The Fate off Chibi Majo

It has been nearly 5 months since I’ve lasted posted, it has been based on reasons which I’ll explain and something I’m going to talk about afterwards.

I haven’t posted anything on this blog due to a loss of motivations to do anime related content because it’s lead to the point I don’t want to discuss animes anymore, this doesn’t mean I don’t love anime, I still love it and I still do watch anime, I’ve recently completed Gravitation, a while ago I watched Hitorijime My Hero and I even watched a few anime movies and I’ve been reading lots of manga. When I started this blog in December 2014, I’ve been meaning to review animes because I loved watching many of my favourite Youtubers do it like BlackCriticGuy and Glass Reflection but at the time it was a reason to discuss anime and put my opinion out there and justify whether an anime is worth watching or not. But as time went by, I began to learn, I can’t review all animes because some animes I’ve watched have never given me a strong impression. For example, my most recent review of One Punch Man, although I did enjoy it, I never made a strong depiction of it because all I could say is, “I do enjoy One Punch Man” no more and less than that. It’s easy to talk about animes like Yuri on Ice or Tokyo Ghoul or even Romeo x Juliet and Kiss x Sis, but it’s because by the time I finished I felt like I had so much to say, not with the animes I recently completed like One Punch Man and Renai Boukun

It has lead to the decision to stop reviewing, which honestly was to be expected. BUT I am not entirely giving up on this blog. If you didn’t know, I’ve been writing and planning (mostly planning) manga since 2013, I’ve come up with a bunch of ideas for certain series that I would love to share with you guys. Instead of anime, I want to discuss my stories, by discussing ideas for characters and the plot or even searching for tips from you guys with the art and design. So from now on Chibi Majo is about my manga. In another post, I’ll talk about a few of my manga ideas and you guys can help me decide which series I can create first and make my first official manga.

With anime however, I’m no longer a reviewer but it doesn’t mean I’ll never discuss anything that happens in the anime community, make top 10 lists or even talk about what animes I have seen every three months. But of course, this blog is mostly dedicated to my manga ideas.

Anyway I’d love to thank all 66 followers of mine for everything these past few years, I have learnt a lot from reviewing animes and it has been great reading some of your blogs too. I have come across many great series and it felt great to discuss my opinions on different animes, characters and ships as well as finding I’m not alone in some of my thoughts. I know I haven’t been great with my blogs and I know I haven’t gained a lot over time but I am quite happy with what my blog has become and hopefully what it soon will be.

Till Next Time 🙂 🙂

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Where a Harem Anime can go Right – Renai Boukun Review

I’m back!!! With a new style of my reviews, where I’d have a discussion topic.

My problem with most harem anime is their cliches that are always done over and over again. I’ve seen a fair bit of harem anime and I don’t hate most of them, and the ones I do hate is not for their cliches. But I get annoyed way too quickly at all their cliches from, tsunderes, constant misunderstandings, awkward situations, oblivious male, clumsiness is cute, indecisive lead etc. All these are presented in the anime I’m reviewing today.

Renai Boukun is an anime that aired early April of this year and has ended late June with3 12 episodes. It follows Seiji Aino who gets involved with a cupid, Guri who has something called a Kiss Note (parodying Death Note) which can make two fall in love through a kiss. Guri gets Seiji to try and kiss his crush, Akana Hiyama who as it turns out has always liked Seiji (heck even more deeply than Seiji’s feelings towards her). Guri then decides to put herself in their relationship as well as Akane’s younger sister, Yuzu who is in love with Akane.

What Renai Boukun did so perfectly is how it executed it’s jokes. The anime is so self-aware at how cliche it is and how ludicrous it is that it turns itself into a satirical anime. The first part of the series focuses exclusively on these elements its only by the second half the anime takes a turn where they want to develop its characters which is does so beautifully. But it’s not a great plot that mocks its own cliches that’s the only ingredient to a great harem anime.

