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Yuri!!! On Ice Dub Review

So I ended up forgetting to talk about the voice acting in my review. I will say I love the Japanese dub, every characters voice is perfect. However I only just found out that the English dub exists so I’m here to talk about it.

DISCLAIMER: I have only seen Episode 10 of the dub, since it’s the episode where majority of the characters appear all at once according to my memory, at least. So everything I know about this dub is from ONE EPISODE.

Minami (Trina Nishimura), Sara (Tia Ballard), Emil (Justin Briner), Mickey (J.Michael Tatum), Seung-gil (Oscar Seung), Guang Hong (Howard Wang), Leo (Ricco Fajardo), Lillia (Caitlin Glass), Yakov (Damon Mills), Celestino (Ian Sinclair)

I mentioned all these characters first because we hear from them the least in this episode. But thankfully, all of them sound really good. I couldn’t really pick out any problems with their voices at all.

Mari (Leah Clark) and Minako (Colleen Clikenbeard)

In episode 10, Minako and Mari mainly fangirl throughout the whole episode. Otherwisemari and minako they’re a lot more calmer characters. So basing my judgement on their fangirl sides, Colleen Clikenbeard and Leah Clark both did an amazing performance.

 JJ (Jeremy Inman)

jjI actually love JJ’s Japanese performance and I only just found out Mamoru Miyano did the voice of JJ which explains A LOT. If you didn’t know, Mamoru Miyano is my favourite Japanese voice actor, he always gives it his all in every performance he does, and JJ is no exception. So for somebody to be as good as Mamoru Miyano is VERY difficult considering how high he sets the expectation. But unfortunately, Jeremy Inman fails to. He’s voice acting seems so wooden and he doesn’t sound like he has passion for JJ’s character.

Phichit (Joel McDonald)

Phichit is the equivalent of the YoI fandom, he leads the Victuri ship. He is adorable andphichit to match his personality he requires a more softer, childish voice kind of similar to Kensho Ono’s performance as him. Joel McDonald definitely doesn’t match this kind of voice which is very disappointing. BUT that doesn’t mean he did a bad performance, I actually don’t mind it at all. Sure, it wasn’t perfect and could’ve been a lot better but his voice does somehow work.

Chris (Chris Sabat)

chrisChris is voiced by Chris… haha… funny. So this performance is more hilarious than it is bad or good. Chris Sabat makes Chris actually sound like the stereotypical gay guy and I don’t know if I love it or not. But besides that, Chris Sabat does a good job as Chris.

Otabek (Mike McFarland)

I am not a fan of this performance. I understand that Otabek is generally expressionlessotabek but his voice was never so bland and lazy. I can’t think of anything great to say about this performance which is sad, but it doesn’t really matter as much since Otabek doesn’t talk much.

Yurio (Micah Solusod)

yurioOut of all of the performances, this one is my least favorite. I’m grateful Micah Solusod nailed Yurio’s short-tempered, asshole side but I cannot stand the incredibly forced Russian accent. The forced accent they gave Yurio just ruins everything about this performance which otherwise would’ve been great. At least with Otabek’s voice, it is not something we have to put up with all the time since he is generally quiet and isn’t apart of the main cast. With Yurio however, he is an important character, we’re with him from episode one till the final episode. But again maybe the voice acting is better earlier in the anime.

Yuri (Josh Grelle)

I don’t actually mind this performance. Josh Grelle has done shy, introverted characters yuribefore and usually they’re either great or average. This one is better than average, but is not necessarily great either. One problem people had with this performance was that Yuri doesn’t have an accent since his Japanese but I’m not bothered by that. So overall this is a fine performance.

Victor (Jerry Jewell) 

I saved Victor for last because I have the most to say about him. So how do we describe victorVictor, he is Russian, charismatic but also incredibly adorable, in fact his the most adorable character of them all. The only thing this dub got right was the fact he’s Russian and a bit of his charming traits. I personally think he should’ve been voiced by Vic Mignogna because Victor gives me Tamaki vibes. When I heard Victor’s dub voice, first thing I thought of was Russia from Hetalia, which it is because Jerry Jewell did voice Russia. It was wise of Crunchyroll to choose someone who can perform a great Russian accent like Jerry Jewell but by doing so they fail with every other trait we all love about Victor. Sure he sounds like the charismatic guy he is but he lacks that soothing tone that Victor is suppose to have along with Victor’s adorable side which we all love, which disappoints me most. But he did give it his all which I will praise him for at least, so this is neither a bad or a good performance. And I will get this out of the way, yes Victor sounds like Gru from Despicable Me.


