involving that trait and its not a bad thing it’s just common. But this anime, I can’t get over how beautiful it is despite the brightness. The song too is just adorable and fun and full of enerfy and once again that soft ending to the song is just perfect.

22. Hikari no Senritsu (Melody of Light) – Kalafina (Sound of the Sky)

From the animations to the visuals to the music, all of it is heavenly, literally. And these are the people who performed Madoka Magica’s ending which got me excited to know. Anyway I can’t even begin to explain how gorgeous this opening is. I know the visuals are inspired by an artwork/art style I just don’t know what’s its called by it’s so pretty.

21. Tabi no Tochuu (On a Journey) – Natsumi Kiyoura (Spice and Wolf)

How do I begin to describe this gorgeous opening… Well I just did describe it aha.. But I’m completely blown away with its medieval vibe, its amazing animations and the whole tone of the series. This opening does its job of captivating the viewers into the show opening oppurtunities of it being a compelling story with dynamic characters which I hope for. Not to mention the build up in this opening is literally breath-taking and absolutely beautiful.

20. Kiri – Monaral (Ergo Proxy)

I’ve heard so much about this anime from how dark it is, to how amazing it is and how complex it is which this opening represents perfectly with its stunning and creepy but overall beautiful animations and you can never go wrong with an English opening which is beyond fantastic and fitting to the show with its lyrics and tone.

19. Hikaru Nara (If It Shines) – Goose house (Your Lie in April)

The sad truth about many anime viewers is no matter how crap the story of an anime sounds if the music and animation is beautiful, we’ll immediately put it in our watch list. Of course Your Lie in April doesn’t have a bad storyline its just I added it into my watch list without knowing what it’s about because of how pretty the animation is and how fantastic this opening is which is quite shallow on my behalf but come on how can this song by Goose house not give you goosebumps (see what I did there). This opening gives me hope, joy and passion which is exactly what I hoped from such a beautiful anime.

18. Daydream Syndrome – Marina Fujiwara (Dream Eater Merry)

The one thing that attracted me to this opening is its use of shadows. I love an opening that is incredibly dark with its music going low to a more innocent tone if that’s the correct word. I love its constant switch from badass to innocent. I honestly don’t know much about the anime but this opening alone already attracts me to the series because of my love for bitter sweetness in anime.

17. This Game – Konomi Suzuki (No Game, No Life)

Though I do dislike how bright the animation is, it is some top-quality animation. This openings visuals are very appealing but what makes me enjoy this opening is its epic music, I remember the moment I first heard it I immediately got the song and put it on repeat. I love its epic build-up, its low pitch to strong pitch. This opening song is everything I love in an opening. Why isn’t it higher on the list? I’ve listened to it so many times its lost its effect, but hey it’s still an awesome opening.

16. scarlet – ave;new ft BRACE;d (a.k.a Miki Kawase & a.k.a dRESS) (Chibi Vampire Karin)

This opening… Well I love the catchy and opening music which just seems to fit perfectly. But what stood out is what was happening. I’m fascinated how such an innocent and cute looking anime was balanced with mature themes like nudity. I really like this opening because of the unforgettable music and it’s perfect balance in the opening.

15. Red Fraction – Mell (Black Lagoon)

 There is only one word to describe this opening.. Fuck. This is beyond a badass opening from what’s happening in it to its music to its animations. I even here the women in this anime are complete badasses and though knowing myself I’m not going to rush straight into watching Black Lagoon I’m still annoyed at the fact I’m not getting into this badass anime already.

14. Falling Down – Oasis (Eden of the East)

I said this before and I’ll say it again, you can never go wrong with an English opening. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love the music and its lyrics. The animations are good and I love a lot of things that are happening that seems to fit perfectly. Though I must confess, I have seen bits and pieces of Eden of the East but not enough to say I’ve watched it and I don’t remember a lot of it, all I remember is that girl who cuts off dicks. That’s it. But I promised myself I will get back and watch this anime from start to finish.

13. Battlecry – Nujables (Samurai Champloo)

I have seen enough of Samurai Champloo to know what its about and all but not enough to say I’ve watched it entirely which is why its better off on this list. I love how Samurai Champloo uses an old-fashion setting using modern day music and it fits perfectly for this show. It’s surprising how hip hop can fit in a samurai-setting anime but it really does which is what I love about this opening along with its animations.

12. Colors – FLOW (Code Geass)

The animations is full of colors (get what I did there … omg please stop me). Anyway this opening is amazing. From the animation to music. I use to be almost addicted to this song that’s how good it is. This opening has so much to it that makes it fun and incredibly catchy and I try so hard to remember the repetitive part even till now but I struggle but I will ace it someday.