Every harem involves AT LEAST 3 love interests but it’s always obvious who the main one is. For Renai Boukun it is not as obvious. The harem obviously involves Guri, Akane and Yuzu mainly. However you can’t really tell who Seiji will choose since it could easily 2end up being either Guri or Akane, but it’s because of this that it’s more fun to choose a side, for me, I’m all for Guri. Every moment with Guri is fantastic, she is one of my favourite characters in all of anime and her development through the anime is so well-done. The other characters were all likable too, at first I found Yuzu whiny but I grew to like her and she actually is really adorable. I do like Akane but at some points I got annoyed at her and I’m not generally a fan of some yandere characters. Shikimi was interesting but not the most likable. I wish I had a better understanding of Akua, Seiji’s younger sister who is afraid of this penguin character. Speaking of the penguin character, I did get annoyed at how the anime constantly reminds me how he speaks from his eyes since they overuse the joke and he’s never fully explained but it only further emphasizes the anime’s ridiculousness.

Finally I need to talk about Seiji. He is a kind and quite plain teenage boy, you know like every other harem lead, he’s also very oblivious, like every other harem lead but it’s him being Guri’s voice of reason that makes him so much more likable… until the last episode, he really annoyed me, even if he did redeem himself in it, he still made me angry. But I do like his relationship with Guri and hope it is developed further in the manga.

I do highly recommend you watch Renai Boukun, it’s a very funny anime and is my favourite harem anime out there for executing every joke perfectly, having a character like Guri and not making its cliches feel so worn out. It’s an anime you can watch if you just want a simple comedy anime or a cute harem even.


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Maiden Rose Anime Review


Yaoi is seriously becoming a trend on this blog, isn’t it? You’ve probably noticed the yaoi animes I’ve been reviewing were created by Shungiku Nakamura with the exception of Super Lovers. This anime is different and its the first time I’m reviewing a yaoi anime that isn’t by Studio Deen. However after searching for some yaoi anime, Maiden Rose caught my  attention with a different setting to really most animes. So here it is, Maiden Rose the review.

Story & Characters

“Two soldiers from warring countries are bound by a pledge as master and servant. Takimaiden-rose-story Reizen is a Commander of sublime beauty, shouldering the fate of his nation. Called “Mad Dog” because of his rough temperament, Klaus has sworn his loyalty to him as a knight. Despite this, those around them are cold and disapproving, full of various misgivings. For all their genuine feelings, what will come of love made cruel by the violence of war?” – From it’s myanimelist page (https://myanimelist.net/anime/5902/Hyakujitsu_no_Bara) cause I couldn’t really figure out its storyline.

maiden-rose-charactersTo be completely honest I am not a fan of this anime’s first episode. The relationship between our two leads seemed lackluster and merely based on sex and look don’t get me wrong I love a good yaoi sex scene as much as any other perverted fujoshi but when that’s all an anime has to offer then it’s meaningless. However the second episode is so much better! The story just seemed more interesting and best part is I started to give a shit about the love story between Klaus and Taki. How about the characters? Well, only three characters were really memorable which were Taki, Klaus and the little boy. The only way you can give a shit about Klaus and Taki is if you care about their relationship which I did whilst watching episode 2, but other than that their personalities are quite paper thin when you get down to it. The little boy who’s name I don’t remember (or the anime probably didn’t mention it) he did have some personality being someone who really admired Klaus and stood by his opinion on him even though everyone else disagreed with him.

Grade (Story): C+
Grade (Characters): C-

Animations and Sound

The animations is pretty colorful especially for a war based anime. It’s very vivid andmaiden-rose-animations mostly clear. The character designs for most characters were good especially Taki, I loved everything about his character design, he’s appearance is stunning. However there’s one character I have to complain about which is Klaus, what is up with his chin?! I’ve complained about the character designs in Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Junjou Romantica and Hybrid Child with their chins but oh my goodness this is just terrible and it’s too distracting, I understand if this is just the original mangakas way of designing the character but still I couldn’t help but stare at it every time we had a front view of Klaus.

maiden-rose-soundThe music doesn’t stand out… at all… I don’t even know if the anime has music. So now I’m confused about what I’m grading this anime’s music so I looked it up and I listened to it and it’s actually very beautiful too bad I never noticed it. The voice acting is incredibly solid, every characters voice worked perfectly for them. Susumu Chiba did the best job as Taki, he’s voiced matched Taki’s dominant side but also matched his more… y’know… uke side.

