If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t made a blog post in the last 2 months. My reasoning is pretty much a loss of motivation to post stuff. I’ve been looking at all my blog posts and questioned myself, “How many people are actually reading and enjoying my blog?” and it makes me feel a little bad about how my blog is progressing.

Last year, I made a post called, What Anime Should I Watch? and basically I wanted to celebrate the day I get 50 followers on my blog, and I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but when I think of 50 people following my blog it’s almost like the size of two classrooms, and when you put it that way it sounds great. But even so, 50 isn’t much at all. I knew that deep down, but I don’t want to obsess over how many people follow my blog but it feels almost discouraging knowing that 50 really is not a big number.

But then I thought about the true reason I made this blog. It’s so I can express my opinion about certain animes. So I can discover more animes and be more open-minded towards the opinions of others when it comes to anime. I also wanted to discuss movie, but even till today, that’s not going so well. But because I want to talk about anime, I haven’t said goodbye. But at the moment I’m going to be making sure all my reviews+top 10 lists and so on are worth being posted which is why obviously I’m not going to post anything every Tuesday as it doesn’t give me enough time to make good quality posts. This time it’ll be twice a month starting from mid August (as suggested by takutoanimecafe early this year). And the reason why I’m doing this in August, is because I haven’t watched anime in a month and I have a lot to catch up on.

Thank you to all of you who have been following my blog. It means a lot to me and it fulfills that need I have which is why my blog is still alive. Till next time 🙂

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Top 10 of the Best Moms in Anime


So Mothers Day has passed but even so I felt it was necessary to make this list. There aren’t a lot of great moms in anime, usually cause their dead and we know very little detail about them but the ones I’m here to talk about are moms who have proven to the audience that they are fantastic.


  • Spoilers!
  • Adopted mothers do count

Honorable Mentions

Haruko Kamio (Air), Ryouko Miyazono (Your Lie in April) & Akiko Minase (Kanon)

10. Sukuyo Mankanshoku (Kill la Kill)

I feel like people never praise this mom enough. The thing that Kill la Kill hassukuyo mankanshoku highlighted is that Ryuuko has never had a proper family but when she moves into the Mankanshoku household, she’s introduced to a warm, family environment especially during family dinners. Sukuyo proves to be this great mom for all she does for the family and those who eat with them by making them great food and taking care of everyone, as well as disciplining her Matarou in a comedic fashion.

9. Hiroko Katsuki (Yuri!!! On Ice)

hiroko katsukiNo matter what has happened to Yuuri, it’s Hiroko who continues to encourage him with his career in ice skating and maybe even his relationship with Victor considering her reaction during the iconic kiss scene. One thing I find even more precious that goes to show how great this mom is, is the fact both her and Yuri’s father named their inn specialty (katsudon) after Yuri knowing that it’s his favorite food.


8. Shiho Fujimiya (One Week Friends)

Shiho clearly is very concerned for her daughter who’s memory restarts every Mondayshiho fujimiya in result causing Kaori to distant herself from making friends. We see how she cares from all the effort she puts into Kaori, particularly when Kaori brought friends over for the first time in years. Kaori’s mother is in short a supportive and hardworking mom.

7. Noriko Irie/or as I call her, Mama Irie (Itazura na Kiss)

noriko irieIt’s not only her role as the mother of both Naoki and Yuuki but also being a mother figure to our protagonist, Kotoko. Mama Irie may be incredibly manipulative, bossy and in general someone you shouldn’t mess with, but she just wants what she believes to be best for her children. But what makes her so amazing is the support she has for each of her kids being the one who did support Naoki’s choice of becoming a doctor, Yuuki’s choice of eventually taking over the company and most importantly, helping Kotoko with her relationship with Naoki. Sure she may be overbearing but in the end Mama Irie is an amazing mom with her heart in the right place.

6. Queen Serenity (Sailor Moon)

Okay bear with me considering my memories on Sailor Moon may be a little bit shakyqueen serenity but one thing I’ll never forget is how amazing Queen Serenity is as a mother. When Queen Beryl attacks the moon kingdom and everyone including Princess Serenity die during the battle. Queen Serenity decides to send her daughter to earth to be reborn again and live her life normally. But what makes this more sad is that Queen Serenity was left to die alone but even so what she did for her daughter is truly amazing and goes to show how much she cared for her.