11. Crossing Field – LiSA (Sword Art Online)

Sorry I couldn’t find the proper version. Anyway this opening use to be all I listened to for awhile I mean just picture the drummer of this song and how much fun he would’ve had on it. The build up, everything is stunning in this opening along with the animations. The thing I hope for is that SAO isn’t as bad as many people say it is.

10. B Chiku Sentai SOX – SOX (Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai/ A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist)

This anime… I’ve already seen a few episodes and OMG! The moment I saw this opening there was no doubt it’ll be on the list. I love the concept of this anime and everything that happens in the opening (some of the scenes are from the anime). But I just think this anime is clever and I can’t wait to continue it because I’m already enjoying it after 3 episodes.

9. Fantastic Future – Yukari Tamura (The Hentai Prince and Stony Cat)

This song has been stuck in my head from the moment I saw the first episode. I’ve only seen one episode and so far it’s meh but I’ll continue it. But this opening is incredibly cute and suits what is obviously going to happen in the anime with its lyrics. I’m just a sucker for cutesy opening and Yukari Tamura is amazing at delivering them.

8. Ringo Mogire Beam (Apple Plucking Beam) – Kenji Outsuki, Ai Nonaka, Marina Inoue, Yuu Kobayashi, Miyuki Sawashiro & Ryouko Shintani (Zan Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei)

I did say I won’t bother checking out the other animes openings and I kept my word it’s just I thought this opening was the first opening but no this is the third season’s opening and I’m already very attached to this opening so may as well leave it on the list. What I love about this opening is it starts off weirdly with its animation and the first few lyrics. I like this song a lot though, the it builds up is fantastic. Besides that, am I the only one who is reminded of Nichijou’s first opening…?

7. Jojo ~ Sono Chi no Sadame~ (Jojo ~ The Destiny of His Blood~) – Hiroaki “TOMMY” Tominaga (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

This opening and Zetsubou-sensei’s one were very neck-to-neck but Jojo’s opening to the cake. Honestly, I don’t know much about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure but this opening already tells me that this anime is quite bizarre. Its manga style animation as well is fantastic and looks epic. The music just fits perfectly with my image for this anime and I found it really catchy. Not to mention this is the character Dio, I have seen his memes which are my favorite memes ever.

6. THE HERO!! Ikareru Kobushi ni Hi wo Tsukero ~ (THE HERO!! Light a Fire in this Enraged Fist) – JAM Project (One Punch Man)

The Best Anime of 2015 others have claimed. Even my cousin who hates anime likes this anime which is very strange and tickles my curiosity to watch this anime considering its many memes based on it on the internet which scares me because of how I am with overhyped anime but this epic opening gives me hope that this superhero anime with One Punch Man potentially being stronger than Goku considering he can finish you off with One Punch. Also this opening has got my walking around humming out the lyrics “One Punch!!!!!!” so yes it deserves a spot on this list.

5. Mirakei Answer (Future-tense Answer) – TRUSTRICK (Ore Monogatari/My Love Story)

I put two links one was the video which has no sound and the other is a cover because the don’t even have the original version full which is fine because I’ve already heard this song before back when they actually had the opening on Youtube. But this song is too good to not put on the list, it’s adorable, incredibly sweet, catchy and unforgettable, along with great animations and well it just fits well and that’s what an opening is suppose to be like.

4. Flyers – BRADIO (Death Parade)

What a fun energetic opening, full of dancing, games, drinking etc for an anime about death… Well I have seen Death Billiards so I have an idea on what Death Parade is about and honestly it looks very entriguing. Though this opening is quite deceptive you can’t deny the animation attracts you to the story already and well… This earned a spot being my random “EVERYBODY PUT YOUR HANDS UP!” singing moments that just come out of nowhere… thank you Death Parade for having one of the most catchiest openings ever.

3. Cha-la-Head-Cha-la – Hironobu Kageyama (Dragon Ball Z) 

I’ve seen a bit of Dragon Ball Z (and I’ve seen a bit of DB: Super and Battle of the Gods) but anyway, I’m not going to complete the Dragon Ball franchise, it’s too long. But I fell in love with this song through Team Four Star and that is honestly the most I’m watching on Dragon Ball Z. But this opening is ridiculously catchy to the point I’m randomly singing “CHA-LA-HEAD-CHA-LA!!” out of nowhere. But outside of the catchiness, what else makes this opening enjoyable is well the 80s vibe you get from the music and the feeling of fun you get from the show… and my anime boyfriend looks great as usual in his blue suit…

2. Love (Loyalty) (Ai (Chuuseishin) – Milk (Excel Saga)

I’ve only seen one episode of this anime and I don’t know how to feel about this anime so far. This anime is beyond over the top ridiculous along with its wacking and annoyingly catchy opening… thanks anime. But seriously, I adore this opening for so many reasons. What goes on in the opening, the music, the catchiness, the animation, this opening is FAN-TA-STIC! But I’m going to be honest in a few months time I may get a bit sick of this song and put it lower in the list, if I had the chance to but this opening is very high on my list and deserves it.

