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Top 10 of the Best Moms in Anime


So Mothers Day has passed but even so I felt it was necessary to make this list. There aren’t a lot of great moms in anime, usually cause their dead and we know very little detail about them but the ones I’m here to talk about are moms who have proven to the audience that they are fantastic.


  • Spoilers!
  • Adopted mothers do count

Honorable Mentions

Haruko Kamio (Air), Ryouko Miyazono (Your Lie in April) & Akiko Minase (Kanon)

10. Sukuyo Mankanshoku (Kill la Kill)

I feel like people never praise this mom enough. The thing that Kill la Kill hassukuyo mankanshoku highlighted is that Ryuuko has never had a proper family but when she moves into the Mankanshoku household, she’s introduced to a warm, family environment especially during family dinners. Sukuyo proves to be this great mom for all she does for the family and those who eat with them by making them great food and taking care of everyone, as well as disciplining her Matarou in a comedic fashion.

9. Hiroko Katsuki (Yuri!!! On Ice)

hiroko katsukiNo matter what has happened to Yuuri, it’s Hiroko who continues to encourage him with his career in ice skating and maybe even his relationship with Victor considering her reaction during the iconic kiss scene. One thing I find even more precious that goes to show how great this mom is, is the fact both her and Yuri’s father named their inn specialty (katsudon) after Yuri knowing that it’s his favorite food.


8. Shiho Fujimiya (One Week Friends)

Shiho clearly is very concerned for her daughter who’s memory restarts every Mondayshiho fujimiya in result causing Kaori to distant herself from making friends. We see how she cares from all the effort she puts into Kaori, particularly when Kaori brought friends over for the first time in years. Kaori’s mother is in short a supportive and hardworking mom.

7. Noriko Irie/or as I call her, Mama Irie (Itazura na Kiss)

noriko irieIt’s not only her role as the mother of both Naoki and Yuuki but also being a mother figure to our protagonist, Kotoko. Mama Irie may be incredibly manipulative, bossy and in general someone you shouldn’t mess with, but she just wants what she believes to be best for her children. But what makes her so amazing is the support she has for each of her kids being the one who did support Naoki’s choice of becoming a doctor, Yuuki’s choice of eventually taking over the company and most importantly, helping Kotoko with her relationship with Naoki. Sure she may be overbearing but in the end Mama Irie is an amazing mom with her heart in the right place.

6. Queen Serenity (Sailor Moon)

Okay bear with me considering my memories on Sailor Moon may be a little bit shakyqueen serenity but one thing I’ll never forget is how amazing Queen Serenity is as a mother. When Queen Beryl attacks the moon kingdom and everyone including Princess Serenity die during the battle. Queen Serenity decides to send her daughter to earth to be reborn again and live her life normally. But what makes this more sad is that Queen Serenity was left to die alone but even so what she did for her daughter is truly amazing and goes to show how much she cared for her.

5. Chitose Hibiya (Chobits)

For those who haven’t seen Chobits this is a big spoiler. So Hibiya was married to Ichirochitose hibiya Mihara and together they created persocoms. Unfortunately however, Hibiya was unable to have children but her husband decided to make her a special persocom, Chobits which they named Freya. Because Freya was unhappy, they decided to give her a sister, Elda (who we all know as Chii). Because of Freya’s ability to fall in love, she ended up falling in love with Ichiro but because of the deep pain broke down but of course beforehand, her sister entered her body. To make things more unfortunate for Hibiya, her husband passes away. But what makes Hibiya a great mother is not only the deep love she had for her daughters but also her desire to make sure they’re happy, which is why she made a book for Chii to guide her to happiness and to realization on her true feelings towards Hideki.

 4. Kyoko Honda (Fruits Basket)

kyoko hondaAlthough Kyoko died prior to the series, the impact she has on Tohru’s life proves how amazing she is as a mother. So Kyoko started off quite reckless only to meet Katsuya Honda, fall in love and eventually marry him. Then they both had Tohru but a few years later, Katsuya died and Kyoko broke down feeling completely alone. But when Kyoko realized she had Tohru she brought herself back up and raised her daughter on her own to be the most amazing female role model in anime. Kyoko not only impacted on Tohru’s life but also Tohru’s friend, Arisa who looks up to both Kyoko and Tohru. Kyoko Honda is truly an amazing mother who raised an amazing daughter.

3. Mama Higurashi (Inuyasha)

From the very start, Mama Higurashi has been an amazing mother from the way shemama higurashi supports her family and how many times she had to cover up for Kagome considering all the illnesses she and the family had to come up with. I think what’s even better is in the end of the Final Act, Kagome had to choose between being with Inuyasha or staying in the present with her family, Mama Higurashi being aware of Kagome’s love for Inuyasha, lets her go despite knowing very well that she may never see Kagome again. That is a great mother right there!

2. Sanae Furukawa (Clannad)

sanae furukawaAgain, big spoilers! I think to be able to not only raise a frail daughter but also raise your granddaughter and guide Tomoya is impressive. Sanae is a strong mom who gave up her job as a teacher to be able to take care of Nagisa whilst owning a bakery with Akio. Sanae is the one to come to Nagisa’s rescue when she needs something and supports her family. When her daughter dies, which is unbearable for any parent, what Sanae does it fix things for both Tomoya who is extremely depressed and unable to take care of his daughter and as well as raise Ushio. If that is not a great mother, I don’t know what is.

