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Yuri!!! On Ice Anime Review

Synopsis: Yuri on Ice is a sports anime based on figure skating. The story follows Yuri Katsuki who is constantly losing in competitions. Yuri is unsure whether to continue ice skating but once a video goes viral of him perfectly mimicking a complex routine by his role model, Victor Nikiforov, Victor flies down to Japan and decides to be Yuri’s coach and help him build his figure skating career.

My Thoughts

Everybody and their mothers have heard about Yuri!!! on Ice. The anime was very hyped3 up and I was the one who hadn’t watched it yet. I watched this anime just recently, especially now that the hype died a bit. But I was always worried the hype would ruin it but it didn’t thankfully. Each episode was very exciting to watch, in fact I don’t dislike any of these episodes at all, I especially love the end of Episode 7. I’ll get this out of the way, I definitely ship Victuri, I am one of those fangirls that got too excited over their relationship and I can’t remember the last time an anime couple made me fangirl that much. Watching Yuri grow more confident and become a better ice skater was such a delight, the anime took so much time to develop him.

1I absolutely adore the individual characters of Yuri and Victor who are both so adorable, Victor especially! My problem though is they have too many characters to the point I couldn’t keep up and the thing is a lot of these characters were interesting and likable but a lot of them also were easily pushed to the sidelines. The characters I got annoyed at though were the triplets, I don’t know they just really annoyed me. Can I also appreciate how the anime doesn’t have a crappy ending, it just ends on a satisfactory level but still leaves you wanting more.

I’ll get this out of the way, I do really love the opening, I don’t need to go on about it4 because everyone else has. The ending sequence is pretty good and so is the OST. The animations although very good and the ice skating sequence as mesmerizing and beautiful as they were, the anime definitely recycles their animations and I’m not usually one to notice it but this anime made it obvious and that just seems cheap. Also I love the character designs for all the characters particularly Yurio who had such a graceful appearance despite the asshole character I love.

 Do I like it?: Yes, yes, yes!! Yuri!!! On Ice is the best anime I’ve seen this year… so far. I loved every episode and I am weak for yaoi ships so that just added a lot. Though I do think the anime would’ve been a million times better if they had a whole Dirty Dancing “Time of my Life” little dance sequence between Yuri and Victor in the last episode…

Recommended: As much as I love Yuri!!! On Ice, it’s easy to pick out who wouldn’t. Though Yuri!!! On Ice has a lot going for it, it’s definitely an anime for the yaoi lovers or in general for anybody who enjoys sports animes like Free!

What do you think of Yuri!!! On Ice. I am prepared for any fangirling or rants, so let me know. Till next time 🙂


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Discussion/Rant: My Biggest Problem with Fifty Shades Darker

I made a discussion on Fifty Shades of Grey saying I do see potential in the second movie despite how crappy the first movie was. I wasn’t wrong, they built on their relationship and Christian Grey didn’t fail to fascinate me not to mention he’s so much more understandable in this movie. The movie did have flaws like its sloppy story but its biggest fault is also the same problem from Fifty Shades of Grey except this time it’s a little different. My biggest problem with Fifty Shades Darker, is Ana.

In the previous movie Ana was one dimensional and bland but in this movie she’s1 aggravatingly stupid. Ana is someone who never does as she’s told but in this movie it annoyed me because she reacted to all these situations in the worst way possible and never even stopped to think rationally.

As I said, her not doing as she’s told many times is a problem because Ana will disobey what Christian asks of her (mind you this is clearly for her own good) yet she constantly makes the dumber choices for no reason.

2.gifI felt like through the entire movie although it makes it as if Christian is always hurting Ana, it is really the other way around. She constantly does the wrong thing and ends up causing more problems then she’s solving. She refuses to truly see things from Christian’s perspective and have some sort of faith in him which I do understand, of course she will struggle to trust him but regardless it leads to the point she constantly thinks of herself.

At least that’s how I feel. What did you think of the movie? Is it better than the first one? How do you feel about Ana in this movie. Expect a review on Thursday. Till next time 🙂


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Natsu no Arashi (Season 1) Anime Review

Synopsis: So Natsu no Arashi follows a thirteen year old boy named Hajime Yasaka who is staying at his grandfather’s house over the summer. He one day goes into this cafe and meets this girl named Sayako Arashiyama (a.k.a Arashi). A man comes into the cafe to take Arashi back to her relatives by force but Hajime saves her and runs off. He eventually discovers Arashi is a ghost who died during World War II in 1945 and he can connect with Arashi to travel through time.