1. Catch You, Catch Me – Gumi (Cardcaptor Sakura)

My apologies for only being able to find the full version and not the actual opening. Anyways…GET THIS SONG OUT OF MY HEAD!! Alright, alright, let me tell you a story. I started falling for this song the moment I heard it when I saw a bit of Cardcaptor Sakura. So then not long after I was listening to it in class and had to pause to talk a bit to my friend, without realising my earphones was unplugged to my computer and when I played the song it played out loud in class which lead to my friend recognizing this song for that embarrassing moment and adding to my addiction to this song. I know the lyrics that’s how much I love this song. It is so catch-y (I’m sorry I’ll stop), adorable, energetic and everything more. I adore the animations and what goes on in the opening it just fits perfectly which is why Cardcaptor Sakura’s Catch You, Catch Me is on the number one spot.


Now obviously not every anime is going to be on my watch-list, so in the future if I do a review on an anime and say I love its openings, there’s a great chance at the time I made this blog I never intended to watch that anime, or if it is an anime on my watch list that I didn’t even mention on here then at the time of this post I don’t care for or didn’t check out that opening, but if I say I like it in the future it’s only because my opinions change. Heck if I end up obsessing over a song that’s much lower this list now and I like it more than a song I put much higher on this list or my next openings list then that means I’ve changed. Who knows what’ll happen I may not like these songs forever and that’ll honestly not be a bad thing because change is good in some ways which ends this post thank you for actually checking out my top 40 list though lets be real  you probably scrolled past the openings from the animes you don’t care for and only read what I had to say about the animes you do like. Thank you anyway.

Till next time 🙂

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Top 10 Likable Assholes in Anime


Whether they’re a main character, villain or just a character on the side, there are a lot of assholes in anime. Some are just straight-up detestable while others are somehow likable. I am listing here today anime characters that are assholes but I find likable.


  • Possible spoilers!!!!
  • A few of these characters you’ll most likely find unlikable but I for one didn’t
  • If you don’t like my choices make your own list and I’ll gladly check it out

Honorable Mentions

Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), Team Rocket (Pokemon), Vegeta (Dragon Ball franchise), Kirino Kousaka (Oreimo), Yuri Yamamoto (Bokura ga Ita), Kelpie (Earl and Fairy), Laito Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers), Yuzuki Seo (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun), Kyoko Sakura (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

10. Naoki Irie (Itazura na Kiss)

Nearly everybody who has seen Itazura na Kiss hates Irie. He’s like a fantasy of this 10. naoki iriebeautiful and intelligent guy that is shattered with his ugly personality. He is cold, harsh and arrogant, I don’t blame anyone for disliking him and I struggle to defend his character even though he deserves the hate he gets. However I don’t really hate Irie. I can’t really explain why but the best way I can defend Irie is by comparing him to a character named Brandon Grays.

brandon grays

Brandon Grays is from a story called Tangled Love from the app Episodes. Though the creator of this story says that this is all her original idea, I can’t help but notice the story of Tangled Love is so similar to Itazura na Kiss that it makes me think the author watched and took too much inspiration from the anime. I especially compare Brandon to Irie because it is strange how so many people could like Brandon but dislike Irie when they’re so similar as characters both being cold, harsh and arrogant, everything about Irie is Brandon and the only answer I could come up with is Brandon someone who grew up with everything good and the story brings this up. Though Itazura na Kiss never answer this for us unlike Tangled Love, it’s the same with Irie. Irie is obviously a character who has always been praised and had everything coming to him, of course he’d become an arrogant and a mean asshole he is and this is something I could understand. No I don’t believe he always cared for Kotoko but showed it through hostility, it’s more of the fact he enjoyed messing with Kotoko for so long and found himself developing feelings for her showing his feelings with hostility and occasional warmth. Besides that, Irie is realistically like many guys breaking the delusion of the perfect guy we see in many animes and we’re suppose to either accept these guys or make the better choice of ditching these guys but I admire our main character for accepting Irie for who he is. This is my reason as to why I don’t dislike Naoki Irie (sorry it was so long).