Recommended Dub?

Overall the dub is okay. Yuri is the only main character who sounds good along with the supporting cast. Everyone else is so-so or just hilarious. I think the part this dub fails at is they try so hard to give their characters accents adding diversity, resulting them to forget about all the other important aspects of each of the characters. I definitely recommend the sub over the dub because it is just near-perfection. However if you don’t like reading subtitles, then I recommend the dub, since it is not horrible and it is tolerable enough. Otherwise, definitely choose the Japanese over the English for this anime.

SORRY THAT THIS WAS LATE! I actually have plenty of reviews planned. Thank you for reading this dub review, I haven’t done one in awhile and I do have an anime in mind that I’m going to do another dub review for. What do you think of this dub? Till next time 🙂


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English Dub Review: Free! Eternal Summer


Last year, Funimation announced that they licensed the second season of Free!. I was so excited for the cast announcements and I couldn’t wait to hear what the characters sound like, I was predicting all the voices (I’ll mention who I predicted as who). Finally they announced the choices and some excited me, others got me nervous.


Haru- N/A

Makoto- Vic Mignogna

Nagisa- Greg Ayres

Rei- J. Michael Tatum

Rin- IDK, I wanted an Australian to do the voice because Rin lived in Australia for 5 years so he should have a bit of an Aussie accent. If Heath Ledger was still alive and did anime voices I would love to hear him voice Rin… just watch this parody of 10 things I hate about you and you’ll see what I mean…

Gou/Kou- Kari Wahlgren

Miho Amakata- Monica Rial

Everyone else I didn’t predict

Caitlin Glass as Miho Amakata

When I heard Caitlin Glass will be voicing Amakata I didn’t know how to feel. Caitlin Glass is an amazing voice actress and can go deep to sweet easily. My only doubt was how she’ll perform considering the direction the directors could tell her to go. Results were that this is an excellent performance from her… that’s all I have to say. However this doesn’t affect the show considering how much she lacks as a character.

Score: A-

Chris Sabat as Couch Sasabe

At first I was confident that this performance will work but now I don’t know if I like this voice… It may be a bit too deep for Sasabe. I don’t know, it kind of suits him but their is something about it that didn’t feel right.

Score: C-

Robert McCollum as Seijuurou Mikoshiba

I can’t ignore that their is something a bit weird in this performance, but I think McCollum’s voice worked really well with Mikoshiba. I never actually had a doubt with this performance though.

Score: B

Jerry Jewell as Momotaro Mikoshiba

At first I was  a little bit nervous at the thought of Jerry Jewell’s rather rough voice playing the more cheerful and enthusiastic Momo (I like his voice when playing Kyo from Fruits Basket). But when I heard Momo’s voice, I started to notice how it works but in a really weird way. The voice doesn’t exactly suit Momo’s character but it works somehow, I can’t explain how it just does.

Score: B-

Josh Grelle as Aiichiro Nitori

Part of me was confident with this voice but another part of me was nervous. What I want to hear from Grelle’s performance as Nitori is the same as what he gave us when playing Akihisa Yoshii from Baka and Test or Armin from Attack on Titans, but this can easily go wrong, an example was when he played Yukki from Mirai Nikki, it was a good performance later on in the series but when I first heard Yukki’s English voice I was so disappointed because it was just too deep. But when I heard Nitori’s English voice, I am so relieved and satisfied. It’s not perfect since it didn’t exactly have the childish and innocent charm but it was an amazing performance because it was something different from the Japanese but in a good way.

Score: B+

Ian Sinclair as Sosuke Yamazaki

When I found out Ian Sinclair would be voicing Sosuke, I thought that this will work and I’m going to be impressed. I was impressed and it actually met my expectations. It was not a performance that’ll blow you away, nor was it a performance that’ll disappoint you. I do like this performance and I have no problems with it.