Grade (Animations): B-
Grade (Music): C-
Grade (Voice Acting): B


Maiden Rose is definitely worth a bit of your time if you like yaoi anime. Outside of it’s yaoimaiden-rose-conclusion genre, the series doesn’t have much else to offer. It’s story gets good in episode 2 but definitely check out episode 1 beforehand. The relationship between our leads is mostly sweet and interesting. So I grade Maiden Rose with a C+.

Thank you for reading my review. Let me know if you like Maiden Rose or not. If you want me to review any anime series, I will gladly do so. Till next time 🙂


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Ao Haru Ride Anime Review


Finding an anime in the shoujo genre feels like it’s getting harder and harder. I have seen so many that it feels like their is none of them left. One of the animes that is constantly brought up when I’m looking for an anime in the shoujo genre is Ao Haru Ride. I had pretty big expectations for this series…. and I was not exactly disappointed.

Story & Characters

In middle school, Futaba Yoshioka and Kou Tanaka had feelings for one another. The twoao-haru-ride-story arranged to meet up during the summer festival but after an incident where Futaba says she hates boys, Kou never shows up to the festival. Futaba then finds out for an unknown reason, Kou moved cities. Three years have gone by and Futaba is in high school. She eventually runs into Kou who is now named Kou Mabuchi.

ao-haru-ride-charactersThe series did have some potential that went down the drain. The relationships between each of the characters, especially the romance between our leads, weren’t very well fleshed out, well at least as much as I wish it had been. I did like all the characters, the development and for the most part the romance between our two leads. I love the backstory and development for Kou and the development for Futaba and Yuri. However the anime fails to build up the bond between Kominato and Murao especially between them and the rest of the main cast. The only bond that was fully fleshed out was the one between Futaba and Yuri. Futaba and Yuri have such an amazing friendship, I love the way it begins and grows. My favorite part of this anime though was just how they took a realistic and great approach to two friends liking the same guy and I won’t go into detail because just by mentioning that point is getting close to spoiler territory. Also this anime NEEDS more than 12 episodes because it is NOT ENOUGH!

Grade (Story): C+

Grade (Characters): B-

Animations & Sound

The animations are very pretty, especially in the opening. I love all the character’s designsao-haru-ride-animations too especially for Kou and Murao. The anime is very colorful and quite vivid. Also the one thing that stood out to me is that unlike most animes, every character actually has an upper lip and I don’t know how to feel about it, I think it’s great but it bothers me because of how refreshing it is to see.

ao-haru-ride-soundThe opening song is incredibly catchy and great. As I said earlier, the animations in the opening are pretty but that was not the openings only good quality. The opening is just great to listen to and you can easily save up your time to watch it. The ending song is very chill and though it doesn’t stand out as much it is definitely a good ending theme considering most anime endings are usually quite unnoticeable. The anime is only in Japanese but the Japanese voice actors are all very good but no stand outs to mention.

Grade (Animations): B

Grade (Music): B

Grade (Voice Acting): B-


Ao Haru Ride has lost potential but it’s not disappointing. The anime is very enjoyable ao-haru-ride-conclusionregardless of some of its flaws. The characters were all likable and their development is fantastic. The one thing this anime needs now is a second season because it’s flaws could be made up for in season 2. But I do recommend Ao Haru Ride if you like anything in the shoujo demographic. I grade this anime with a B-.

Thank you for reading my reviews. What are your thoughts on Ao Haru Ride? Please recommend me to an anime or manga to review, I will gladly do so. Stay around for my review tomorrow. Till next time 🙂


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Chibi’s Top 10 Husbandos

DISCLAIMER: Fangirling!!!!


We all find ourselves obsessing over attractive anime characters and claim they’re our waifus/husbandos. Believe it or not, I don’t usually feel attracted to an anime character until a month-a year after watching the anime but I’m still a fangirl when it comes to beautiful anime boys so here is my list.