9. Ami Kawashima (Toradora)

Ami is one of those characters in anime that are very good looking and act nice but in 9. ami kawashimareality are cold, selfish and spoiled bitches. Eventually Ami reveals her true nature more and more and stops being so fake but her character doesn’t actually change, if anything we get to know her more and find more redeemable qualities in Ami which is what makes her so likable. At first I hated Ami but as the series progressed I found myself really liking her character and her role in the anime.

8. Shou Fuwa (Skip Beat)

Why does anybody like Shou? He is an unlikable character. He is an asshole, especially8. shou fuwa towards the main character. He is so arrogant and shallow. I can understand why Kyoko hates him so much. I for one found something to like in Shou. The depth in his character and his interactions with other characters especially Kyoko is what made me like him so much. He’s somewhat pitiful yet hilarious to watch that it makes it hard for me to hate him. Not to mention he is beautiful and is voiced by Mamoru Miyano, how can I not like him.

7. Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)

Everybody loves Sebastian but lets face it, Sebastian is an asshole. He’s cold, malicious and 7. sebastian michaelisquite sadistic. Their isn’t many redeemable qualities in Sebastian’s character, so why do so many people including fangirls and myself like Sebastian so much? Are we just shallow because he is a sexy beast who is ridiculously talented (not to mention voiced by J. Michael Tatum)? No, we’re not shallow for liking Sebastian. Well at least most of us aren’t. Sebastian is just one hell of a butler. Seriously, Sebastian is very charming and a badass too. I find him to be quite hilarious I mean something dangerous could be happening and Sebastian would worry about how much time he has left to make tea. That is why I like Sebastian and why so many other people do too.

6. Taisuke Sawanaga (School Days)

I know, I know, I know. Yes, I find Taisuke Sawanaga likable. Keep in mind, I have not6. taisuke sawanaga played the visual novel of School Days so I don’t what other bullshit he could’ve done. But the fact he RAPED Kotonoha should be enough of a reason as to why I shouldn’t like him. I don’t approve of rape, it’s a serious issue that I find disgusting and the fact Taisuke did so disgusts me. But even so I still like Taisuke. I’m saying this completely blind to the visual novel and only aware of his character in the anime. My reasoning to liking Taisuke may come off as stupid to many of you but it is because he is an amusing comic relief character. His character is in many harem animes being the perverted best friend of the guy lead. But lets be real, Taisuke is a saint compared to Makoto. He has his heart in the right place and he does genuinely like Kotonoha, he is just another high school boy when you get down to it. I just wish he didn’t rape Kotonoha because that just makes it hard for me to like him as much as I could when I should hate him. If anyone knows why people hate him in the visual novel, please tell me, I may change my mind.

5. Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)

Like Sebastian, Sesshomaru is a sexy beast. I remember when we were first introduced to5. sesshomaru Sesshomaru I hated him so much. I couldn’t stand him but people kept telling me I’ll like him just wait for it. It happened, when Rin was introduced to the series, I instantly started to like Sesshomaru and became a Sesshomaru fangirl. He is a very well developed character starting off as a cold-hearted dick who was horrible to his half-brother and hated humans and eventually becomes a warmer character with a cold exterior, he starts to care more for Inuyasha even though he doesn’t really show it and his relationship with Rin is powerful and beautiful. So that’s my reasoning to loving Sesshomaru.

4. Panty and Stocking (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt)

These two are the complete opposite of a typical angel and my God are they horrible. Panty4. panty and stocking and Stocking both as characters are very unlikable and have no redeemable qualities. However the two somehow manage to come off as very likable characters. They both have their own unique charm and they’re hilarious characters with excellent chemistry and a great sisterly bond.

3. Bando (Elfen Lied)

Though I could’ve added Lucy considering she is one of my favorite characters in anime, 3. bandoBando is a much fitting choice considering he is an asshole for the sake of being an asshole. Their isn’t really anything redeemable about Bando, he is violent, bloodthirsty and sadistic. He doesn’t even have a backstory to back this trait up. But why I like Bando so much is the relationship he built with Mayu. Every badass needs a cute child to hang around them and that’s what Mayu and Bando’s relationship was like which made Bando’s character likable for me.

2. Drosselmeyer (Princess Tutu)

What made me like Drosselmeyer so much was how he’d be watching all the misfortunes2. drosselmeyer that’s happening and is sitting back laughing and enjoying it all. It is horrible and Drosselmeyer is a dick for it but even so he entertained me for being like that and it just made me like Princess Tutu even more. There is nothing likable about Drosselmeyer, he is the antagonist of the show, even so, he is still a very likable character.