1. Junko Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

More major spoilers! Junko and Sanae were very close but Junko was just a bit morejunko kaname impressive.. in my opinion. Not only did Junko raise up a strong and wonderful daughter but also the bond she has with her family, including the one she has with Madoka. Junko guides Madoka giving her advice whenever she needs it most, even as a business woman, she’ll always be there when Madoka needs her. In the last episode when Homura is fighting Walpurgisnacht, Madoka decides to go out there and save her, and Junko tries to stop her but Madoka manages to convince Junko and Junko knows she can’t stop her, letting her go. This all ends with Madoka saving the world, becoming a goddess but also ended up being removed from everyone but Homura’s memories. In the end it was the right choice, Madoka’s unselfish personality all came from Junko’s amazing parenting, which is why Junko Kaname is a truly fantastic mother.

Thank you for reading my top 10 list, hopefully you and your mom’s Mother’s Day was great. Should be making a new review very soon. Till next time 🙂

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Top 10 Animes I’ve Seen in 2016


The year has ended, so in tradition, my way of giving the previous year a proper goodbye is by counting down the best animes I saw that yearAnd the worst animes too, but I haven’t watched an anime that I dislike this year. So here it is, the best animes I watched in 2016.

10. Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride)

Ao Haru Ride is not the best shoujo anime I’ve personally seen, but the anime is still prettyao-haru-ride good. The story is overall good and all the characters are likable. I also must praise once again how this anime deals with two friends liking the same guy because it was realistic, not overdramatic and it fleshed out the relationship between our the two friends and how they do really like this guy but also care deeply for each other.

9. One Week Friends (Isshukan Friends)

one-week-friendsI was so glad this anime didn’t meet my expectation of it being repetitive and the story actually made progress. I love all the characters especially Shogo who cut most of the bullshit and was straight forward. I like the bond that grew between Fujimiya and Hase and how Fujimiya slowly but surely grows and trusts more. One Week Friends is an adorable anime, what more can I say.

8. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Oji (Wolf Girl and Black Prince)

This is an anime where I can say I’ve read the manga first. One thing I love is that Kyoyaookami shoujo to kuro ouji characters and Erika compliment each other beautifully, furthermore their love story was very interesting. Plus it’s obvious this anime would have a spot on my list considering Kyoya is my husbando. There is a lot to enjoy about this great rom-com anime despite it seeming a little cliche.

7. Shimoneta 

shimonetaThis anime is of the wall hilarious. The story alone is incredibly appealing and with it’s shock value, Shimoneta is hilarious. I loved all of the characters, they were each interesting, unique and hilarious. Shimoneta just had a great story that made it earn a spot on this list.

6. Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me)

I haven’t done a review for this anime yet, but I really like this series. I’ve been watching thiswatashi-ga-motete-dousunda anime weekly and I’ve read the manga before the anime came out. I liked most of the characters, I related to Kae on a spiritual level and I must say even though I fell in love with Igarashi, Mutsumi-senpai is best boy! I will get more into discussion when I review this series but Watashi ga Motete Dousunda is a fantastic anime that made it on the number 6 spot.

5. Tokyo Ghoul

Now I’ve heard many debates about this anime, a lot of people think Tokyo Ghoul is shittokyo ghoul while others defend it mainly because they’ve read the manga. However I haven’t read the manga but I love the anime. Tokyo Ghoul addressed the concept of isolation and the whole topic of ghouls vs humans quite beautifully, though thanks to AniSins I realized which side is at wrong but still Tokyo Ghoul is an amazing anime and I stand by that which is why it’s number 5 on this list.

4. Prison School

An anime I haven’t reviewed yet. Prison School is a hilarious anime and I couldn’t getprison-school enough of it. Each episode was funnier than the last. Every character was memorable and mostly likable. The anime was so over the top it was fantastic heck there is one character in the anime who tries to be all dramatic but it’s too hilarious.

3. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

sekaiichi-hatsukoiI was considering placing Sekaiichi Hatsukoi on first place considering for 2014’s top 10 list, Junjou Romantica was first place and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is just as good as Junjou, but this year I personally found some animes that were better than both Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Despite that I am in love with Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. The romance was quite mature but adorable and captivating. I loved most of the characters and in general, this is a brilliant yaoi series.

2. Hybrid Child

Definitely Shungiku Nakamura’s best work despite it being a one-shot that was made intohybrid-child an OVA series. Hybrid Child is a brilliant series, it’s emotional, the relationships are all beautiful and unique. Hybrid Child is everything a yaoi anime SHOULD be (in my personal opinion of course). This is the anime that brought me to tears this year. I would’ve easily placed Hybrid Child as number 1 but there’s a certain anime that was better.

1. Paradise Kiss

Paradise KissAfter some thought, there was no doubt Paradise Kiss would top this list. This anime is amazing with it’s story and characters. The main character, Yukari is definitely one of the most well developed characters in anime, finding herself and growing as a person. I also adore the little push she gets from George, even though people say he’s an asshole I personally think he’s good for Yukari. All the other characters are very likable and fit in well with the story. And all that is why Paradise Kiss is the best anime I’ve watched in 2016.

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Top 10 Likable Assholes in Anime


Whether they’re a main character, villain or just a character on the side, there are a lot of assholes in anime. Some are just straight-up detestable while others are somehow likable. I am listing here today anime characters that are assholes but I find likable.


