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Discussion/Rant: My Biggest Problem with Fifty Shades Darker

I made a discussion on Fifty Shades of Grey saying I do see potential in the second movie despite how crappy the first movie was. I wasn’t wrong, they built on their relationship and Christian Grey didn’t fail to fascinate me not to mention he’s so much more understandable in this movie. The movie did have flaws like its sloppy story but its biggest fault is also the same problem from Fifty Shades of Grey except this time it’s a little different. My biggest problem with Fifty Shades Darker, is Ana.

In the previous movie Ana was one dimensional and bland but in this movie she’s1 aggravatingly stupid. Ana is someone who never does as she’s told but in this movie it annoyed me because she reacted to all these situations in the worst way possible and never even stopped to think rationally.

As I said, her not doing as she’s told many times is a problem because Ana will disobey what Christian asks of her (mind you this is clearly for her own good) yet she constantly makes the dumber choices for no reason.

2.gifI felt like through the entire movie although it makes it as if Christian is always hurting Ana, it is really the other way around. She constantly does the wrong thing and ends up causing more problems then she’s solving. She refuses to truly see things from Christian’s perspective and have some sort of faith in him which I do understand, of course she will struggle to trust him but regardless it leads to the point she constantly thinks of herself.

At least that’s how I feel. What did you think of the movie? Is it better than the first one? How do you feel about Ana in this movie. Expect a review on Thursday. Till next time 🙂



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