1. Kyouya Sata (Wolf Girl and Black Prince)

There was no doubt Kyouya would be number 1 on this list. He’s the one character I want to1. kyouya sata hate but I love the most out of every character on this list. He is very cold and sadistic, he is the definition of a male-tsundere. But I just find Kyouya so likable because of his asshole personality. He is unique in a way and that’s what I like the most about Kyouya. He is not really the dream guy but he still manages to steal the hearts of some fangirls/fanboys including myself. I know a lot of people hate Kyouya because he is such an asshole and I want to as well but I don’t at all dislike Kyouya. This is my reason to choosing Kyouya as the number one most likable asshole.


I don’t usually do conclusions on my top lists but I wanted to say something before I endconclusion this list. What I’ve thought about more after making this list was how amazing it is that some anime characters are only likable simply because of their relationship/interaction with other characters. I have realized this before but never thought about it as much as I did now. So anyway do you agree with anything on this list? If you like you can make your own top 10 likable assholes list and share a link to it in the comments so I can check it out. Share your opinions too, I love hearing them.

Till next time 🙂

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Top 6 of the Worst Anime I’ve Seen in 2015


2015 is over and welcome 2016. Before I fully say goodbye to the year I have two top list, the best and the worst animes I’ve seen this year so I’ll start off with the list with the anime that I truly hated when completing it in 2015.

6. Romeo x Juliet

I was in a bit of a dilemma deciding whether I like or dislike the show I mean when I reviewed I gave it a C- because it does have some really good points to it and I wasn’t sure I disliked it. However as time went by I finally decided that I don’t like this anime. It’s slow pacing was just tiresome and I didn’t care for it yet for an anime with slow-pacing they somehow rushed Romeo and Juliet’s relationship. You eventually do kind of care for their relationship but at the same time it just seems stupid. I hate how the anime tries to convince its viewers that Juliet is a strong woman and yet there are too many times she doesn’t defend herself and needs someone else to save her when someone like her should know how to get out of the situations. Lastly the characters were incredibly under-developed so I struggle to remember the majority of them. This is why Romeo x Juliet is on the sixth spot on this list.

5. Mars of Destruction

To be honest, I don’t remember much about this one episode anime. All I know is that it had a large amount of potential to be something good only to be really bad to the point many people find it hilarious. The animation is very bad, the music was bad and the characters are very under-developed and the story was boring to the point I almost fell asleep. But my memory on the anime is quite bad so that’s why it’s number 5.

4. Pupa

Like Mars of Destruction, I don’t have much of a memory on Pupa. All I really do remember is the scene where the sister is eating her brother and how I almost puked from it, seriously. The characters were weak and the story is all over the place that you have no idea what’s going on and apparently the manga is good, fuck you creators for ruining a good manga with this shitty anime adaption but I wouldn’t know about the manga because I never read it.

3. Diabolik Lovers

The only reason I saw this anime was because of a drinking game, that’s it.diabolik lovers I’m honestly not all that into vampires in anything really, particularly when you try to make vampires come off as romantic though Vampire Knight is decent. Diabolik Lovers was just straight up terrible. Every FUCKING EPISODE was the girl getting her blood sucked by all these hot vampires and she is literally the dumbest and weakest female lead in anime. The guy vampires are all assholes and have no respect towards her and I don’t feel much sympathy for any of them.

2. Kiss x Sis

This was a close match between Kiss x Sis and my number one choice but I’ll go into that later. Kiss x Sis pissed me off the most out of all these animes. JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT BLOOD RELATED DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN DO THAT WITH YOUR LITTLE BROTHER OMG! YOU’RE RELATED BY LAW FOR FUCK SAKES!! What I witnessed in this anime is so disturbing, so disgusting and for an anime that’s trying to come of as sexy or just create sexual fantasies for it’s viewers, I’M SORRY EVEN IF I DID LIKE GIRLS OR EVEN IF WE REVERSED THE GENDERS, WHY WOULD I WANT SOMEONE’S PUBIC HAIR AS GOOD LUCK THAT IS CREEPY AS FUCK!? HOW IS FOOT SEX SEXY OMG?! This anime is very disgusting to the point it actually pissed me off enough to rant about it in my review.

1. Green Green

This came very close to Kiss x Sis, because Kiss x Sis pissed me off and disturbed me more than Green Green did, but regardless, I would rather watch Kiss x Sis all over again then witness the stupidity in Green Green again. At least Kiss x Sis had good animation, music and one likable character. What does Green Green got going for it? NOTHING! We spend the large majority of the anime with the baka trio who are our comic relief characters but the three fuckers weren’t funny at all, they were annoying assholes and this anime would’ve been better if they at least had less screentime. Not just the baka-trio our main character Yusuke is incredibly bland and I don’t give a fuck about either of his relationships with Midori and Futaba. Worst of all, the characters with the potential of being interesting were ignored and under-developed, this is a fine example with Futaba who at first hated men but after Yusuke proved his different, Futaba experiences changes in her feelings but this was ignored completely, she was left on the sidelines but in later episodes they remembered her and she’s a different person, FUCK YOU GREEN GREEN! You’re not only the worst anime I’ve seen this year but the worst anime I HAVE EVER WATCHED!