My Thoughts

The anime caught my attention since its made by Jin Kobayashi who created the manga to 2.gifSchool Rumble which I have talked about time and time again, being my favorite anime. Natsu no Arashi is a fun and entertaining series and it is funny even though sometimes the jokes drag on particularly the “pass me the salt” one which got annoying, like can someone give the man some salt! Anyway, there’s also plenty of drama and honestly I loved it, it’s intense and surprisingly although it’s not really accurate it’s still confronting when it comes to the topic of World War II which I find to be the most fascinating yet terrifying part of our history. However with the drama during the last few episodes it only felt out of place.

1.gifThe characters were all a lot of fun and were each entertaining, likable and well-developed. However I wish they involved the character, who is nicknamed “Shades” more into into the story since he’s a funny and interesting character. I also do appreciate the way they treat Jun’s character rather than taking an overly cliche route with them. I do like the bond between all of the characters, particularly the one between Kanako and Yayoi, Hajime and Arashi and Kaya and Jun.

I absolutely love the opening theme and its already stuck in my head. The ending song is3.gif also really good which says a lot because a lot of ending songs are not that appealing unlike this one. The OST is pretty good they have some similar ones to School Rumble but one OST that stood out was the one that plays in the intro to almost all episodes. The anime is only in Japanese, but the voice actors all did a great job however my only problem is Yayoi’s cry in the one episode that bugged me. I love all the character designs which is great cause most of the characters in some way resemble a character from School Rumble. My favorite character design was for Arashi and Kaya since they both look stunning. The animation is either average or really good however it stood out to me when they copy the anime, Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei’s style which makes sense since their both made by Studio Shaft but they ESPECIALLY imitated Zetsubou-sensei’s “I’m in despair” thing.

zetsubou shita.gif

Do I like it?: Yes, definitely. The anime though not as good as School Rumble, was still entertaining and most of its drama was fantastic. I will watch Season 2 and potentially discuss or review it but don’t expect that any time soon.

Recommended?: It is not the greatest comedy but its enough to keep you entertained and interested. If you like School Rumble or other comedy animes you’ll most likely enjoy Natsu no Arashi, so I recommend it.

Thanks for reading my review? Do you like this anime, will gladly hear your thoughts? Also be posting something for tomorrow and Thursday. Till next time 🙂


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Amnesia Anime Review

Synopsis: Amnesia is an anime based on a visual novel. As the title suggests, Amnesia follows a girl (WHO DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A NAME) who has amnesia. The heroine (that’s what I’ll refer her as) meets this fairy named, Orion who guides her. She constantly jumps from universe to universe and is with different guys.

My Thoughts

Now any series that approaches the concept of amnesia immediately grows potential5 because having a protagonist or an character in general with amnesia is just bursting with plot and character potential. The anime at first really does treat the whole amnesia topic fine… key word is “at first”. The anime loses focus on a great plot and honestly it just slowly became boring… well, until a certain point which I’ll get to later. The anime ends very well which I’m relieved about.

2The animations are so stunning and the character designs are VERY pretty. The guys are mostly attractive like any bishi males. But my question is why do the bitch girls have no eyes especially considering how important they are. Now I’ve mentioned the opening before and I’ll mention it again but I do like this opening and the anime makes me like it more, making me realize how epic it is. The is one OST that really stood out which was the creepiest and most unsettling one and I’m saying that in a good way. The Japanese is pretty decent but I will give credit to Kaori Nazuka who did a great job as the main protagonist. The dub however is HORRIBLE, a few characters were decent like Shannon Emerick as Orion, but it wasn’t a fantastic performance.

Usually I discuss characters early but it’s because I have so much to say about the 1characters that I left them for last. The anime handles a lot of their characters terribly. There is one character who annoyed me throughout the series who is when you get down to it, is useless, it’s Orion. For anyone who has played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the best way to describe Orion is he is exactly like Navi. Our main protagonist is VERY bland and boring, I understand she has amnesia but that doesn’t justify her lack of growth and personality throughout the whole entire series. The anime is so hard to treat as a romance anime since none of the relationships are good. Now the anime has five arcs and two of them are treated terribly which hurt the plot so badly. The arcs were for both Ikki and Kento and it hurts because Ikki’s one had potential which was wasted whereas Kento from the start came off as bland and forgettable and I understand what the series were going for but it didn’t work.

