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Why a Death Note movie Could Never Work Anyway

So about a week ago, Netflix released their adaption to Death Note. I haven’t see it mainly because I lost faith in the movie becoming great after it’s trailer came out but I began to think to myself, did this movie EVER have a chance at turning out good? Now keep in mind I haven’t seen the Japanese live-action to Death Note (though I own the DVDs and I do plan to eventually come around to watch it).

What made Death Note so amazing is it’s perception on good and bad. Light, our anti-hero starts off as a genius who’s intentions was to end crime in the world but only to become crime itself and furthermore develop a selfish god-complex. L, Light’s rival on the other hand although had the pure intention of bringing Kira to justice, in order to do this he does many things that are questionably unethical to the extent of being almost criminal. Death Note spends so much time focusing on this cat and mouse game but nobody is genuinely good or entirely bad in this anime and it’s this endless game Light and L play with each other that makes Death Note so notably amazing to almost everyone and of course made it popular enough to attract American filmmakers into adapting this series.

However when you get down to it, there is no chance of an American adaption to ever work. For most animes being adapted to American film, it should work, even if the whole thing is being whitewashed, it should still work as long as it’s reasonably faithful to the story and characters and only making some reasonable changes. For Death Note’s case, it never will because of the story that was portrayed in the anime. Where it all starts is simply changing the setting. I know such significant change shouldn’t make an anime like Death Note any more different, but really it does. Death Note as an anime and furthermore as a manga is so entirely refreshing and well-done, say what you will about it being similar to Code Geass or whatever, Death Note is one of the most iconic and one of the most original animes out there and a live action can never live up to it unless it is completely and truly faithful to the original source. Where the Japanese live action can go right is of course, it’s Japanese, much like the original series where it’s set in Japan, it already has the opportunity to be great as long as it is faithful to the original. An American adaption however doesn’t have the same opportunity to be entirely faithful, even the smallest changes can feel like you’re taking so much away from an already very unique series.

So with that being said, Death Note really has always been doomed to fail. But I can’t judge too harshly since I haven’t watched Netflix’s adaption. Maybe it turned out great, maybe it doesn’t need to follow the original source so faithfully and can make something of its own out of an already fantastic series, maybe I’m overthinking this whole discussion. Either way, I want to know what you guys think of Netflix’s Death Note, did it turn out well or did it turn out badly. Is the Japanese adaption any good or any better. May do a comparative to the two adaptions in the near future. Just let me know!

Till next time 🙂

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Discussion: Why do People Ship Sangwoo x Yoonbum/Is it Love?

I know Killing Stalking is more of a yaoi manWHA not a manga so I shouldn’t really talk about it but because it became so big with the Yuri!!! on Ice fandom more specifically the fujoshi community, I had to talk about it.

Disclaimer: HEAVY SPOILERS (From chapters 1-20)

1So if you don’t know the story of Killing Stalking, it’s a psychological horror story with some yaoi content, it follows a boy named Yoonbum who is obsessed with a boy named Oh Sangwoo, to the extent of stalking him. Yoonbum’s obsession with Sangwoo escalates when Yoonbum breaks into Sangwoo’s house only discover that the charming and friendly man he’s infatuated with is a murderer, in result Yoonbum is held captive in Sangwoo’s home.

Now obviously one of the genres Killing Stalking falls under is yaoi, attracting a lot of fujoshis but what separates Killing Stalking from any typical yaoi is that the relationship between Sangwoo and Yoonbum is beyond abusive and unhealthy. But the thing is there are three types of fans of Killing Stalking;
1. The ones who don’t ship Sangwoo and Yoonbum and ship Sangwoo x Prison and Yoonbum x Happiness (or any ship like that)
2. The fans who fully support the relationship between Sangwoo and Yoonbum some to the extent of calling them “relationship goals”
3. The ones that don’t know if they do or don’t ship Sangwoo and Yoonbum


If you didn’t know, I am apart of the third group; I don’t know if I do or don’t shipIMG_8084 Sangwoo x Yoonbum, however for me I am leaning towards the second group. Someone has already explained that Killing Stalking’s intention is to only scare yet entertain it’s readers and that it never romanticized the dysfunctional relationship between Sangwoo and Yoonbum, the problem lies with the fujoshi’s who are willing to fetishize any gay relationship. Although this is true for many fujoshis, I don’t think this is the case for fans like myself, as I didn’t feel comfortable with many bad relationships in yaoi, like in the first episode of Maiden Rose, I didn’t like the romance in it. Also in a one shot manga I read, Glamorous Lip, I don’t like the relationship between Kira and Letty because it took a dark and more violent turn when it started off quite adorable. So I don’t think all fujoshis who support Sangwoo x Yoonbum fall into this statement.