  • Possible spoilers!!!!
  • A few of these characters you’ll most likely find unlikable but I for one didn’t
  • If you don’t like my choices make your own list and I’ll gladly check it out

Honorable Mentions

Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), Team Rocket (Pokemon), Vegeta (Dragon Ball franchise), Kirino Kousaka (Oreimo), Yuri Yamamoto (Bokura ga Ita), Kelpie (Earl and Fairy), Laito Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers), Yuzuki Seo (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun), Kyoko Sakura (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

10. Naoki Irie (Itazura na Kiss)

Nearly everybody who has seen Itazura na Kiss hates Irie. He’s like a fantasy of this 10. naoki iriebeautiful and intelligent guy that is shattered with his ugly personality. He is cold, harsh and arrogant, I don’t blame anyone for disliking him and I struggle to defend his character even though he deserves the hate he gets. However I don’t really hate Irie. I can’t really explain why but the best way I can defend Irie is by comparing him to a character named Brandon Grays.

brandon grays

Brandon Grays is from a story called Tangled Love from the app Episodes. Though the creator of this story says that this is all her original idea, I can’t help but notice the story of Tangled Love is so similar to Itazura na Kiss that it makes me think the author watched and took too much inspiration from the anime. I especially compare Brandon to Irie because it is strange how so many people could like Brandon but dislike Irie when they’re so similar as characters both being cold, harsh and arrogant, everything about Irie is Brandon and the only answer I could come up with is Brandon someone who grew up with everything good and the story brings this up. Though Itazura na Kiss never answer this for us unlike Tangled Love, it’s the same with Irie. Irie is obviously a character who has always been praised and had everything coming to him, of course he’d become an arrogant and a mean asshole he is and this is something I could understand. No I don’t believe he always cared for Kotoko but showed it through hostility, it’s more of the fact he enjoyed messing with Kotoko for so long and found himself developing feelings for her showing his feelings with hostility and occasional warmth. Besides that, Irie is realistically like many guys breaking the delusion of the perfect guy we see in many animes and we’re suppose to either accept these guys or make the better choice of ditching these guys but I admire our main character for accepting Irie for who he is. This is my reason as to why I don’t dislike Naoki Irie (sorry it was so long).

9. Ami Kawashima (Toradora)

Ami is one of those characters in anime that are very good looking and act nice but in 9. ami kawashimareality are cold, selfish and spoiled bitches. Eventually Ami reveals her true nature more and more and stops being so fake but her character doesn’t actually change, if anything we get to know her more and find more redeemable qualities in Ami which is what makes her so likable. At first I hated Ami but as the series progressed I found myself really liking her character and her role in the anime.

8. Shou Fuwa (Skip Beat)

Why does anybody like Shou? He is an unlikable character. He is an asshole, especially8. shou fuwa towards the main character. He is so arrogant and shallow. I can understand why Kyoko hates him so much. I for one found something to like in Shou. The depth in his character and his interactions with other characters especially Kyoko is what made me like him so much. He’s somewhat pitiful yet hilarious to watch that it makes it hard for me to hate him. Not to mention he is beautiful and is voiced by Mamoru Miyano, how can I not like him.

7. Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)

Everybody loves Sebastian but lets face it, Sebastian is an asshole. He’s cold, malicious and 7. sebastian michaelisquite sadistic. Their isn’t many redeemable qualities in Sebastian’s character, so why do so many people including fangirls and myself like Sebastian so much? Are we just shallow because he is a sexy beast who is ridiculously talented (not to mention voiced by J. Michael Tatum)? No, we’re not shallow for liking Sebastian. Well at least most of us aren’t. Sebastian is just one hell of a butler. Seriously, Sebastian is very charming and a badass too. I find him to be quite hilarious I mean something dangerous could be happening and Sebastian would worry about how much time he has left to make tea. That is why I like Sebastian and why so many other people do too.

6. Taisuke Sawanaga (School Days)

I know, I know, I know. Yes, I find Taisuke Sawanaga likable. Keep in mind, I have not6. taisuke sawanaga played the visual novel of School Days so I don’t what other bullshit he could’ve done. But the fact he RAPED Kotonoha should be enough of a reason as to why I shouldn’t like him. I don’t approve of rape, it’s a serious issue that I find disgusting and the fact Taisuke did so disgusts me. But even so I still like Taisuke. I’m saying this completely blind to the visual novel and only aware of his character in the anime. My reasoning to liking Taisuke may come off as stupid to many of you but it is because he is an amusing comic relief character. His character is in many harem animes being the perverted best friend of the guy lead. But lets be real, Taisuke is a saint compared to Makoto. He has his heart in the right place and he does genuinely like Kotonoha, he is just another high school boy when you get down to it. I just wish he didn’t rape Kotonoha because that just makes it hard for me to like him as much as I could when I should hate him. If anyone knows why people hate him in the visual novel, please tell me, I may change my mind.

5. Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)

Like Sebastian, Sesshomaru is a sexy beast. I remember when we were first introduced to5. sesshomaru Sesshomaru I hated him so much. I couldn’t stand him but people kept telling me I’ll like him just wait for it. It happened, when Rin was introduced to the series, I instantly started to like Sesshomaru and became a Sesshomaru fangirl. He is a very well developed character starting off as a cold-hearted dick who was horrible to his half-brother and hated humans and eventually becomes a warmer character with a cold exterior, he starts to care more for Inuyasha even though he doesn’t really show it and his relationship with Rin is powerful and beautiful. So that’s my reasoning to loving Sesshomaru.

4. Panty and Stocking (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt)

These two are the complete opposite of a typical angel and my God are they horrible. Panty4. panty and stocking and Stocking both as characters are very unlikable and have no redeemable qualities. However the two somehow manage to come off as very likable characters. They both have their own unique charm and they’re hilarious characters with excellent chemistry and a great sisterly bond.