Score: B+

Jamie Marchi as Gou (Kou) Matsuoka

When I found out the voice of Panty would provide the voice of Gou, I was pretty disappointed but maybe Jamie Marchi could impress me so I wasn’t as nervous as I was with the next one. But when I heard this performance, I got to say I am very disappointed. It really didn’t match Gou at all, it was a bit too deep when Gou needed a sweeter voice.

Score: D+

Vic Mignogna as Rin Matsuoka

When I found out Rin was being played by Vic Mignogna, I was so nervous. I had so much doubt for this voice because Vic has such a light voice. I know Vic and Mamoru Miyano (Rin’s seiyuu) both share the performance of Tamaki (OHSHC) and Zero (Vampire Knight) and they all worked (yes, unlike everyone else I think Vic did well when voicing Zero) but Vic’s voice just doesn’t work with Rin’s. I have never been so stunned by a performance before, Vic Mignogna as Rin Matsuoka ACTUALLY WORKED! I could barely even recognize Vic when I heard Rin speak for the first time. I am so impressed when this whole time I was doubting that Vic could do a good job as Rin. The only problem I have has nothing to do with Vic but it’s how they all say Rin, it’s not “Rin” as in Rihanna BTW it’s “Rin” as in ring… I hope I explained it right.

Score: A-

J. Michael Tatum as Rei Ryugazaki

I PREDICTED THIS RIGHT!!! When I found out J. Michael Tatum would be the voice of Rei, I thought that this would be the best performance of the anime and possibly his best performance ever. Rei’s character is described as a mix of Kyoya and Tamaki (OHSHC) and J. Michael Tatum also does the voice of Kyoya so this works. After hearing this performance I am a little bit disappointed. It’s really good don’t get me wrong, J. Michael Tatum did a really good job as Rei it’s just because I set my expectations so high that he didn’t meet it and it’s definitely not his best performance. But I can say I’m satisfied with this performance so it’s passable.

Score: B

Greg Ayres as Nagisa Hazuki

I PREDICTED THIS RIGHT! I think out of every Funimation voice actor, Greg Ayres is the best at doing shota-lolis. Yes Luci Christian is good but she wouldn’t be right for the performance of Nagisa. When I heard Nagisa though I was very disappointed. More surprised than disappointed actually. It’s not because I had my expectations high, it’s because this just isn’t a good performance. I can’t point my finger at what’s wrong with it, I thought Greg Ayres would do a good job because he has a raspberry tone in his voice but it always works with his performances. In the past I always went by this quote, “You can always recognize Greg Ayres voice  but no matter who he performs as it always works” but now I was proven wrong, this is the first time Greg Ayres has ever disappointed me in his performance, but I guess all voice actors have their downs.

Score: D

Johnny Yong Bosch as Makoto Tachibana

At first I was nervous about this performance but than my friend explained to me on how this could work because his voice can go from sweet to deep easily, Vash the Stampede (Trigun) is a great example. But when I heard this performance, I’m a bit disappointed. It’s one of those moments when the voice actor has the great potential of doing an amazing job but than it goes a bit wrong. For the most part it did suit Makoto’s mature personality, but it didn’t work with Makoto’s gentle personality. I do like it but not as much as I hoped I would.

Score: B-

Todd Haberkorn as Haruka Nanase

This is the performance that worried me the most. I can’t imagine Todd having such a cool and kind of dead voice like Nobunaga Shimazaki (Haru’s seiyuu). I was so surprised when I heard this performance however. Todd did an amazing job as Haru, like Vic, I could hardly recognize him. Todd added a bit more life in Haru’s voice which I thought would be a bad thing but it really worked. I’m actually so impressed and this has actually become one of Todd’s stand out roles.

Score: A


The dub is no way near as good as the Japanese, I can guarantee that. But it is an overall impressive dub, no surprise considering Funimation does mostly good dubs. I do have a problem with Greg Ayres as Nagisa and Jamie Marchi as Gou but everyone else did a good job especially Todd Haberkorn as Haru and Vic Mignogna as Rin, lets not forget Caitlin Glass as Amakata. I will mention this here that I didn’t mention in my review that the script wasn’t written too good but oh well. Free! Eternal Summer’s dub gets a B+.