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Top 19 Animes I Recommend

Note: The featured photo is unrelated to the list so dw about it


To be honest, this list isn’t entirely original. I made this list because I saw a Top 25ish list like this one by Glass Reflection. I thought I should make a list like this for what I think people should go sit down and see. Keep in mind, this isn’t a list containing all the animes I favor (except my first 3), heck I could think that these animes have a lot of problems but even so, I do still think these animes should be on the list… my opinion, don’t like it make your own list.

1. School Rumble (Studio Comet. 2004-2006. Funimation. Contains 2 Seasons both with 26 episodes+2 OVAs)

I have said many times in the past that School Rumble is a favorite. Yes, it contains many cliches that we have seen a million times in anime. But what makes School Rumble so special is not just it’s comedy but the fact that it portrays high school accurately. Sure, Yagami High looks more exciting than real life high school, but I’m one to believe that high school can be almost as fun as it is in anime depending on the people you’re around and how you see it. But high school romance in real life is exactly what it’s like in School Rumble, hard and something you need to put effort in though School Rumble exaggerates this to add a comedy effect, it still understands that unrequited love for teenagers is incredibly painful and can be more serious than it seems. But anyway School Rumble is still epic as a comedy with many comedic scenes. It has so many couples you’ll be shipping and many sentimental moments which is what makes School Rumble a masterpiece. P.S: Every time is has class C doing a special event it is VERY intense.

2. Inuyasha (Sunrise. 2000-2010. Viz Media. Contains 167 episodes+ another season containing 26 episodes)

Out of every shonen anime that has a lot of episodes, I favor Inuyasha the most. Inuyasha does suffer the problem of slow pacing, a few cliches and filler but it is a diamond anime. Inuyasha has many memorable and lovable characters and will make you laugh. It has a unique story to it and a unique concept. You’ll hate many of the characters but you can empathize with them making you either fall in love with them or… pity them but hate them. All the characters develop really well and none are ever left out… except the filler characters but every shonen anime has that issue.

3. Death Note (Madhouse. 2006-2007. Viz Media. Contains 37 episodes)

I think Death Note is absolutely amazing. It has one hell of a story line that will definitely attract it’s audience. I think the idea of having a book that kill anyone you want just by writing their name in it is pretty fantastic. It’s like an epic chess game between Light and L or even cat and mouse. What makes Death Note great is the twist and turns between L and Light and how the both know they’re rivals though work together so it makes things much more interesting. The second half does go down but even so I still managed to enjoy Death Note. The animation is amazing and has amazing music with the most misunderstood opening song (second opening).

4. Trigun (Madhouse. 1998. Funimation. Contains 26 episodes)

An anime I recently reviewed and has become one of the best anime I’ve seen this year. Trigun follows a man named Vash the Stampede who has 60 billion double bounty on his head for being known as the humanoid typhoon causing destruction everywhere he goes however turns out he is peaceful, kind and a goofball and all the destruction that happen are accidents. The anime does have a slow start but eventually the anime picks up and it is amazing.

5. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Kyoto Animation. 2006-2009. Bandai. Contains 2 Seasons both with 14 episodes)

Haruhi was my first complete anime, I’ve seen a lot of Sailor Moon but never finished, I’ve seen Pokemon as a kid but that is honestly it so Haruhi is the first anime I’ve ever completed and I was obsessed with it to the point I wanted to have an SOS brigade of my own in school but all my friends were like, “Nah”. Haruhi’s character is full of excitement and makes the show so much fun to watch… even with the endless eight episodes.

6. Nana (Madhouse. 2006-2007. Viz Media. Contains 47 episodes)

This is probably my favorite drama anime. Nana follows two girls with the same name, same age and both meet each other on a train to Tokyo. What makes Nana so special compared to other animes in it’s genre how it not only doesn’t takes place in a school (FINALLY!) but it is so realistic. The characters are all likable (exception of one) and they are realistic, I’ve met a Hachi (Nana Komatsu), I’ve met a Nana and I’ve met a Yasu. Just sit back and enjoy this dramatic but entertaining and amazing anime.