3. Bando (Elfen Lied)

Though I could’ve added Lucy considering she is one of my favorite characters in anime, 3. bandoBando is a much fitting choice considering he is an asshole for the sake of being an asshole. Their isn’t really anything redeemable about Bando, he is violent, bloodthirsty and sadistic. He doesn’t even have a backstory to back this trait up. But why I like Bando so much is the relationship he built with Mayu. Every badass needs a cute child to hang around them and that’s what Mayu and Bando’s relationship was like which made Bando’s character likable for me.

2. Drosselmeyer (Princess Tutu)

What made me like Drosselmeyer so much was how he’d be watching all the misfortunes2. drosselmeyer that’s happening and is sitting back laughing and enjoying it all. It is horrible and Drosselmeyer is a dick for it but even so he entertained me for being like that and it just made me like Princess Tutu even more. There is nothing likable about Drosselmeyer, he is the antagonist of the show, even so, he is still a very likable character.

1. Kyouya Sata (Wolf Girl and Black Prince)

There was no doubt Kyouya would be number 1 on this list. He’s the one character I want to1. kyouya sata hate but I love the most out of every character on this list. He is very cold and sadistic, he is the definition of a male-tsundere. But I just find Kyouya so likable because of his asshole personality. He is unique in a way and that’s what I like the most about Kyouya. He is not really the dream guy but he still manages to steal the hearts of some fangirls/fanboys including myself. I know a lot of people hate Kyouya because he is such an asshole and I want to as well but I don’t at all dislike Kyouya. This is my reason to choosing Kyouya as the number one most likable asshole.


I don’t usually do conclusions on my top lists but I wanted to say something before I endconclusion this list. What I’ve thought about more after making this list was how amazing it is that some anime characters are only likable simply because of their relationship/interaction with other characters. I have realized this before but never thought about it as much as I did now. So anyway do you agree with anything on this list? If you like you can make your own top 10 likable assholes list and share a link to it in the comments so I can check it out. Share your opinions too, I love hearing them.

Till next time 🙂

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Top 10 Female Role Models in Anime


Anime is known to sexualize women. Not all anime do this, most make sure women aren’t just sexual objects and give them strong personalities. However I am applauding the women in anime that stand out for having strong personalities. Not just a strong personality, I’m shouting out the women who overall represent feminist. Mostly women who are just positive role models.


  • Anime women that aren’t mentioned on this list aren’t unlikable or bad role models, I just never thought of them as a role model and like them as anime characters only. Or they’re actually bad role models but trust me, I can’t find too many females in anime that are actually bad role models.
  • Possible Spoilers
  • Only one character per anime.
  • I have not seen every anime. If I missed out on a character you think deserves to be on this list, I most likely never seen the anime she is from.
  • This is my opinion, please respect it.

Honorable Mentions

Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), Misaki Ayuzawa (Kaichou wa Maid-sama), Mei Tachibana (Suki tte Iinayo), Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titans), Yamada (B Gata H Kei) (trust me, if she made it on this list this is a reasonable choice), Nagisa Aizawa (Jitsu wa Watashi wa), Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

10. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Now be warned I haven’t seen much of Fairy Tail, it’s an anime I’m still trying to watch.erza scarlet However despite that, I am convinced Erza is a role model. Yes, she is sexualized a bit due to her sexy appearance but there is so much more to Erza. She is a strict woman who is feared by everyone due to her strength and how critical she is. The moment she arrives you know she is kickass and honestly her passionate character is admirable not to mention her great sense in justice.

9. Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter/Lita Kino (Sailor Moon)

I really felt the need to mention a Sailor Moon character because Sailor Moon is the sailor jupiter
feminist icon anime. I would love to chose Sailor Moon herself but in the end I decided Sailor Jupiter. I haven’t seen Sailor Moon in a very long time so my memory on it is a bit funny, but I remember Sailor Jupiter as a character. After the death of her parents, Sailor Jupiter took care of herself and at a young age too. She is strong and tough enough to be intimidated by others but really she is kind-hearted and enjoys cooking and gardening. She is definitely worth praising as a role model for women, even if she’s a little boy-crazy.

8. Chii (Chobits)

So I found this forum that said Chii is a negative portrayal of women, and I entirelychii disagree. Unlike everyone else on this list, Chii is a character who when we first were introduced to her was not at all a role model, if anything was the opposite. However as the series progressed Chii became a character deserving of this spot on the list. She was at first like a toddler, she has no common sense, she can’t take care of herself and had no choice but to rely on Hideki. But eventually Chii started to learn more and more. Chii realized Hideki was struggling to pay and keep up with college so Chii was willing to find a job and eventually did find one. Chii may do things so she could take care of Hideki, but is there anything wrong with taking care of someone you care for, it’s an unselfish act. Heck, you can argue Hideki is always the one saving Chii but that isn’t true, Chii has saved Hideki, when he was about to drown from trying to save Chii who decided to swim in deep water, Chii ended up saving him. That is not the quality of a bad role model. The things Chii can’t do are because she is a persocom who started off with no memories or just didn’t know anything but the fact she grew to be the woman she is by the last episode is quite remarkable.