4But I will say I do like the other arcs for Shin, Toma and Ukyo. Shin’s arc although plain was a good one because I really like Shin’s character. Out of all the guys you can tell he was the one who put the effort into taking care of the heroine and by the way he knew she had amnesia which two of the other guys (Ikki and Toma) didn’t know (to be fair). Despite the forced relationship, Shin was such an interesting love interest who cared so deeply for the heroine. Next is Toma’s arc who is the character I didn’t like but I love his arc. Toma at first seems likable and sweet but get to his arc and without giving too much away, I didn’t like Toma for the same reason I didn’t like Kaname from Vampire Knight. Then there’s Ukyo who I don’t want to go into detail about due to spoilers but his arc is the most interesting one and his the most likable character despite being the creepiest.

Do I Like it?: It’s not as bad as people say it is but it is not a good anime either. Amnesia has some interesting plot points but its got boring plot elements not to mention terribly handled characters ruined the series.

Recommended: I don’t recommend this series to most people. However if you like animes like Diabolik Lovers (which I hated but I know it has a large fandom) then you might like Amnesia.

Thanks for reading my review. What do you think of this anime? Do you like it? Do you hate it? I’ll be posting stuff for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday s. Till next time 🙂


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Peach Girl Anime Review

An anime voted for by you guys ( in 2015 :/ )

Synopsis: Momo Adachi is often misjudged as a skank due to her bleached blond hair and tan skin which all come from her history of swimming. In actual reality, Momo is a strong and determined girl who is a bit shy. Her only “friend” is a girl named Sae Kashiwagi who is praised for her beautiful white skin and being around Momo only makes her stand out more. By the way, if you couldn’t tell, when I said “friend” I meant Sae is a fake friend who is behind the bullying towards Momo. Momo does hope to win the love of her middle school crush, Kazuya Tojigamori (aka Toji) but then of course Sae gets in her way and so does a boy named, Kairi Okayasu.

My Thoughts

This is an anime I watched when I started getting into anime. But even back then and till3.gif this day, my biggest problem with Peach Girl is the melodrama. The drama in this anime is VERY emotional and at some points its too dramatic and quite unrealistic. However I do praise how the anime deals with the characters of Momo and Sae, ESPECIALLY Sae. Momo is not a cliche main protagonist, she is head-strong and determined regardless of the situation, but what makes her character so rich is she has breaking points, she has moments of weakness like any other person which honestly made her very fascinating.

1With Sae, her character is very rotten and infuriating, I mean she is unbelievably unlikable and I absolutely despised her… at first. Sae goes through heavy development which was needed and by the end of the series I found myself actually really liking her as a character entirely, because everything bad about her kind of disappeared and she became quite humorous.

Now this anime is a love triangle. The first half focuses on Momo’s relationship with Toji2 and without giving too much away (because this is a review so no spoilers) but it does eventually focus more on Kairi. Both boys are likable, Toji being the cool and kind hearted guy and Kairi being the charismatic goofball. Both guys did a lot for Momo which makes this a hard choice for the love triangle, but personally I found myself rooting for Kairi more. The supporting cast though some relevant and interesting, others quite useless. The animation is very solid and very colorful not to mention I absolutely adore Momo’s character design. However their lips really piss me off! I found myself getting distracted by the character’s lips because they looked so odd. This anime has both of my guilty pleasure openings, the Japanese one and the English dub one, I’m the weird one who likes both regardless of how bad it truly is. Sae’s background song “Junai Hametsu Kosaku” is one my favorite OST’s ever because when you hear this you know Sae is up to some shit. Finally both the Japanese and English dub are good, no stand outs, just they were all solid.

Do I Like it?: Yes. Although the drama put me off and the series got frustrating at some points, Peach Girl to me is the most iconic love triangle anime, I mean when I think of an accurate love triangle anime, Peach Girl comes to mind. I especially love the development for Sae and Momo as a lead character.

Recommended?: Depends how you feel about drama considering this anime is very dramatic and will frustrate the shit out of you. Also if you haven’t read the manga, you’re on the safe side like me cause those who have were incredibly pissed. So basically if you can tolerate a heavy amount of drama and haven’t read the manga not to mention you like romance animes and love triangles, then Peach Girl is for you.

Thank you for reading my review, hope you liked it. What do you think about this anime? Till next time 🙂

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Discussion: Why I Don’t Like Fifty Shades of Grey (But Will Watch Fifty Shades Darker?)