5. Chitose Hibiya (Chobits)

For those who haven’t seen Chobits this is a big spoiler. So Hibiya was married to Ichirochitose hibiya Mihara and together they created persocoms. Unfortunately however, Hibiya was unable to have children but her husband decided to make her a special persocom, Chobits which they named Freya. Because Freya was unhappy, they decided to give her a sister, Elda (who we all know as Chii). Because of Freya’s ability to fall in love, she ended up falling in love with Ichiro but because of the deep pain broke down but of course beforehand, her sister entered her body. To make things more unfortunate for Hibiya, her husband passes away. But what makes Hibiya a great mother is not only the deep love she had for her daughters but also her desire to make sure they’re happy, which is why she made a book for Chii to guide her to happiness and to realization on her true feelings towards Hideki.

 4. Kyoko Honda (Fruits Basket)

kyoko hondaAlthough Kyoko died prior to the series, the impact she has on Tohru’s life proves how amazing she is as a mother. So Kyoko started off quite reckless only to meet Katsuya Honda, fall in love and eventually marry him. Then they both had Tohru but a few years later, Katsuya died and Kyoko broke down feeling completely alone. But when Kyoko realized she had Tohru she brought herself back up and raised her daughter on her own to be the most amazing female role model in anime. Kyoko not only impacted on Tohru’s life but also Tohru’s friend, Arisa who looks up to both Kyoko and Tohru. Kyoko Honda is truly an amazing mother who raised an amazing daughter.

3. Mama Higurashi (Inuyasha)

From the very start, Mama Higurashi has been an amazing mother from the way shemama higurashi supports her family and how many times she had to cover up for Kagome considering all the illnesses she and the family had to come up with. I think what’s even better is in the end of the Final Act, Kagome had to choose between being with Inuyasha or staying in the present with her family, Mama Higurashi being aware of Kagome’s love for Inuyasha, lets her go despite knowing very well that she may never see Kagome again. That is a great mother right there!

2. Sanae Furukawa (Clannad)

sanae furukawaAgain, big spoilers! I think to be able to not only raise a frail daughter but also raise your granddaughter and guide Tomoya is impressive. Sanae is a strong mom who gave up her job as a teacher to be able to take care of Nagisa whilst owning a bakery with Akio. Sanae is the one to come to Nagisa’s rescue when she needs something and supports her family. When her daughter dies, which is unbearable for any parent, what Sanae does it fix things for both Tomoya who is extremely depressed and unable to take care of his daughter and as well as raise Ushio. If that is not a great mother, I don’t know what is.

1. Junko Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

More major spoilers! Junko and Sanae were very close but Junko was just a bit morejunko kaname impressive.. in my opinion. Not only did Junko raise up a strong and wonderful daughter but also the bond she has with her family, including the one she has with Madoka. Junko guides Madoka giving her advice whenever she needs it most, even as a business woman, she’ll always be there when Madoka needs her. In the last episode when Homura is fighting Walpurgisnacht, Madoka decides to go out there and save her, and Junko tries to stop her but Madoka manages to convince Junko and Junko knows she can’t stop her, letting her go. This all ends with Madoka saving the world, becoming a goddess but also ended up being removed from everyone but Homura’s memories. In the end it was the right choice, Madoka’s unselfish personality all came from Junko’s amazing parenting, which is why Junko Kaname is a truly fantastic mother.

Thank you for reading my top 10 list, hopefully you and your mom’s Mother’s Day was great. Should be making a new review very soon. Till next time 🙂

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Discussion: Why do People Ship Sangwoo x Yoonbum/Is it Love?

I know Killing Stalking is more of a yaoi manWHA not a manga so I shouldn’t really talk about it but because it became so big with the Yuri!!! on Ice fandom more specifically the fujoshi community, I had to talk about it.

Disclaimer: HEAVY SPOILERS (From chapters 1-20)

1So if you don’t know the story of Killing Stalking, it’s a psychological horror story with some yaoi content, it follows a boy named Yoonbum who is obsessed with a boy named Oh Sangwoo, to the extent of stalking him. Yoonbum’s obsession with Sangwoo escalates when Yoonbum breaks into Sangwoo’s house only discover that the charming and friendly man he’s infatuated with is a murderer, in result Yoonbum is held captive in Sangwoo’s home.