7. Ayumi Sanda (Wolf Girl and Black Prince)

A character from a manga I recently finished and will eventually review. This is more of ayumi sanda.gifsomething that is reflected better in the manga than the anime but anyway, I really do think Sanda is a positive role model. She is a lot like my number 4 choice. Sanda is someone who refuses to rely on others but is fine with others relying on her. She is independent and very smart, refusing to care much for love, and personally it is pissing me off how the manga is trying to hint a spark between her and Takeru when it just doesn’t work but that’s for another day. But anyway, Sanda is definitely someone to admire even for a side character because of her strong personality.

6. Sunako Nakahara (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge/The Wallflower)

Three years before the series started, Sunako cared about her appearance and was like anysunako nakahara other girl, she eventually confessed her love to the first guy she’s ever liked who rejected her by saying “I don’t like ugly girls”. I know it’s not a good thing for a girl to have low self-esteem and to shun beauty over an incident with a guy but I started to think about it and I really do think Sunako is a strong role model. This is because despite her low self-esteem, she doesn’t care about how good-looking she is.  Many girls are brought into this society expected to look their best and Sunako realized that she doesn’t have to. She knows everybody judges her for being weird and creepy but she isn’t afraid to be herself. That itself is admirable. She is smart, strong and understands she doesn’t need love. That is why Sunako Nakahara is a definite role model despite her flaws as one.

5. Nana Osaki (Nana)

Nana is one of my all-time favorite characters and I regret not putting her on my top 10 nana osakifavorite anime characters list. I not only love Nana’s style and voice but her personality is amazing. Nana is a tough girl with a heart of gold. Yes she did gives in to Ren when they reunited but she never sacrificed her dreams for love. She went to Tokyo to be able to do the thing she loves, singing. She gave up smoking to improve her voice, trying so hard to be the best and accomplish her dreams, that is something very impressive. Nana is a good friend too, she cares deeply for Hachi and their friendship is truly admirable. Overall Nana is not only one of my favorite character but is an amazing role model to women.

4. Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

Haruhi and my seventh choice, Sanda have very similar qualities however Haruhi standsharuhi fujioka out more. Now our other feminist in OHSHC are the Zuka club but they’re not at all admirable because they’re annoying and are bitches to men which is not what feminism is. Haruhi on the other hand is incredibly admirable. She is smart and very independent. She learnt how to cook at a very young age and was always alone so she learnt how to handle situations on her own. Though throughout the series Haruhi learns how to rely on her friends more, it is not like she throws away her independence at all. I also love how Haruhi isn’t shallow even though she is surrounded by beautiful boys, she only judges by personality and likes to get to know people for who they are. Haruhi definitely is a strong, independent character who deserves this spot on the list and I am so grateful this reverse harem didn’t give us a brainless and one-dimensional main female protagonist.

3. Satsuki Kiryuin (Kill la Kill)

Yes Satsuki is over sexualized being in an anime like Kill la Kill but she is a great rolesatsuki kiryuin model as a female. Satsuki relies on others as a dominant and not as a weak girl. She is strong and feared among others. Satsuki is smart and calculating and though she started off as an antagonist, she is actually a good person, even with beliefs that the weak must be dominated. She has no shame in her body and always takes pride which is honestly what makes Satsuki so likable. She’s harsh but not heartless which in the end, all these qualities make Satsuki very admirable.

2. Junko Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

The one thing I loved about the anime was how Madoka’s father is a house-husband andjunko kaname her mother, Junko is a full-time worker. Junko is not a significant character to the anime but I found her to be memorable not only for being an amazing mother but a role model to women too. Junko is a strong woman who works hard for her family despite not enjoying her job, but even so still loves the feeling she gets after finishing hard work. It’s amazing how she even knows how to keep a strong bond with her children despite work. She raised an amazing 14 year old daughter. She may not be a standout character in the anime, but Junko Kaname is the most admirable character in Madoka Magica and deserves the number two spot on this list.

1. Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket)

Now this was a choice I was at first uncertain with. I mean Tohru is a very admirabletohru honda character but does she really deserve to be the best female role model. I mean she is my role model but this is a role model as a woman. So then I started to think to myself, what makes an amazing female role model? Strong, independent, kind. Just those good qualities. So then I decided, Tohru is a good choice. She may be naive and air headed, but Tohru is still surprisingly independent, she only agreed to live with the Sohmas if she could do housework for them as a way of paying them. She refuses to burden anyone working very hard to pay for her needs and even after living with the Sohmas she works hard and always stays positive. Tohru is an amazing character because of how she has changed everyone’s lives including the Sohma. She lost her father at a very young age and a few months before the series started, she lost the person closest to her, her mother. But what makes Tohru so admirable is she continues to smile and stay strong even after all she’s been through. You may think Tohru isn’t deserving of number 1 on this list, but I personally think she does.

So who do you think deserves to be first choice? Do you agree with me? Do you disagree? Feel free to comment. 

Till next time 🙂

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Top 10 0f the Best Anime I’ve Seen in 2015


I just did the worst list now for the best. I’m naming the animes that I really enjoyed when watching them this year and deserved a spot on this top 10 list. I want to say goodbye to 2015 on a positive note so I am remembering the ten greatest animes I’ve seen in 2015.

10. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

This incredibly absurd comedy made it on the list because I enjoyed so many things about it. The comedy is so funny and I love how they make Panty and Stocking have terrible personalities yet are incredibly likable. They animation is unique being cartoony and when it changes it look beautiful. I love the ending too it’s so unexpected and great.

9. Denki-gai

I really liked how the show had so much manga reference. A show about selling manga and stuff like that is very unique and entertaining so of course I enjoyed it. The ships are incredibly adorable and I love the characters a lot and I relate a lot to Sensei.