7. Say “I Love You” (Zexcs. 2012. Sentai Filmworks. Contains 13 episodes)

When you read the story line of this anime, you think to yourself that it is nothing different to what we’ve all seen a million times, come on a love story between this shy girl and popular guy, biggest cliche in the book. But what makes this anime so different is the fact their is more to Mei and Yamato’s relationship than a cliche. These two help each other in a way no one else can. Yamato isn’t exactly like Kazehaya or Yuushin in the other cliche animes we’ve seen and enjoy, but he is a believable character who has his insecurities and Mei understands that he is not this prince that all the girls fangirl over, he is more than that. Like how Yamato understands Mei has insecurities and just makes everything better. Besides that this anime doesn’t take 13 episodes just to pair the main couple together no it is quick but not exactly rushed. The anime understands people have insecurities and things that hurt them and give everyone time to move on and love themselves.

8. Clannad (Kyoto Animation. 2007-2009. Sentai Filmworks. Contains 23 episodes+ After Story has 24 episodes)

If I had to recommend you to any anime that is guarantee to make you sad and go as far as cry, than like most people I aim you at Clannad. I could choose Anohana, Angel Beats or Kanon but I reckon Clannad is the best choice. What makes Clannad so great is the development the characters go through, no character is the same as they were in episode one. The first season may be a little slow-paced and for some people boring, I still recommend you watch both. The first season is just a high school drama/romance with a bunch of girls with hard lives involving family and then things get better by the end of their arc. Then their is After Story which is a more mature side of the story following life after high school, getting a job and giving development to the adult characters. I promise you whether you like or hate this anime, it is worth watching.

9. Princess Tutu (Hal Film Maker. 2002-2003. ADV Films. Contains 26 episodes) 

I could put Madoka Magica on this list which is one of my favorites, but I think Princess Tutu has a quality within the show that Madoka Magica lacks. While Madoka Magica is more of a show about naivety (is that even a word), Princess Tutu on the other hand is a magical girl anime based on tragedy and most people like to describe it as a dark fairy-tale. Yes, it has the girliest name ever but don’t be deceived this anime is sad and ballet is only a sub-category if you misunderstood. Yes, it doesn’t have the best start but it sure as hell doesn’t fail to tell an amazing story which I wish all fairy-tales could be like.

10. True Tears (P.A Works. 2008. Bandai. Contains 13 episodes)

We have seen animes where the drama is just ridiculous and over-the-top and the romance is unbelievable and just full of fluff and cliches, True Tears on the other is something else. I really like how it develops the characters all at the same time not splitting it into arcs and it didn’t turn into a story that was all over the place. The characters are all interesting and the connection between them is perfect. Yes Shinichiro will piss you off with his indecisiveness but looking at it from his perspective, you can really understand. I like both his love interests though I favor Noe, a character with so much to her other than this energetic girl, but she is so much fun to watch. What I liked most is Miyokichi’s character who is the best friend however isn’t this hopeless romantic pervert and actually has a girlfriend but is an overall very nice guy with a good heart and is still funny at the same time. Watch this anime and be sure to check out it’s opening if what I said is not enough to convince you.

11. Doki Doki School Hours (J.C Staff. 2004. Geneon. Contains 13 episodes+ 7 OVAs)

Doki Doki School Hours is by far my favorite slice-of-life anime. I know it doesn’t have the best animation considering almost every character has green eyes only a few having blue and every character has brown hair except for a few. But it doesn’t need good animation because it is just a simple and very funny anime. Unlike most slice-of-life anime it is not an anime that focuses on high school students but the teacher, Mika is our MC and I love her relationship with her student and how at the same time she is their teacher but is also their friend. All the student characters are likable and very unique in their own way and one of them actually made it as an honorable mention on the best characters in anime. Don’t watch this anime dub though, even if you prefer dub over subs.

12. Bokura ga Ita (Artland. 2006. Contains 26 episodes)

Another anime with a bit of a cliche in it. As soon I saw it I thought, “oh no this is gonna be another cliche romance anime” but no this anime isn’t really that cliche. I guarantee you will be pissed off at the characters so many times but at the same time you empathize with them and their issues. Yano and Nanami have a relationship that you both support but also get pissed off at. I can’t say you will love it, but you can at least understand these characters.

13. Kids on the Slope (MAPPA+Tezuka Productions. 2012. Sentai Filmworks. Contains 12 episodes)

The only coming-of-age anime I have seen. Watching the friendship grow between Kaoru and Sen was truly a joy to watch, it has it’s problems but in the end always worked out like how friendships usually work. I don’t really like jazz music but it was a joy to listen to when watching this anime. The unrequited love quality was handled beautifully and was so believable. It has been years since I last saw this anime but I promise it’s worth your time (according to my memory).