Now obviously one of the genres Killing Stalking falls under is yaoi, attracting a lot of fujoshis but what separates Killing Stalking from any typical yaoi is that the relationship between Sangwoo and Yoonbum is beyond abusive and unhealthy. But the thing is there are three types of fans of Killing Stalking;
1. The ones who don’t ship Sangwoo and Yoonbum and ship Sangwoo x Prison and Yoonbum x Happiness (or any ship like that)
2. The fans who fully support the relationship between Sangwoo and Yoonbum some to the extent of calling them “relationship goals”
3. The ones that don’t know if they do or don’t ship Sangwoo and Yoonbum


If you didn’t know, I am apart of the third group; I don’t know if I do or don’t shipIMG_8084 Sangwoo x Yoonbum, however for me I am leaning towards the second group. Someone has already explained that Killing Stalking’s intention is to only scare yet entertain it’s readers and that it never romanticized the dysfunctional relationship between Sangwoo and Yoonbum, the problem lies with the fujoshi’s who are willing to fetishize any gay relationship. Although this is true for many fujoshis, I don’t think this is the case for fans like myself, as I didn’t feel comfortable with many bad relationships in yaoi, like in the first episode of Maiden Rose, I didn’t like the romance in it. Also in a one shot manga I read, Glamorous Lip, I don’t like the relationship between Kira and Letty because it took a dark and more violent turn when it started off quite adorable. So I don’t think all fujoshis who support Sangwoo x Yoonbum fall into this statement.

I looked into Killing Stalking a lot and I don’t think it’s right to say Sangwoo DEFINITELY does love Yoonbum, at least for now. Because what makes there relationship so fascinating is both them are incredibly unstable. Sangwoo, not only being a murderer, but also clearly having a split personality and Yoonbum in general is emotionally unstable and can barely even think straight; in other words, they’re both very unpredictable, especially Sangwoo. Sangwoo’s intentions don’t seem clear, at least as of Chapter 22. Because there is a possibility he is using Bum for an end goal, but honestly I have doubts this is the case.

My doubts on Sangwoo using Bum actually leads me and many other fans to believe that what Sangwoo feels for Bum is actually more than lust, rather it may be love but a rather disturbing and creepy type of love instead of the kind of love we’re used to hearing about. Though most fans justify Sangwoo’s love for Bum based on the fact he hasn’t killed Bum yet, I believe what truly shows this is the scene where Sangwoo can’t find Yoonbum

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In this scene Sangwoo is shocked and quite angry but when he finds Yoonbum at his house he is completely relieved and embraces him tightly, in a way that says, “don’t ever leave” “stay with me”. I think what made Sangwoo feel this way about Yoonbum is that Sangwoo hasn’t felt loved since the death of his mother, think about it, every time Sangwoo lures in and murders a woman, she is screaming at him (which is obviously a natural thing to do), this is a pure example when Jieun, who had romantic feelings for the Sangwoo that she thought she knew, came to Sangwoo’s house, they have sex and then Sangwoo exposes his true self to her and she displays pure anger, fear and disgust towards him (which again is completely natural). Compare this to when Yoonbum broke in. Despite Sangwoo breaking Yoonbum’s image of a gentle Sangwoo, Yoonbum still confesses his love to Sangwoo and shows obedience even in the chapter where Sangwoo was talking about his mother and said out loud “I love you” and Yoonbum responded by saying “I love you too” and  this happens after like a week of being with Sangwoo. This obviously must’ve made Sangwoo grow to like Yoonbum and the idea of being loved unconditionally.

As for Yoonbum, his obviously afraid for his life. I mean everyday he is scared that Sangwoo will snap and kill him which to him seems inevitable. However throughout the manwha, Yoonbum still shows that he has feelings for Sangwoo despite his image of him being destroyed. One scene that proves that Yoonbum loves Sangwoo is when in Chapter 19 when Sangwoo tells Yoonbum to leave if he no longer needs Sangwoo… HE HAD A CHANCE TO ESCAPE! But Yoonbum chose to stay. Furthermore adding to my point about Sangwoo, Sangwoo could’ve easily killed Yoonbum rather then just kicking him out.

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So in conclusion, I do think the two love each other, but in a more unmutual way and in a more creepy way that we are not generally use to even from yaoi. I see Killing Stalking as a psychological horror, it is a romance but a very unsettling type of romance, which is exactly what makes the horror in the manwha stand out more. The love shared between Sangwoo and Yoonbum is more disturbing and creepy rather than cute and “lovey-dovey”. But to answer the question, the reason why other fans support this relationship is not because we fetishize all types of yaoi relationships, even abusive ones, rather all we want is for something more to come of this relationship. Sangwoo seems to displays feelings for Yoonbum and although it’s slightly diffferent, Yoonbum does display feelings to Sangwoo. The two are just as bad with each other as they are without each other. Yoonbum obviously is the only one making Sangwoo feel loved and Sangwoo does do something for Yoonbum which I can’t exactly point my finger at. For me personally, that is the reason why I’m in the middle and maybe why other fans ship these two. But again it’s too soon to properly clarify everything, so eventually when more chapter are out, I can make a better analysis.