8. Bokura ga Ita

This anime is so beautiful and the feels too. I love Yano and Nanami’s relationship and I also love Takeuchi. Every character although can have their unlikable moments, the anime makes you understand their situation and though you’d be annoyed at them you still feel sympathy for what they’re going through. The music is absolutely amazing, every ending song, it’s opening and its incredible OST. That is why Bokura ga Ita is number 8 on this list.

 7. Jitsu wa Watashi wa

Like I said in my previous post, I am not a fan of vampire animes however Jitsu wa Watashi wa became an exception. This anime has its rom-com cliches but there are many times this anime made you think it’ll be doing something very cliche only to have it’s own original conception to it. The characters are very likable and the romance is very interesting. The comedy made me laugh-out-loud so in the end, Jitsu wa Watashi wa was so much fun to watch this year and I know it’s not popular but my fingers are crossed for a second season.

6. Honey and Clover

Honey and Clover is a fine example of unrequited love in anime. It is so much more realistic and it’s quite deep in it’s story and the characters are all relatable and likable. I loved Morita and Ayumi and that one scene in this anime continues to take my breath away. Honey and Clover’s animation is also beautiful and well that’s all I have to say, looking forward to season two.

5. Cowboy Bebop

Though everyone says Cowboy Bebop is one of the BEST ANIME OF ALL TIME I for one disagree but Cowboy Bebop is still a really good anime. The backstories of the characters are deep and interesting and the characters themselves are very likable and entertaining. Cowboy Bebop has great animation for something made in 1998 and the music is very upbeat and during it’s more sadder moments it’s just perfect. Not to mention a great conclusion to the show. One request for the show it MORE ED!!!

4. Amagami SS 

 The best romance/harem anime I’ve seen this year. I loved how the anime was unique to make Junichi get together with all the girls without pulling a School Days. My personal favourite relationship arc was Tsukasa’s arc and Rihoko’s arc. Every girl was unique and likable and Junichi was alright as well. The music was nice and the animation is beautiful.

3. Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun

I know this anime is also a romance anime and I called Amagami SS the best romance anime I’ve seen this year yet Nozaki-kun’s higher on the list, that’s because I recognize and enjoy this anime more as a comedy with it’s romance to create ships which works. This anime is so funny, I laughed too many times. I loved all the characters and the situations they get into. The animation is gorgeous and the music is catchy. That is why Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun is number 3 on this list.

2. Hetalia

An anime with 5 minutes per episode about countries as people, this anime is hilarious. The music is really catchy and the animation is adorable. All the characters are hilarious and work well with their stereotypes. My personal favorite is Italy who is just a funny character in general and his relationship with Germany makes them one of the best duos.

1. Trigun

If I were still watching this anime when I was I don’t know 13 episodes in, I wouldn’t put it this high on the list and because of that I thought about it being number 1. Yes Trigun is certainly the best anime I saw in 2015. Vash is such a likable and sympathetic character, Wolfwood is epic and his bond with Vash is great and the girls, Meryl and Milly are both very enjoyable. The concept is amazing and the story is just brilliant. It has so much to it that just makes it amazing and that is why Trigun truly deserves the number 1 spot on this list.

Happy new year everyone, enjoy! 🙂

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Top 10 Animes That Need Another Season


So Black Butler was given 3 seasons due to its popularity yet season 1 ended PERFECTLY and season 2 just wasn’t needed and season 3 came by to make up for season 2’s train-wreck ending. Most animes never get even a second season. These are the animes that are clearly begging for another season. Remember how on my Junjou Romantica Season 3’s Ending Rant I said “Expect a new top 10 list” this is the list I am presenting here.

Disclaimer: SPOILERS!!

Honorable Mentions

Junjou Romantica (you expected this to be on the list, didn’t you?), The Devil is a Part-timer, My Little Monster, Suki tte Iinayo, Watamote, Free, Ah My Goddess, Doki Doki School Hours, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Angel Beats (I only want another season based on the other characters who received no backstory), Denki-gai, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Earl and Fairy, Baka and Test, Nichijou, Nana

10. Hiyokoi

This anime needs more than another season, it needs another episode. The only reason it’s at number 10 is because it was only given one episode so it’s kind of obvious it needed more. Hiyokoi is my favorite manga and I had no choice but to read it because I stumbled across the one-episode anime in 2013. This could’ve made an amazing 24-26 episode anime series. Hiyori and Yuushin’s relationship is amazing from episode 1 and seeing it grow in the manga was beautiful and they start dating earlier in the manga when it usually takes 50 chapters for our main couple to get together. Besides the development for all the characters is great and I’m so disappointed it got only one episode so please give us more.

9. Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke was lucky enough to recieve a second season, even so it’s still not enough. The ending to season 2 was our main characters FINALLY getting together so that should be enough right? Wrong! There is still so much more I want to see which I did see in the manga and it would be great to see that come to an anime. Watching Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship grow stronger and THEY KISS something the anime never delivered. The other characters get development and even get together with some people, I mean Chizuru and Ryu finally become a couple something I’ve waited a long time for and was close to crying over when it happened. Besides that it starts to discuss the future for all the characters which will be interesting to see a new season.

8. Ouran Highschool Host Club

For a romance anime, we barely got any romance. I mean the opening clearly states “kiss, kiss, fall in love” not “hug, hug, no love (YET)”. Besides the manga ended perfectly and the fact that the anime ended the way it did is so unsatisfying and is asking for a second season which could end the whole franchise properly. It’s a reverse harem/rom-com and the anime has confirmed that some of the guys are starting to like Haruhi which the manga goes into giving a second season a great opportunity. Besides there are amazing characters introduced in the manga that I want to meet in the anime.