  • This is my list so my opinions
  • Spoilers (possibly)

Honorable Mentions

Renji Abarai (Bleach)


Laito Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)


Zange Natsume (InuxBoku SS)


10. Shou Fuwa (Skip Beat!)

This is only really a recent crush, I last watched Skip Beat two years ago… Anyway, I foundshou-fuwa
myself liking Shou after my Top 10 Likable Assholes in Anime list and just look at him in Prisoner (just look at the gif) he’s beautiful. But my God he is an asshole but he has great interactions with Kyoko that it makes him likable and he just makes me laugh. Did I forget to mention Mamoru Miyano does his voice and my lord it is fantastic.

9. Edgar J. C. Ashenbert (Earl and Fairy)

Despite Raven being my favorite in the anime, I still like Edgar as a husbando. This is aedgar
crush that has died down a bit considering I was in love with Edgar from the moment he was introduced but after some time it calmed down. However I still like Edgar till this day because he is so charming and beautiful. Everything about Edgar stole my heart and I know if I were to rewatch Earl and Fairy my inner fangirl will come out.

8. The Iwatobi Swim Club and Rin (Free!)

Usually I would choose one character from the anime but Free is an exception. I like all ofiwatobi-swim-club-and-rin these boys, I mean at first I liked Haru the most then Rei then Makoto then Nagisa then Rin and now I’m just choosing all of them. I mean they all have different personalities and all of them have traits I want in a boyfriend. Not to mention they’re all hot.

7. Tamaki Suoh (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

I was struggling to choose out of the Host Club, I would go for all of them but I had totamaki-suoh
choose one. I chose Tamaki because he stood out the most and he made me laugh. I find him the most relatable too and he is just so adorable. Tamaki had the greatest backstory in the anime too so just made him all the more enjoyable.

6. George Koizumi (Paradise Kiss)

George’s charismatic, polite and caring personality just takes me away. He may be a bit ofgeorge-koizumi
an ass but the way he encourages Yukari to improve just makes him all the more likable. He has beautiful eyes and stunning taste in clothes too. He is just a great and likable character and my attraction to his personality made me choose him as my husbando.

5. Yamato Kurosawa (Suki tte Iinayo)

Yamato is no doubt one of the most attractive anime characters out there not to mentionyamato-kurosawa
his personality is perfect. Yamato is basically a dream boyfriend, he barely has any flaws. What makes him so much more believable though is his backstory seeing how he blended in the crowd and didn’t hang out with his best friend Kai at school but would hang out somewhere they can’t be seen together and he regrets this. The thing is he is too perfect so I can’t put him higher on the list especially because I adore his relationship with Mei too much to want him for myself.

4. Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)

 When I started Inuyasha I hated Sesshomaru because he was such an asshole. Now evensesshomaru
though Inuyasha is my favorite Sesshomaru is my husbando. Sesshomaru became likable after Rin came in and the relationship he built with her which showed a gentle side to him and made him build as a character. Not to mention Sesshomaru is just beautiful and he is a badass demon who doesn’t need a sword to fight when he has poisonous claws.

3. Vegeta (Dragon Ball franchise)

I haven’t actually watched the Dragon Ball franchise, all my knowledge of Vegeta comesvegeta
from my cousin, Team Four Star’s Abridged series and the movie Battle of the Gods. Vegeta’s asshole personality in the Abridged series weirdly attracted me after some time and apparently his personality in the Abridged series isn’t much different to his personality in the original franchise only exaggerated. In Battle of the Gods I loved him more when he tried protecting earth from Beerus and the scene when Beerus slapped Bulma, oh my god he flipped and that just makes me love him more. Vegeta is not only the prince of all saiyans but my prince.

2. Kyoya Sata (Wolf Girl and Black Prince)

I really wanted to hate Kyoya but I couldn’t. Kyoya is just beautiful and I felt myselfkyoya-sata
relating to him a little bit. Kyoya is a unique character and is the king of tsunderes, he is literally the only tsundere I ever had a crush on. His love for dogs just make him more adorable. Not to mention he is mint in the opening. Everything good I said about Kyoya I’ve already said before so yeah no surprise he’s on this list.

1. Sebastian Michaelis

Like any other girl who has seen Black Butler, I’m in love with Sebastian.sebastian-michaelis I will explain my
reasonings in a different list and I’ll add a link below.