Thank you for reading this detailed discussion. I tried making it as brief as possible but that didn’t go so well but hopefully you can understand what I’m trying to say. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Let me know what you think about the whole topic. Till next time 🙂


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Nichijou Anime Review

A series requested by you guys… 2 years ago… (this is the last one)

Synopsis: Nichijou is a story about the ordinary yet not-so-ordinary lives of multiple characters, specifically three high school students, Yuko, Mio and Mai and a 5-year-old professor, her robot, Nano and their talking cat, Sakamoto. So pretty much, it’s another slice of life anime.

My Thoughts

Nichijou’s goal for each episode revolves around humour, nothing more and nothing3.gif less. This is most often easily achieved as Nichijou is honestly one of the funniest animes out there, and the humour is either clever or stupid which I find enjoyable. However where the comedy falls short is some jokes easily drag on for too long to the extent of it no longer becoming funny. Regardless though, a lot of the scenes are over-the-top and absolutely epic, Nichijou is not afraid to approach the most outrageous borders and I love it for that.

1The anime doesn’t have much of a story being a slice-of-life anime so it’s nothing significant. I do believe Nichijou was given more episodes then it needed considering this anime is solely revolved around comedy, but that’s not to say I got bored of the series, it never felt tedious to watch. The animations were mostly great especially the more epic scenes. Though the character designs were far too similar to each other having each character share the same face. The first opening is amazing and watching it again made me so happy, it’s unfortunate it got replaced.

The best part of Nichijou though was its characters, all of them were so unique, 2memorable and extremely enjoyable. Our lead characters were all fun and the bonds they share with one another is so genuine and enjoyable, particularly the bond between Hakase (professor) and Nano. The supporting cast stood out just as much and I honestly may of liked them a little bit more than our leads.

Do I like it?: Nearly three years ago I put this anime on my top 10 best animes of 2014, so yes, I do like it. However I won’t deny that although at the time Nichijou was more remarkable considering it was something I recently watch, now it doesn’t have the same impact especially compared to the animes I’ve seen afterwards.

Recommended?: DEFINITELY! I think most people can enjoy the humor in Nichijou. Key words are MOST PEOPLE. Like all anime, there’s always gonna be that group that don’t like the shows I recommend, which is completely fine. If you want to watch a comedy/slice-of-life I highly recommend you give Nichijou a go.

Thank you for reading my review and being patient with me! Till next time 🙂


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I Have a Problem (Blog Update)

If you haven’t noticed, in the past month I have been really struggling to update my blog weekly. The reason behind this is because last month I watched and reviewed the anime, Yuri!!! on Ice. Ever since I’ve finished YoI, I’ve lost motivation to watch other animes because of this lack of satisfaction and desire for more.

Usually when an anime ends and I want more, I always turn to the manga to heal my obsession but for YoI it’s different because there is no manga. So I’ve spent my time watching YoI Crack videos and basically any other YoI trash I can find on Youtube and I’ve been looking at YoI memes and I’ve been doing some photoshop.

This has been a pain because I was suppose to do a Your Lie on April review on the first of April but I did it on Tuesday, I was suppose to write a review on the fourth (which is kind of cancelled because I didn’t get around to watching it but I’ve got a replacement for that). But I did the thing every YoI fan has done and moved onto Killing Stalking which is a completely different type of series, and even though it’s a manwha, I’m still excited to talk about it. Even though I’ve read Killing Stalking, I still haven’t gotten over YoI and I’m still in need for “the next level”. But I will get better and release more for this week and next week.

Hope I didn’t cause any trouble for anybody. Here are some of my favorite YoI videos you must watch.. till next time 🙂 :

A Short Victuri video

Gay or European

Yuri’s Whole Family Thinks He’s Gay

Victuri AMV: Something I Need

Yuri on Ice Crack… just part 1

Yuri on Ice in a Nutshell

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Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso)

Synopsis: Your Lie in April follows a boy named Kousei Arima who throughout his childhood played the piano for the sake of his mother. But one day his mother dies of an illness leading Kousei to struggle to hear himself when playing the piano. Two years have passed and Kousei never really played the piano again, until he meets a girl named Kaori Miyazono during a date he has to fourth-wheel in between her and his best friend, Watari. His encounter with Kaori changes Kousei’s life as she inspires and pushes him into playing the piano again.

My Thoughts

This is the most beautiful anime I have ever seen, from it’s gorgeous and vivid3 animations, beautiful character designs and the way it uses symbolism and it’s inner monologue for each character (particularly Kousei’s). I at first had a problem with the way the series gives it’s character an upper lip (like Peach Girl), but it’s very easy to get comfortable with (unlike Peach Girl).

