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I Have a Problem (Blog Update)

If you haven’t noticed, in the past month I have been really struggling to update my blog weekly. The reason behind this is because last month I watched and reviewed the anime, Yuri!!! on Ice. Ever since I’ve finished YoI, I’ve lost motivation to watch other animes because of this lack of satisfaction and desire for more.

Usually when an anime ends and I want more, I always turn to the manga to heal my obsession but for YoI it’s different because there is no manga. So I’ve spent my time watching YoI Crack videos and basically any other YoI trash I can find on Youtube and I’ve been looking at YoI memes and I’ve been doing some photoshop.

This has been a pain because I was suppose to do a Your Lie on April review on the first of April but I did it on Tuesday, I was suppose to write a review on the fourth (which is kind of cancelled because I didn’t get around to watching it but I’ve got a replacement for that). But I did the thing every YoI fan has done and moved onto Killing Stalking which is a completely different type of series, and even though it’s a manwha, I’m still excited to talk about it. Even though I’ve read Killing Stalking, I still haven’t gotten over YoI and I’m still in need for “the next level”. But I will get better and release more for this week and next week.

Hope I didn’t cause any trouble for anybody. Here are some of my favorite YoI videos you must watch.. till next time 🙂 :

A Short Victuri video

Gay or European

Yuri’s Whole Family Thinks He’s Gay

Victuri AMV: Something I Need

Yuri on Ice Crack… just part 1

Yuri on Ice in a Nutshell


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