14. Fruits Basket (Studio Deen. 2001. Funimation. Contains 26 episodes)

My first shojo anime (that I completed). Out of every anime I’ve seen, none compared to Fruits Basket which I finished within less than a day, showing how much I loved it. However as the years gone by, I came to notice that Fruits Basket has it’s problems. But this anime needs to be seen regardless of it’s flaws. It has a very unique storyline and is a great comedy with lovable characters and an amazing concept. Read the manga when you’re done, from chapter 1 to the final chapter, seriously it is so much different to the anime and needs to be seen.

15. Amagami SS (AIC. 2010-2012. Sentai Filmworks. Contains 26 episodes+ Second Season has 13 episodes)

Probably the most unique harem anime out there. With harem anime we have our fingers crossed that our MC will end up with one girl and we become disappointed because he chose the oh so obvious main girl (it is always obvious who the MC ends up with). Creators of Amagami thought to themselves, “hey lets have an anime where our MC ends up with ALL of the girls without making him a complete slut like Makoto”. The anime worked and despite not seeing the second season YET, I still recommend everyone to see it.

16. Elfen Lied (Arms. 2004. ADV Films. Contains 13 episodes)

It really is a shame so many people hate Elfen Lied confirming it as a gory anime with lots of nudity and is nothing better than that. Well…

Elfen Lied is sooooo much more than that! Yes it has its flaws with it’s characters, ridiculous amount of gore and kind of a confusing story line but look past all that and this anime really is beautiful. Lucy’s backstory is the most emotional backstory of a character I’ve ever seen and it made me realize how much I love this anime. The concept of the feeling of discrimination, wanting acceptance and love, loneliness, this anime understands it better than any other anime out there. Lucy and Kouta have the most beautiful relationship and Lucy alone is an amazing character who is a badass. I wouldn’t be surprised if people comment hateful messages on me recommending Elfen Lied.

17. Hetalia (Studio Deen. 2008-2015. Funimation. Axis Power (season 1-2) contains 52 episodes+ World Series (season 3-4) contains 48 episodes+ Beautiful World (season 5) contains 20 episodes+ The World Twinkle (season 6) was announced January 2015.  

I have only seen season 1 but I doubt anything would change with the next couple of seasons. Why I recommend Hetalia is because it is a great comedy with great characters. Yes, it does use stereotypes with it’s characters but it was fun to watch and we all still fell in love with Hetalia. Just sit back and watch Hetalia, it is only 5 minutes per episode.

18. Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute) (AIC Build. 2010-2013. Aniplex of America. Contains 12 episodes+4 OVAs+second season contains 13 episodes+3 OVAs)

The reason why I’m recommending Oreimo is because of not only it’s potential but mainly because as a person who is uncomfortable about incest, Oreimo is the only anime I’m fine with. The reason being is because whether Kyosuke and Kirino ended up together didn’t matter because they obviously had this romantic spark following them but they also had this relationship as siblings that grew along with it. I know Kirino is not the most likable character, but she is entertaining. I really like the other girls too who all had a potential relationship with Kyosuke and I felt supportive to them all (personally I favor KyosukexKuroneko). Kyosuke is not 100% like your average MC in a harem anime but he is a very entertaining character starting off as this average guy who develops an interest in anime/ero games etc along with his sister. Oh yeah Wikipedia isn’t exactly correct when they say Kyosuke and Kirino have a sexual relationship, it’s not really that sexual though it is kinda weird they play eroge together.

19. School Days (TNK. 2007. Discotek Media. Contains 12 episodes)

Yes, I know School Days…. SCHOOL DAYS! Let me explain. So I was telling fellow reviewer/anime fan, Lita Kino that I actually recommend School Days despite disliking it. Yes, everyone hates the majority of the characters ESPECIALLY Makoto but I think they were all executed accurately. School Days’ concept on cheating was presented well and honestly is a topic not many animes tackle on or at least not as well as School Days. No spoilers mentioned, but although the ending is extreme and cheap, I still find it to be an amazing ending and one of the happiest moment of my life (that’s kind of sad). Besides I remember when I started School Days I expected it to be soooo bad because everyone else said it’s the worst anime ever, but I’m surprised because it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. Heck I have ran into a very small amount of people who love School Days and I respect and appreciate them because they don’t kiss up to the opinions of other people and gave this anime a chance to decide whether they like it or not. That’s why I recommend School Days, you may actually like it or you may hate it, it’s an anime that you need to see for yourself regardless of how bad people including myself says it is. I can’t promise you’ll like it but give it a chance and you can see for yourself.


That’s all everyone. Sorry if a certain anime you like isn’t on the list, it’s either because I haven’t seen it or I don’t exactly agree but if you feel inspired to, go ahead and make your own and be sure to send me the link to it, I’ll gladly check it out. That’s all