1The voice acting fits very well with the characters for both the Japanese and the English dub… yes the dub is quite good so you can go either way and it should be fine. This being a music anime, it only makes sense that the music would be fantastic and of course the performance sequences being completely mesmerizing. The first opening is incredible which really annoyed me when they changed it halfway through the series considering the second opening will never live up to the first one. But I do prefer the second ending to the first ending.

What I love most about the series is the relationship between Kousei and Kaori, as I find4 it amazing the way she inspires him and as they say, you should be with someone who inspires you. It’s not just the relationship between Kousei and Kaori, it’s the relationship between all the characters. Most of the characters are very interesting and are well-fleshed out. I loved the character of Kaori especially as she brought so much light and enjoyment to the series, I just wish they didn’t do what they did by episode 13-14. Now without giving anything away, I do understand why they would do this but even so it ends up pushing Kaori to the sidelines more in the series despite being one of the best characters in the show.

5I do also love Watari as he was an enjoyable character and played a great role as the best friend, but I wish he got more development and the show focused more on him at some points. And when I said “most character” I was excluding one character which was Nagi as she was a character I couldn’t care for and although she receives development, her arc is the most uninteresting thing in the anime and the time she gets in the anime should’ve been given to a character like Watari. I did enjoy every aspect of the story, from its pacing to it’s mix of comedy and drama but one problem I did have is at some points of the series, the drama becomes a bit far-fetched, but don’t worry, this is not something that happens often in the series. But one amazing thing about this show is that it has a perfect ending which is both emotional and satisfying.

Do I like it?: Yes! I love the show as it’s one of the most beautiful animes I have seen in a long time. I love the kind of romance they were creating for Kousei and Kaori and of course, majority of the characters made the series amazing.

Recommended: Your Lie in April is an amazing anime. If you like animes with sob stories like Anohana or animes revolving around music, you’ll love Your Lie in April. I recommend anyone to at least try it as it is a popular anime people have spoken a lot about and it at least deserves for you to say, “I’ve seen a bit of it” if not a “I’ve seen Your Lie in April”.

Thank you for reading my review. I have plenty more reviews and discussions I want to get through for the next couple of weeks so you may be receiving more than just something on Tuesday for a bit. Till next time 🙂


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Koisuru Boukun (The Tyrant Falls in Love) Anime Review

Synopsis: Koisuru Boukun is a yaoi OVA series that follows Morinaga who has been in love with his senpai, Tatsumi. However Tatsumi is an outspoken homophobe who believes “all gay men should be wiped out of this earth”. Despite that, Morinaga did confess to Tatsumi, but Tatsumi completely ignored it. With this, Morinaga’s feelings for Tatsumi are hopeless, however a certain event will either bring them closer or drift them away.

My Thoughts

Koisuru Boukun only has 2 OVA episodes and it feels more like an advertisement to the manga.2 This is an example of how most animes are like an advertisement to its original source which is why “read the manga” endings exist. However when watching any anime, even an OVA, I expect a decent ending, which unfortunately this series fails to do continuing the annoying “read the manga” ending trend.

3However I did enjoy a list of things in this series, such as the comedy, although the timing is quite bad, I found its comedy a bit entertaining. This show being a yaoi, has great yaoi fanservice and the relationship between the main couple is quite interesting. The characters are great considering how well their introduced. But one problem I had was the characters still don’t feel completely fleshed out, and I understand its an OVA series adapted from a manga, but I want more from these characters, there are just so many things about them I want to know but I have to check the manga out for it, for example, we never know the true reason why Tatsumi is so homophobic.

I do have up and down feelings with the direction the series takes. Though it starts off 1.gifinteresting making me feel like it’ll add more recognition for the LGBT community, it eventually goes down by the end of episode one only to get really interesting in episode two with it’s drama which was beautifully done. However with it’s inconclusive ending, I really wonder how the story will play out.

Do I like it?: I do like it, but it does fail as an OVA feeling completely empty. I know it’s just an OVA but comparing it to Hiyokoi another OVA adapted from a manga, this one fails as Hiyokoi manages to introduce you to the series and gives you enough knowledge of the characters but of course leaves you wanting much more. Koisuru Boukun feels completely empty despite its two OVA episodes. But yeah, I will be reading the manga anyway.

Recommended?: This OVA is specifically for fujoshis who can enjoy yaoi. Any other audience, I can’t guarantee you’ll enjoy it. When I check out the manga, I’d have a better idea what the series has to offer for its audience as an entirety. But this is an ANIME review, so the manga isn’t relevant.

Thanks for reading my review. Do you agree? What are you thoughts? Well, till next time 🙂