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Natsu no Arashi (Season 1) Anime Review

Synopsis: So Natsu no Arashi follows a thirteen year old boy named Hajime Yasaka who is staying at his grandfather’s house over the summer. He one day goes into this cafe and meets this girl named Sayako Arashiyama (a.k.a Arashi). A man comes into the cafe to take Arashi back to her relatives by force but Hajime saves her and runs off. He eventually discovers Arashi is a ghost who died during World War II in 1945 and he can connect with Arashi to travel through time.

My Thoughts

The anime caught my attention since its made by Jin Kobayashi who created the manga to 2.gifSchool Rumble which I have talked about time and time again, being my favorite anime. Natsu no Arashi is a fun and entertaining series and it is funny even though sometimes the jokes drag on particularly the “pass me the salt” one which got annoying, like can someone give the man some salt! Anyway, there’s also plenty of drama and honestly I loved it, it’s intense and surprisingly although it’s not really accurate it’s still confronting when it comes to the topic of World War II which I find to be the most fascinating yet terrifying part of our history. However with the drama during the last few episodes it only felt out of place.

1.gifThe characters were all a lot of fun and were each entertaining, likable and well-developed. However I wish they involved the character, who is nicknamed “Shades” more into into the story since he’s a funny and interesting character. I also do appreciate the way they treat Jun’s character rather than taking an overly cliche route with them. I do like the bond between all of the characters, particularly the one between Kanako and Yayoi, Hajime and Arashi and Kaya and Jun.

I absolutely love the opening theme and its already stuck in my head. The ending song is3.gif also really good which says a lot because a lot of ending songs are not that appealing unlike this one. The OST is pretty good they have some similar ones to School Rumble but one OST that stood out was the one that plays in the intro to almost all episodes. The anime is only in Japanese, but the voice actors all did a great job however my only problem is Yayoi’s cry in the one episode that bugged me. I love all the character designs which is great cause most of the characters in some way resemble a character from School Rumble. My favorite character design was for Arashi and Kaya since they both look stunning. The animation is either average or really good however it stood out to me when they copy the anime, Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei’s style which makes sense since their both made by Studio Shaft but they ESPECIALLY imitated Zetsubou-sensei’s “I’m in despair” thing.

zetsubou shita.gif

Do I like it?: Yes, definitely. The anime though not as good as School Rumble, was still entertaining and most of its drama was fantastic. I will watch Season 2 and potentially discuss or review it but don’t expect that any time soon.

Recommended?: It is not the greatest comedy but its enough to keep you entertained and interested. If you like School Rumble or other comedy animes you’ll most likely enjoy Natsu no Arashi, so I recommend it.

Thanks for reading my review? Do you like this anime, will gladly hear your thoughts? Also be posting something for tomorrow and Thursday. Till next time 🙂



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