7. Fruits Basket

There is still some character development that has been left out of the anime. We still haven’t gotten through Kyo and Yuki’s development and none of Tohru’s development as well. There is so much the anime has missed out on that the manga got through and of course it ended the whole series. Besides we have some other characters of the zodiac that haven’t been introduced and the point of the story was to see how Tohru helps break the curse which happens in the manga. I understand why they haven’t made another season but it would be fantastic if they could because Fruits Basket really needs it.

6. Bokura ga Ita

The ending of Bokura ga Ita isn’t entirely unsatisfying it’s more of the fact it brings up way too many questions that should be answered. What happens in the end is that Yano decides to go to Tokyo with his mother and it ends with everyone saying goodbye to Yano which is pretty sad really. Anyway, I am curious about what happens next. What happens to Yano and Nanami’s relationship? Do they lose feelings after all this time apart? Will the two have an epic reunion after all this time they were apart and they get back together? Will Takeuchi take his chance and win over Nanami? How does Yamamoto handle this? The point is it brings up too many questions and I demand answers.

5. Highschool of the Dead

I think many people can agree with me. Though this anime is well-known for it’s fan-service it is still really good with its characters and story and honestly it needs much more of that. First of all, it is harem anime for fuck sakes, Takashi get your shit together and choose who you want because he has shown a liking to Saeko yet he likes his ex-girlfriend Rei. And my main question is the zombies. How did they start invading? Will any of our main characters die? Will the zombies win or will humanity eliminate them all? The point is the anime needs another season to expand more.

4. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

A.K.A The biggest “WTF Gainax?” Because it ended with the biggest plot twist and announces another season yet it has been 5 years and still no second season. For fuck sakes Gainax! I really want another season because I want to see what happens next with one of our characters gone and the biggest plot twist happened. Just please give us a second season Gainax it has been 5 years don’t end the series this way.

3. The Wallflower

Another rom-com that did not conclude properly. This anime turned out to be more of a comedy but it needs so much more romance. I want to see Kyohei admit his feelings for Sunako and for Sunako to grow and open up more and of course to see the other characters develop. So much has apparently happened in the manga so why is it that the anime hasn’t had a second season yet to add this in? Besides the live-action series at least ended properly (and perfectly may I add) even when its original source was still ongoing so why can’t the anime do the same?

2. Princess Jellyfish

This anime was only given 11 episodes. Most animes were given 12-13 but Princess Jellyfish was given 11. Majority of the series focused on the Amamizukan getting demolished and the Amars trying to save it with the help of Kuronosuke when the anime had so much more to go through. It needs a second season to get through the romance and the development of the characters. I want to see more from the series which hasn’t happened yet. Besides looking around the chapter 60s of the manga it seems that so much has happened which needs to come in the anime.

1. Skip Beat

This is the only anime that made me so angry that it didn’t get a second season, I mean why? Why? This anime is fantastic. I want more development for both Ren and Shou and it only just confirmed that Ren likes Kyoko and I want to see more Kyoko and Shou moments because those two together are hilarious and their flashback moments are beautiful. I want to see how things go for Kyoko and her way to fame. I want so much more from Skip Beat than I got and makes me so angry that this wonderful anime didn’t get a second season.

That’s all! Did I forget anything, comment an anime you think needs another season!

(Have you noticed majority of these animes are romance animes…)

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Top 10: My Favorite Anime Couples…. so far


One of the most realistic elements in an anime, movie or whatever is of course romance. Let’s face it, every anime I can think of has some sort of romance element in it even if its just a small unrequited love thing. No matter what, everything has romance in it. So I was finally able to make a top ten anime couples list. Keep in mind though, someday in the future if my list changes a lot because I’ve seen animes with better couples than I will make a new list, I don’t know when, maybe next year, two years or even ten years, who knows.

Rule 1: If you haven’t realized for majority of my top 10 lists, I’m only willing to do one per anime, if I did do more than one then this list would be too long

Rule 2: My list, don’t like it than make your own
Disclaimer: Spoilers!

Honorable Mentions (There are waaaaaaaay too many anime couples, it was hard to forget them):

Risa and Otani (Lovely Complex), Momo and Kairi (Peach Girl), Kin-chan and Chris (Itazura na Kiss), Tamaki and Haruhi (Ouran Highschool Host Club), Hinata and Yui (Angel Beats), Chizuru and Ryuu (Kimi ni Todoke), Chii and Hideki (Chobits), Junichi and Tsukasa (Amagami SS), Usagi and Mamoru/Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask/Serena and Darien (Sailor Moon), Nana and Ren (Nana), Misaki and Usui (Kaichou wa Maid-sama), Mizuho and Kei (Please Teacher), Maiku/Mike and Miina (Please Twins), Belldandy and Keiichi (Ah My Goddess), Lydia and Edgar (Earl and Fairy), Nanami and Tomoe (Kamisama Kiss), Nanami and Yano (Bokura ga Ita), Romeo and Juliet (RomeoxJuliet. Bad anime, good couple)

10. Minene and Nishijima (Mirai Nikki)

If you didn’t know, I hate the relationship between our main characters, mainly because I’m not too fond of Yukki and I hate Yuno (I made myself clear in my “Top 10 Couples I Don’t Care For” list). I would love it if Mirai Nikki focused on either Yukki and Akise or Minene (9th) and Nishijima. Minene a tough, foul-mouthed badass and Nishijima compliments her so well. I still don’t understand why these two weren’t our main couple and main characters.

