If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t made a blog post in the last 2 months. My reasoning is pretty much a loss of motivation to post stuff. I’ve been looking at all my blog posts and questioned myself, “How many people are actually reading and enjoying my blog?” and it makes me feel a little bad about how my blog is progressing.

Last year, I made a post called, What Anime Should I Watch? and basically I wanted to celebrate the day I get 50 followers on my blog, and I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but when I think of 50 people following my blog it’s almost like the size of two classrooms, and when you put it that way it sounds great. But even so, 50 isn’t much at all. I knew that deep down, but I don’t want to obsess over how many people follow my blog but it feels almost discouraging knowing that 50 really is not a big number.

But then I thought about the true reason I made this blog. It’s so I can express my opinion about certain animes. So I can discover more animes and be more open-minded towards the opinions of others when it comes to anime. I also wanted to discuss movie, but even till today, that’s not going so well. But because I want to talk about anime, I haven’t said goodbye. But at the moment I’m going to be making sure all my reviews+top 10 lists and so on are worth being posted which is why obviously I’m not going to post anything every Tuesday as it doesn’t give me enough time to make good quality posts. This time it’ll be twice a month starting from mid August (as suggested by takutoanimecafe early this year). And the reason why I’m doing this in August, is because I haven’t watched anime in a month and I have a lot to catch up on.

Thank you to all of you who have been following my blog. It means a lot to me and it fulfills that need I have which is why my blog is still alive. Till next time 🙂

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I Have a Problem (Blog Update)

If you haven’t noticed, in the past month I have been really struggling to update my blog weekly. The reason behind this is because last month I watched and reviewed the anime, Yuri!!! on Ice. Ever since I’ve finished YoI, I’ve lost motivation to watch other animes because of this lack of satisfaction and desire for more.

Usually when an anime ends and I want more, I always turn to the manga to heal my obsession but for YoI it’s different because there is no manga. So I’ve spent my time watching YoI Crack videos and basically any other YoI trash I can find on Youtube and I’ve been looking at YoI memes and I’ve been doing some photoshop.

This has been a pain because I was suppose to do a Your Lie on April review on the first of April but I did it on Tuesday, I was suppose to write a review on the fourth (which is kind of cancelled because I didn’t get around to watching it but I’ve got a replacement for that). But I did the thing every YoI fan has done and moved onto Killing Stalking which is a completely different type of series, and even though it’s a manwha, I’m still excited to talk about it. Even though I’ve read Killing Stalking, I still haven’t gotten over YoI and I’m still in need for “the next level”. But I will get better and release more for this week and next week.

Hope I didn’t cause any trouble for anybody. Here are some of my favorite YoI videos you must watch.. till next time 🙂 :

A Short Victuri video

Gay or European

Yuri’s Whole Family Thinks He’s Gay

Victuri AMV: Something I Need

Yuri on Ice Crack… just part 1

Yuri on Ice in a Nutshell


BLOG UPDATE: What Will be of Chibi Majo?

So this mainly focuses on my reviews. So for this year and next year, I will be quite busy, a lot busier than before, but I don’t want to ditch my blog and I would like to continue my reviews. So I decided that from now on, I’ll be working on a schedule. From now on, I’ll only post something every Tuesday, whether it’ll be an anime review or a top 10 list or a discussion. If I’m ever late to post something, I’ll be sure to do so the day after or sometime that week, if not I’ll post something on the next week on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Also I have been thinking about my reviewing style and I understand that it’s too long and some people may not stay around to read it all, and for a long time I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make my reviews more quick but still somewhat detailed, so from now on, when I make an anime review, it’ll be quicker to get through.

Also, the grading system in my reviews will be removed because quite honestly, I’ve noticed that it’s quite rigged. I started to dislike grading because a lot of the time I could really love an anime but only give it a B because in a critical perspective, it is not as good as I personally believe it is. And also vice versa, although I may give an anime a B-, I personally may not of been too into it despite how many good points the anime has.

 Finally, I want to talk about a slight change in content. When I started this blog, the intention was to review animes, movies and TV series but I ended up getting caught in only discussing anime, so I decided every month, I will make a discussion post on a movie since I wouldn’t be able to do a review since I can’t judge actors too well. So from now on what you’ll be expecting is a routine and a slight change of style. My content will revolve around movies, top 10 lists, anime discussions, manga and dub reviews, and of course anime reviews, and I hope I can review 2-3 animes each month but if I can’t do that much then I’ll have to stick with one anime for a certain month. One last thing is although I can’t make any promises, I will try to finish season one of Naruto, One Piece and Fairy Tail but again I can’t promise that, though I hope to at least get through Naruto before the year ends.

Anyway, thank you for reading this, remember to keep up with me every Tuesday (most likely), and I’ll try go online every Wednesdays, just to check my notifications and keep up with all your blogs too! Till next time 🙂

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Updates for Shonen Months (April-July)


Hello, so I’m going to be watching the majority of Fairy Tail, Naruto, One Piece and Bleach. So here I am going to talk about what’ll happen within April-July this year.

The 4 Shonens

So back in 2013 I’ve watched 115 episodes of Bleach, 10 episodes of Naruto and 6 episodes of One Piece. Still I am very keen to finish them off however being fully aware that they have a shit load of episodes and a lot of filler, I decided to work like this. So I’m going to complete 100 episodes of each anime, so I’ll rewatch Bleach since I skipped a lot because the website I was watching on was a bit weird and wouldn’t let me watch one episode so I skipped to the next. I’ll review every 100 episodes of them all. If I like one of them I’ll continue till the end. If I dislike any of them I’ll stop at the 100th episode and just read the upcoming spoilers.

(Note: I’ll be watching all three animes in English dub. I know One Piece has 600+ episodes and the dub is only up to like episode 370, even so I’ll watch it in dub and wait for updates).

Reviews for other Anime

Because it’ll take forever for me to watch 100 episodes of each anime, I’ll review different animes. Before I officially watch the 3 shonens, I’ll be watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Occult Academy. Though I’ll let you guys decide what I can review so here’s the link to the poll.


Updates for March though

I’m halfway through Honey and Clover and I’ll be watching Green Green, Mars of Destruction, Kiss x Sis, Pupa, B Gata H Kei (Yamada’s First Time), Denki Gai, Trigun, Midori Days and Cowboy Bebop. I’ll try my best to complete it all within these remaining days of March since I’m busy with homework, school and work. Lucky the holidays are so close in Australia.