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Die a Hero or Live long enough to become a Villain – One Punch Man

Here it is. The anime I’ve been trying to review since April. 2015’s most popular anime, One Punch Man.

One Punch Man is an anime that doesn’t need a detailed synopsis, it follows a man named Saitama who can literally defeat anybody with only one punch and with this power he decides to become a hero only for fun.

Now before I get into discussion I want to briefly discuss some great elements as well as flaws with the anime; I love most of the characters (just didn’t like Tornado, too annoying), they were all interesting and unique, this includes Genos who is the depiction of most shonen leads when you get down to it, learning how to grow to be as strong as Saitama, regardless he isn’t the central character. Also need to comment that Sonic is on my husbando list, he is gorgeous. The anime was overall entertaining and the story is easily an amazing comedy and surprisingly doesn’t have a shitty ending despite being incomplete.

Now to discuss my topic. As we see in the anime, Saitama is no doubt a strong character. On the surface you can easily criticize the anime for making Saitama too strong as he makes every other heroic character appear inferior and weak in comparison, when clearly they’re not actually weak. What makes this an easy criticism is that it makes every other character seem like a more suited lead then Saitama as they have the largest opportunity to grow stronger and we can follow them on their journey, in fact it’s more natural to have Genos as the lead rather then Saitama but that’s the thing, having Saitama as a lead is perfect (I word I don’t throw around too much) and makes this series unique.

Saitama is undeniably a hilarious character from being relaxed at all times, even during a big fight, he never gets out of control and is always confident that he’d win. But it’s the fact that it’s inevitable for him to win that becomes an issue. Saitama barely passed the test to become a legitimate hero as he isn’t as suited intellectually but physically he is much better then any other class C hero furthermore S class hero and this is just the start of Saitama’s issue. Because Saitama is so strong, he isn’t acknowledged as a class S hero, people often underestimate him and criticize him, despite him saving everybody and doing a better job then any class S hero. It leads to the fact that Saitama despite being a great hero and is what any other hero should look up to, he is in fact too strong for his own good.

Saitama always saves everybody and it’s never out of his way, he does it for fun. But he is seen more as troublesome and a cheater rather than a hero. Saitama is almost as invincible as a god, he excels in all physical areas when it comes to in general hero qualities and to often gets frowned upon rather then praised, which is slowly going to be the thing that destroys Saitama. I haven’t read the original source and I know season 2 is coming out soon but from what season 1 is showing us, Saitama is only starting become a villain himself, maybe even a more powerful villain than a hero (kind of a Madoka type of thing). That is One Punch Man’s strongest quality, Saitama as a character, both his personality and his trials.

I overall do recommend you to watch One Punch Man if you haven’t. It is an epic anime with lots of great qualities from its animations, story and characters, especially its lead and his problems. I really did like it and I’m looking forward to Season 2 that’s coming out soon.

Thanks for reading my reviews! I have another one I’m hoping to release on Sunday as well as 2 top 10 lists! Till next time 🙂 


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