20 Reasons Why I Love Sebastian Michaelis

So do any of you also like any of this boys I listed. Who are you husbandos/waifus? Also how many of these guys are voiced by Mamoru Miyano? 

Till Next Time 🙂

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20 Reasons Why I Love Sebastian Michaelis


The inner fangirl is out and is ready to go on about Sebastian Michaelis. You may agree or disagree but this is all my opinion as to why I love Sebastian Michaelis.

1. His Black Hair


If you didn’t know I love black hair (especially when it’s straight).

2. His Eyes


Whether he’s normal or being a badass demon, Sebastian’s red eyes are just beautiful.

3. His Smile


Regular or an evil grin, Sebastian’s smile is precious.

4. He Has a Catchphrase

one hell of a butler

5. He Has a British Accent


Just listen to Sebastian talk. Seriously I just love British accents.

6. He is Voiced by J. Michael Tatum

j michael tatum

J. Michael Tatum is one of my favorite voice actors, a character voiced by him makes the character more enjoyable.

7. He Can Sing

Just listen to this, seriously.

8. He Wears Black

black butler

Black clothing is fantastic so of course this is a bonus for me.

9. He Still Looks Hot in Pink

pink hat

Only you Bassy, only you.

10. He Also Looks Good With a Deer on His Head


“I am simply one hell of a deer”

11. He Knows His Hot


12. He Has a Soft Spot for Cats


I’m more of dog person but this is adorable to watch.

13. Black Nails

black nails

I love black nails so definite bonus!

14. He Has a Pentagram on his Hand


This just looks cool.

15. His True Form Involves Heels

stripper heels

This is great but kind of makes me sad too, Sebastian looks like he has an easier time walking in those heels than I do in heels.

16. He Uses Kitchenware as Weapons


Dinner knives, plates, forks, Sebastian uses those as a weapon and looks awesome doing so.

17. He is a Badass


Sebastian is fast, efficient and awesome making him a badass.

18. He Can do Anything

he can do anything

He can cook, clean, play the violin, sing and do so much more.

19. He is Dedicated

he is dedicated

As a butler towards his master he’s dedicated.

20. He is a Demon


Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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Paradise Kiss Anime Review


It has been so long since I’ve done an anime review. So recently I just completed an anime I have already watched but didn’t pay attention to in 2013. In 2013 I finished Paradise Kiss in one day but didn’t really pay much attention to it being very tired but my sister and her friend were watching it. So then I thought I should re-watch this anime and I’d like to say I have actually watched Paradise Kiss, I wouldn’t even classify the time I completed the series in 2013 as actually watching it considering I didn’t pay attention to what’s going on. So now here is my review.


The story follows Yukari Hayasaka a girl with no ambition in life, she is forced to studyparadise kiss story all the time although she doesn’t really want to do so. But one day some strange looking people ask her to be their model because as it turns out they have a school festival where they’ll be presenting a dress and Yukari is offered to be the one showing off the dress. Yukari at first rejects their offer but eventually becomes interested and this is where our story begins.

I have seen many romance animes and Paradise Kiss is probably one of the best ones I have seen. The story has great themes and I love seeing how it’s so realistic when dealing with love and the future of the characters. I really do wish the anime had more sub-plots considering there was only really one which was the relationship between Miwako, Arashi and Hiroyuki. This is a problem because the story focuses too much on the same two problems that the anime may feel slow and eventually become boring (which is not something that actually happened to me but is likely to happen to other viewers). But I still enjoyed everything in the story the show had to offer even if it did drag on a little bit. Also I really, really adore the anime ending, yes it’s a bit sad and didn’t end the way I wanted it to, it was still an amazing anime ending especially with what Yukari says as a voice-over in the last scene that really hit me.

Grading: B+


I like all our characters. Yukari has some of the best character development I have seen in paradise kiss charactersan anime. She starts off as a bit irresponsible and stuck-up but is someone who wants to discover who she truly is but eventually after seeing how passionate the people at the studio are about their work and being around George, Yukari becomes somebody with ambitions and becomes mature. George is the perfect match for Yukari, he is an excellent fashion-designer who is charismatic, cool and a gentlemen. Rather then growing as a character, it’s the impact he makes on Yukari that makes him a very likable character. He may come off as a know-it-all and critical but in the end he’s a caring guy who even though loves Yukari, lets her blossom into the person she truly is. I personally found myself crushing on him a little bit.