Well isn’t this a first, discussing something that isn’t anime. Now if you didn’t know, I’ve been meaning to talk about movies on this blog but I never did for some reason. But here we are, talking about my opinion of Fifty Shades of Grey.

I have read the first book and watched the movie and overall I don’t like it and I have a few reasons;

  • I found it difficult to treat Fifty Shades of Grey as a romance movie/book because of the lack of chemistry between Christian Grey and Anastasia.
  • Our main protagonist, Anastasia Steele is incredibly bland but they try to make her come off as shy and sweet yet change her personality COMPLETELY at some points in the movie.
  • The heavy focus and discussion on the contract got VERY annoying, I mean she hasn’t even signed the contract but they act as if she did
  • I didn’t think the movie was kinky enough, I mean it promises you kinky sex but doesn’t deliver enough
  • They don’t handle the concept of BDSM well
  • The movie is, when you get down to it, quite boring

However I will give the movie some credit. Jamie Dornan is an excellent actor and I think christian-greyhe is so beautiful, not to mention, although I use to dislike this character, I actually really like Christian Grey, sure he has a pretty bad personality but he is an interesting character. Also the music in this movie is excellent!! Also, Dakota Johnson did do a decent job at portraying Ana, though at some points the acting was not convincing. Finally I do praise two more things which is not really in the movie, I do admire EL James’ passion when writing the series, she definitely did her research on a topic she isn’t too familiar with (even if she didn’t handle it well) and I also appreciate how this book/movie gave recognition to BDSM.

fifty-shades-darkerNow I haven’t read Fifty Shades Darker or Fifty Shades Freed, and although I dislike Fifty Shades of Grey, I have hopes for Fifty Shades Darker. My reasons are because I think some of my (bigger) problems with the first movie will be improved on in the second movie. I do reckon the movie will be more interesting, they’ll have less of a discussion on the goddamn contract and most importantly build on the chemistry between Christian and Ana. Also I’m excited to learn more about Christian Grey and watch him grow as a character, after all he is already very interesting.

So what do think of this movie? Do you like it or hate it? Let me know, I actually really am curious. Also I won’t be posting anything tomorrow, my next blog posts will be Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Till next time 🙂   


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I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying (Danna ga Nani o Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken) Anime Review

Synopsis: I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying, despite its long name, is a simple slice-of-life comedy anime made in 2014 following a married couple, Kaoru and Hajime. Kaoru is a full time worker who struggles to properly understand Hajime who is an over-the-top otaku but still loves him unconditionally… that’s basically it.

My Thoughts

With a name like this, the series immediately caught my attention though to be i-cant-understand-what-my-husband-is-saying-1completely honest, I’m a little bit disappointed. I did enjoy the anime and the comedy did make me laugh as it was suppose to but I didn’t laugh out loud like I wanted to. Regardless, this anime had very simple but overall delightful features like its animations, music and voice acting. My favorite point of this anime has to be the relationship between Kaoru and Hajime. I’m actually quite happy to watch an anime that follows a married couple. Not the typical high school couple and the start of their romance, no A MARRIED COUPLE! I don’t have a problem with the typical anime high school romance stories but it’s always nice and refreshing to take a step out of the high school setting and follow the life of a married couple.

i-cant-understand-what-my-husband-is-saying-2But I must go on and praise Kaoru and Hajime, I said it earlier but their relationship is the best thing about this anime. Kaoru as I said in the synopsis she loves her husband unconditionally even if she just doesn’t understand him. Kaoru tries her best to understand Hajime and you can tell how much she loves him despite his weird behaviour. Likewise, Hajime obviously loves Kaoru and does try to be a great husband for her. As individual characters they’re both very likable and somewhat unique. The only flaw with this couple is that the anime needs to go into detail about their relationship before they got married, and they do but they never explain as much as I wish they did, but other than that this couple may be just as good as Mei and Yamato from Say “I Love You” (they’re my favorite couple if you didn’t know). As for the side characters, I mostly didn’t notice any of the supporting cast since I didn’t find any of them interesting, except for Hajime’s younger brother, Mayotama who is a trap character.

Do I Like it?: Despite my disappointment, I did find something to love about this anime which was Kaoru and Hajime and their relationship. For the most part I definitely do like this anime.

Recommended?: To anybody who can appreciate a simple comedy anime. It’s only 3 minutes per episode and there’s only 26 episodes (this is season 1+2 altogether).

Thank you for reading my review, hope it was enjoyable. What do you think about this anime? Till next time 🙂

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