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Nichijou Anime Review

A series requested by you guys… 2 years ago… (this is the last one)

Synopsis: Nichijou is a story about the ordinary yet not-so-ordinary lives of multiple characters, specifically three high school students, Yuko, Mio and Mai and a 5-year-old professor, her robot, Nano and their talking cat, Sakamoto. So pretty much, it’s another slice of life anime.

My Thoughts

Nichijou’s goal for each episode revolves around humour, nothing more and nothing3.gif less. This is most often easily achieved as Nichijou is honestly one of the funniest animes out there, and the humour is either clever or stupid which I find enjoyable. However where the comedy falls short is some jokes easily drag on for too long to the extent of it no longer becoming funny. Regardless though, a lot of the scenes are over-the-top and absolutely epic, Nichijou is not afraid to approach the most outrageous borders and I love it for that.

1The anime doesn’t have much of a story being a slice-of-life anime so it’s nothing significant. I do believe Nichijou was given more episodes then it needed considering this anime is solely revolved around comedy, but that’s not to say I got bored of the series, it never felt tedious to watch. The animations were mostly great especially the more epic scenes. Though the character designs were far too similar to each other having each character share the same face. The first opening is amazing and watching it again made me so happy, it’s unfortunate it got replaced.

The best part of Nichijou though was its characters, all of them were so unique, 2memorable and extremely enjoyable. Our lead characters were all fun and the bonds they share with one another is so genuine and enjoyable, particularly the bond between Hakase (professor) and Nano. The supporting cast stood out just as much and I honestly may of liked them a little bit more than our leads.

Do I like it?: Nearly three years ago I put this anime on my top 10 best animes of 2014, so yes, I do like it. However I won’t deny that although at the time Nichijou was more remarkable considering it was something I recently watch, now it doesn’t have the same impact especially compared to the animes I’ve seen afterwards.

Recommended?: DEFINITELY! I think most people can enjoy the humor in Nichijou. Key words are MOST PEOPLE. Like all anime, there’s always gonna be that group that don’t like the shows I recommend, which is completely fine. If you want to watch a comedy/slice-of-life I highly recommend you give Nichijou a go.

Thank you for reading my review and being patient with me! Till next time 🙂


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What Anime Should I Review

So from April-July I’ll be watching mostly One Piece, Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail. And I’m allowing everyone to vote for animes I should review while I’m watching these 4 long running shonen animes. These are pictures of all the anime that you can vote for and i’ll be choosing out of 10.

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Top 10 Best Animes I’ve Watched 2014


I’ve always wanted to do this! So here in Australia, 2015 has started. But I want to have one last memory of 2014 and I want to make a top 10 list.

10. Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill is so epic. This anime is so over the top but really fun and exciting. The anime is funny, action-packed and dramatic but they have the cutest comic relief character, Mako. Sure their is lots of fan-service but I didn’t mind and I still had a blast watching it. The animation is so good and the music is great too.

9. Baka and Test

I actually started season 1 around New Years Eve 2013 but I completed it in February, I really love this anime. It was funny and exciting, it actually reminded me of School Rumble. I love the system of their school it is actually quite creative though not really unique. I love the love triangle and I love the relationship between Yuji and Shoko, This anime was so much fun I spent my who Summer either watching this or Lucky Star. Oh and Akihisa is a fantastic character!

8. Inu x Boku SS

Ok so I’ll start of with saying, I’m not a fan of Sentai Filmworks. I’m not saying they are shit it’s just they aren’t that good. But InuxBoku is it’s best dub. I love this anime so much. I know it was more like a slife-of-life then supernatural anime but even so still very entertaining. I love the relationship between Ririchiyo and Miketsukami. I love Watanuki and Karuta’s relationship. Karuta is one of the most cutest anime characters ever. The animation is gorgeous. And I laughed a lot in this anime,

7. Nichijou

How many times have I laughed at this anime. I mean why can’t my principal wrestle a deer (maybe he does it’s just we don’t know). I related so much to many of this moments too, waiting for my food, losing my wallet. In fact I laughed the most at the scene where Yuko, Mai and Nano were helping Mio with her manga. Why I laughed so much was because this is the whole thing is exactly what’ll happen if any of my friends helped me with my manga. And I really love the first opening theme, it is so catchy. Also I swear Mio, Yuko and Mai are like me and 2 of my best friends.

6. Shiki

This anime is actually really, really good! Yes majority of the character have ridiculous hairstyles but the animation is gorgeous. The horror was decent but the mystery element was so much better. Shiki just made want to know more and more. I love the whole idea of whether the humans are bad or the Shiki’s themselves. Shiki was an epic ride for me and I just really liked it and I really sympathized with all the characters especially Touru and Kaori. And the dub is beautiful, everyone of Funimation’s voice actors were pretty much in this anime and they all did so well.

5. Chobits

I just made a review of this a couple of minutes ago. This anime is great. Two of my favourite characters are here and they are also one of my favourite couples in anime. I love Hideki’s character and I also love Chii’s character. Sure the show is too much of a slice-of-life but even so, when this show gets dark, it is pretty dark, I really love Chobits.

4. Attack on Titans (Shingeki no Kyojin)

I would’ve put this anime higher on the list if it weren’t for the hype. Everyone was going on and on about how great this anime was which caused my expectations to go extremely high and I was disappointed. But even so this anime was still pretty epic, maybe not as epic as Nichijou, but AoT is epic. I loved the character development, the plot and the first opening song, that opening still gives me goosebumps just by listening to it.

3. Princess Tutu

The one thing I love are dark fairy tales, Where can I find that? Nowhere. Then their is Princess Tutu that tells a dark but beautiful story. At first I was like, “I hate ballet so no way am I watching this!” Then I watched it. I still hate ballet but I LOVE Princess Tutu. The story is so gorgeous, the characters are on the most part interesting. The plot was done so well and it would’ve been so hard to make a story like this and at the same time allow to end well. Princess Tutu is a lot like Madoka Magica except not as dark and I would actually show children this show.

2. Doki Doki School Hours

I bet majority of you are like, “Wtf is this anime?” Well a lot of you probably heard of Azumanga Daioh right? Well if you have here’s a little fun fact, Azumanga Daioh was inspired by Doki Doki School Hours. It really is ashame nobody notices this anime’s existence. The anime is a slice-of-life and this time our lead character is a teacher who has a close relationship with her students. The characters are all very interesting and the anime is very funny and entertaining. I really wish more people watch it but unfortunately nobody really notices it’s existence.

1. Junjou Romantica

That’s right a yaoi anime is #1. I have never ever seen yaoi before in my life. Until one my friends told me he likes yaoi anime and he recommended, Junjou Romantica. I’m actually so addicted to this anime right now. There are 3 yaoi couples and my favourite are the main one, Misaki and Usagi, I adore their relationship so much! Yes Usagi can be possesive and easily jealous but even so, Misaki and Usagi remain as my favourite couple in the show. And I adore Hiroki and Nowaki too, everytime they have their cute moment, I’m always saying, “Naaaw!” Not to mention a character who is a woman named Aikawa. Nobody would mention her because she isn’t apart of the yaoi but I really liked her. And the show is so funny! The comedy is done so well and right now I’m suffering a void and I’m worried about watching an anime very similar to it known as “Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi”.

Thanks for checking out my list. Have a happy new year 🙂