The other characters were Miwako, Arashi and Isabella. Miwako is a bubbly and really sweet character who is a good friend of Yukari, she has issues of her own with her relationships and this makes a more well-fleshed out character. Arashi is a typical punk-guy who is really a nice guy though a bit short-tempered. He is our voice-of-reason character (I by the way love these type of characters) which adds a bit of a comedic effect. Arashi is Miwako’s boyfriend and their relationship is probably my favorite in the show, he loves Miwako deeply but is very possessive over her which ends up hurting her but this comes from the fact Arashi loves Miwako too much to lose her. Finally Isabella, who is the mother figure of the show and I really wish we had more of her. She is there and we get a backstory but it is so late in the series that we can’t really grow an attachment to her. She is sweet and supportive but if we spent more time with her it would’ve made the show a lot better.

Grading: B+


The animation is overall good but my problem is when they try to blend in real-life peopleparadise kiss animation in the anime. It look very weird and ridiculous that it just doesn’t work at all. The anime sometimes adds a very cartoony looking design (particularly in the ending theme) and it does work. But the animation is beautiful along with the character designs. I particularly love the design of Yukari from looking a bit plain to becoming very beautiful especially with the dress she wore.

Grading: B


The music was really good. I’m not a big fan of the opening, Lonely in Gorgeous, though itparadise kiss sound does suit the anime very well. However I love the ending song. It is an American song, Do You Want to by Franz Ferdinand and I know this is a somewhat popular English song outside of Paradise Kiss because my brother knew this song but does not watch anime. It fit Paradise Kiss and I can’t explain how it just does.

The Japanese voice acting is solid though I watched the anime in English. The English dub is good and if you’re a dub watcher, I recommend the dub. Yukari is voiced by Julie Ann Taylor who I know of from Please Teacher and Please Twins as Ichigo Morino. At first I didn’t like as much though it was still solid but as the anime went on I got use to it and I don’t mind it. George is voiced by Patrick Seitz and I know him from many animes but I’ll name one, he did Germany from Hetalia. Patrick Seitz is an excellent voice actor and George is one of his many excellent performances. I can’t imagine anyone else doing a better performance as George than Patrick Seitz, this is a near-perfect performance. Melissa Fahn does the voice of Miwako and you probably know her from Cowboy Bebop as Edward. She does a good job and it worked well as Miwako but her voice does get a bit high-pitched which does get annoying from time to time. Arashi is voiced by Derek Stephen Prince who also voiced Uryu Ishida from Bleach. Not the best performance but still well-done. Mari Devon does the voice of Isabella and I don’t know her from other anime. This is a very good performance and worked well with Isabella. Finally Johnny Yong Bosch does the voice of Hiroyuki and you should all know Johnny Yong Bosch and yes, this is a good performance, I actually didn’t know it was him till I read it online.

Grading (Music): B

Grading (Voice Acting): B


Overall Paradise Kiss is one of the best animes I have seen. It may drag on for a bit too longparadise kiss conclusion and Isabella needs to stand out more but this anime is really good. The romance is great, the story is interesting and its themes are well done. Also thank you Paradise Kiss for not having a shitty ending despite only being 12 episodes long when most animes get 26 episodes and still manage to end badly (particularly animes with a read-the-manga ending). So I grade this anime with a B. It is definitely worth watching. It was close to a B+ but that wouldn’t be right but even so Paradise Kiss is anime you must watch.

I recommend


Obviously this anime would be recommended considering Ai Yazawa wrote the manga to both series. Like Nana, Paradise Kiss deals with dramatic yet realistic issues however Nana has more themes and stories and is much more bitter and mature. The style is similar and I mean by fashion. Both series are very heart-warming too just to put it out there.

Honey and Clover

Both animes deal with young students building relationships. Both have a very mature vibe and seem to attract the same demographic. It’s hard to explain why these two animes are so similar. They both have the same dramatic style and comedic taste (though Honey and Clover is more comedic).

Thank you for reading my reviews, till next time 🙂