9. Lucy/Nyuu and Kouta (Elfen Lied)

These two have experienced so much in their lives. Lucy has been tortured and discriminated growing up and has been searching out for acceptance. Kouta watched his family get killed (even though it was Lucy who did it) and was in a mental institution for most of his life. Both went through just as much, but when it’s just these two together, it’s peaceful. Lucy who hates every human only cares for Kouta because he is the only human who accepted her which I got to say is beautiful. Lucy wants to apologize to Kouta for all she’s done and she got to start all over again as Nyuu. I wish I could put these two higher on the list but there were other couples I liked more.

8. Ryuuji and Taiga (Toradora)

I’ll admit, at first I was kinda hoping Ryuuji would be with Minori and Taiga would be with Kitamura. However, now I think these two are better off together. Most people believe Toradora is the romance anime which I strongly disagree with but I can’t deny these two are one of the best couples in anime and are enough reason to make you want to watch Toradora. What makes these two work is how well they understand each other. Taiga, our short-tempered, tsundere who’ll kick anyone’s ass with Ryuuji who can tame her and can deal with her shit. Ryuuji who is a good guy and is continuously misunderstood as a delinquent, Taiga is the only one who never treated or saw Ryuuji as a delinquent (other than a few exceptions such as Minori, Kitamura and Ami who always knew Ryuuji wasn’t a bad guy). And when they got together, I was so happy!

7. Tomoya and Nagisa (Clannad)

Most people were always wishing Tomoya would be with either Kyou, Kotomi or Tomoyo, me on the other hand was always supporting Nagisa and Tomoya. Yes at the start Nagisa was just kind of bland and then only became likable in After Story, but from the start, Tomoya was always the one by her side and tried to help her open up. These two are both so different from one another yet are so strong as a couple. Tomoya did become weaker with Nagisa but she made Tomoya a better and happier person and Tomoya made Nagisa a stronger person.

6. Shizuku and Haru (My Little Monsters)

What I love about these two is that there is no bullshit between them. We continue to get couples that don’t know how to communicate or be honest with each other. Shizuku and Haru on the other hand are both so honest with each other (I mean nobody straightforwardly tells the person they like that they imagine having sex with them). Shizuku may be a bit hard to deal with because she struggles to choose between studying and Haru. However she always tells Haru everything on her mind, example was when they had an argument and Oshima was in the middle of it, these two spoke so honestly with each other. Shizuku the dry ice warmed up by Haru’s innocent personality who is judged as a monster.

5. Sango and Miroku (Inuyasha)

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Inuyasha and Kagome, those two went through so much just to be together, however, I love Sango and Miroku more. These two took so much time to grow as a couple and went through a lot as well. In the Final Act, Sango had to do everything she can to protect Miroku from dying and how Miroku tried to help Sango but couldn’t. Sango has to deal with Miroku, a perverted monk but still loves him unconditionally. When Miroku proposed to Sango, that was perfect and I was so happy. They had the perfect ending that they deserved.

4. Tohru and Kyo (Fruits Basket)

These two compliment each other so well. Tohru lost both her parents and still continues to smile and is so strong. Kyo who continues to get rejected by not only his parents but by everyone in the Sohma house. When he met Tohru, his life changed, just like everyone else in the Sohma family. Tohru gave Kyo exactly what he needed and wanted, acceptance, love and compassion.

3. Ririchiyo and Miketsukami (InuxBoku SS)

These two work so well because they’re both at heart are so lonely before meeting each other. Ririchiyo grew up with a hard childhood and life at home and is constantly picked on at school and she uses her cold words as defense. She doesn’t know how to be honest with others and struggles to tell people what she means. Miketsukami who is described as the loyal dog (despite being a fox?) and before only knew how to manipulate and try to understand women’s feelings and never really had real feelings of his own, until he met Ririchiyo, he put all that aside and smiled for his lady. The two understand each really well and see through each other so well. Neither of them love themselves however fill in that gap with the love they give each other.

2. Misaki and Usagi (Junjou Romantica)

Most people favor Nowaki and Hiroki’s relationship and I honestly I don’t blame them, those two were perfect together. However I’ve always favored Misaki and Usagi, in fact while I was watching Junjou Romantica last year in October and December, I was always looking forward to the episodes based on Misaki and Usagi (don’t get me wrong I do like the other episodes that focus on the other couples). These two work because we have Usagi who has loved Takahiro for so long and can only hide his sadness on the fact Takahiro’s feelings aren’t mutual, than Misaki comes in and not only teaches Usagi how to love again but changes him as a person making Usagi much warmer. Not to mention, Usagi is Misaki’s fist love and the way Misaki understands Usagi and knows him is just admirable. Yes, I know that their relationship has a bit of rape in it and Usagi is too possessive and jealous but I strongly admire and love their relationship.

1. Mei and Yamato (Say “I Love You”)

These two are my relationship goals. They grow so much as a couple and compliment each other really well. I’ll admit, these two are an unlikely couple, Mei, the most quietest and gloomiest girl at school and Yamato, the most popular and nicest guy at school. However what made these two work is the fact that they’re actually not that different, both suffer from a past that affects them till this day. Mei started off shy and cold, but Yamato is the first to actually get close to her and helped her open and warm up to people. These two got so high on the list because of how much I admire and want their relationship.