I looked into Killing Stalking a lot and I don’t think it’s right to say Sangwoo DEFINITELY does love Yoonbum, at least for now. Because what makes there relationship so fascinating is both them are incredibly unstable. Sangwoo, not only being a murderer, but also clearly having a split personality and Yoonbum in general is emotionally unstable and can barely even think straight; in other words, they’re both very unpredictable, especially Sangwoo. Sangwoo’s intentions don’t seem clear, at least as of Chapter 22. Because there is a possibility he is using Bum for an end goal, but honestly I have doubts this is the case.

My doubts on Sangwoo using Bum actually leads me and many other fans to believe that what Sangwoo feels for Bum is actually more than lust, rather it may be love but a rather disturbing and creepy type of love instead of the kind of love we’re used to hearing about. Though most fans justify Sangwoo’s love for Bum based on the fact he hasn’t killed Bum yet, I believe what truly shows this is the scene where Sangwoo can’t find Yoonbum

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In this scene Sangwoo is shocked and quite angry but when he finds Yoonbum at his house he is completely relieved and embraces him tightly, in a way that says, “don’t ever leave” “stay with me”. I think what made Sangwoo feel this way about Yoonbum is that Sangwoo hasn’t felt loved since the death of his mother, think about it, every time Sangwoo lures in and murders a woman, she is screaming at him (which is obviously a natural thing to do), this is a pure example when Jieun, who had romantic feelings for the Sangwoo that she thought she knew, came to Sangwoo’s house, they have sex and then Sangwoo exposes his true self to her and she displays pure anger, fear and disgust towards him (which again is completely natural). Compare this to when Yoonbum broke in. Despite Sangwoo breaking Yoonbum’s image of a gentle Sangwoo, Yoonbum still confesses his love to Sangwoo and shows obedience even in the chapter where Sangwoo was talking about his mother and said out loud “I love you” and Yoonbum responded by saying “I love you too” and  this happens after like a week of being with Sangwoo. This obviously must’ve made Sangwoo grow to like Yoonbum and the idea of being loved unconditionally.

As for Yoonbum, his obviously afraid for his life. I mean everyday he is scared that Sangwoo will snap and kill him which to him seems inevitable. However throughout the manwha, Yoonbum still shows that he has feelings for Sangwoo despite his image of him being destroyed. One scene that proves that Yoonbum loves Sangwoo is when in Chapter 19 when Sangwoo tells Yoonbum to leave if he no longer needs Sangwoo… HE HAD A CHANCE TO ESCAPE! But Yoonbum chose to stay. Furthermore adding to my point about Sangwoo, Sangwoo could’ve easily killed Yoonbum rather then just kicking him out.

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So in conclusion, I do think the two love each other, but in a more unmutual way and in a more creepy way that we are not generally use to even from yaoi. I see Killing Stalking as a psychological horror, it is a romance but a very unsettling type of romance, which is exactly what makes the horror in the manwha stand out more. The love shared between Sangwoo and Yoonbum is more disturbing and creepy rather than cute and “lovey-dovey”. But to answer the question, the reason why other fans support this relationship is not because we fetishize all types of yaoi relationships, even abusive ones, rather all we want is for something more to come of this relationship. Sangwoo seems to displays feelings for Yoonbum and although it’s slightly diffferent, Yoonbum does display feelings to Sangwoo. The two are just as bad with each other as they are without each other. Yoonbum obviously is the only one making Sangwoo feel loved and Sangwoo does do something for Yoonbum which I can’t exactly point my finger at. For me personally, that is the reason why I’m in the middle and maybe why other fans ship these two. But again it’s too soon to properly clarify everything, so eventually when more chapter are out, I can make a better analysis.

Thank you for reading this detailed discussion. I tried making it as brief as possible but that didn’t go so well but hopefully you can understand what I’m trying to say. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Let me know what you think about the whole topic. Till next time 🙂


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Discussion: Why I Don’t Like Fifty Shades of Grey (But Will Watch Fifty Shades Darker?)

Well isn’t this a first, discussing something that isn’t anime. Now if you didn’t know, I’ve been meaning to talk about movies on this blog but I never did for some reason. But here we are, talking about my opinion of Fifty Shades of Grey.

I have read the first book and watched the movie and overall I don’t like it and I have a few reasons;

  • I found it difficult to treat Fifty Shades of Grey as a romance movie/book because of the lack of chemistry between Christian Grey and Anastasia.
  • Our main protagonist, Anastasia Steele is incredibly bland but they try to make her come off as shy and sweet yet change her personality COMPLETELY at some points in the movie.
  • The heavy focus and discussion on the contract got VERY annoying, I mean she hasn’t even signed the contract but they act as if she did
  • I didn’t think the movie was kinky enough, I mean it promises you kinky sex but doesn’t deliver enough
  • They don’t handle the concept of BDSM well
  • The movie is, when you get down to it, quite boring

However I will give the movie some credit. Jamie Dornan is an excellent actor and I think christian-greyhe is so beautiful, not to mention, although I use to dislike this character, I actually really like Christian Grey, sure he has a pretty bad personality but he is an interesting character. Also the music in this movie is excellent!! Also, Dakota Johnson did do a decent job at portraying Ana, though at some points the acting was not convincing. Finally I do praise two more things which is not really in the movie, I do admire EL James’ passion when writing the series, she definitely did her research on a topic she isn’t too familiar with (even if she didn’t handle it well) and I also appreciate how this book/movie gave recognition to BDSM.

fifty-shades-darkerNow I haven’t read Fifty Shades Darker or Fifty Shades Freed, and although I dislike Fifty Shades of Grey, I have hopes for Fifty Shades Darker. My reasons are because I think some of my (bigger) problems with the first movie will be improved on in the second movie. I do reckon the movie will be more interesting, they’ll have less of a discussion on the goddamn contract and most importantly build on the chemistry between Christian and Ana. Also I’m excited to learn more about Christian Grey and watch him grow as a character, after all he is already very interesting.

So what do think of this movie? Do you like it or hate it? Let me know, I actually really am curious. Also I won’t be posting anything tomorrow, my next blog posts will be Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Till next time 🙂   


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Discussion: Onodera and Takano’s Reincarnations

DISCLAIMER: Huge spoilers to Hybrid Child!!! Maybe even some to Sekaiichi Hatsukoi!! Also lots of crying pics to describe my emotions towards this.

Yay, it’s my first discussion post!! I’ve always wanted to make a discussion post but never knew where to start. So if you didn’t know, I said I hated Hybrid Child because it made me cry, though I gave it a B+ grading so calm down I don’t seriously hate the anime. But to make matters worse I came across a certain theory.

Hybrid Child was made by Shungiku Nakamura, same creator of Junjou Romantica andpara-1 Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. So obviously the moment I saw it I noticed Izumi and Hazuki look a lot like Junjou Romantica’s leads, Misaki and Usagi but that’s not the point of this discussion. Hybrid Child is an incredibly emotional anime, its first two couples sure have an emotional story but it pales in comparison to Kuroda and Tsukishima.

para-2So Kuroda and Tsukishima are childhood friends who bicker a lot and it seems they don’t get along but deep down they obviously love each other romantically. After a battle with another clan, Tsukishima’s clan loses and he decides to commit seppuku. Kuroda goes to Tsukishima and they argue only to have a night of passion. Now at this point I thought, “There’s noway Shungiku Nakamura would kill of Tsukishima, right? This is a yaoi anime full of love and passion, right? The couple have to have a happy ending, right? Right?” I was dead wrong. Tsukishima ended up killing himself in honor, leaving Kuroda in a depressing state. Kuroda ends up completing his creation of Hybrid Child, his one looking like a child version of Tsukishima. Then his Hybrid Child talks for the first time quoting and doing something very similar to what Tsukishima did for Kuroda in the previous episode which was basically giving Kuroda a broken branch from a Sakura Tree knowing that he likes flowers, after this Kuroda breaks down into tears admitting he loves Tsukishima, nothing more, nothing less. And after that Kuroda lives his life alone.


Great we got the synopsis of Hybrid Child’s most emotional episode. Now after that episode I was in tears, I don’t remember the last time I’ve cried as much as I did when watching Hybrid Child. Then I ran into a certain theory. This theory was based on how Sekaiichi Hatsukoi’s main couple, Onodera and Takano are the reincarnation of Kuroda and Tsukishima. How did someone come up with that, first off with the obvious, they kind of look alike.


To go into detail, they also related Onodera’s stomach pain to Tsukishima’s seppuku. Also not to mention the constant bickering between Kuroda and Tsukishima along with Kuroda teasing Tsukishima, even though the two are actually in love but never fully admit it to each other is quite similar to Takano and Onodera where they argue a lot, Takano constantly teases Onodera and Onodera’s denial of his feelings toward Takano.

So I thought of it like this, Kuroda and Tsukishima two childhood friends who are secretly in love, one day Tsukishima commits seppuku leaving Kuroda in a depressing state. Years have passed and the two live on as Ritsu Onodera and Masamune Takano (well in high school, Masamune Saga). The two fall in love all over again only to split up all over again leaving them both in a depressing state and after 10 years they find each other again, fall in love again, as if they were destined to be together no matter how many times they’ve been split up.


After all that I was an emotional mess. This theory, I hope its true because it gives me resolve for what Kuroda and Tsukishima could’ve been if Tsukishima were still alive. The two finally have their happiness that they couldn’t have in their first life only to receive in their second life even though in their second life they lose it once. This theory is beautiful and incredibly interesting.


crying more.gif

So what were your thoughts on my very first discussion? Let me know what else to discuss, it could be anything. Thank you for reading. Till next time 🙂