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Amnesia Anime Review

Synopsis: Amnesia is an anime based on a visual novel. As the title suggests, Amnesia follows a girl (WHO DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A NAME) who has amnesia. The heroine (that’s what I’ll refer her as) meets this fairy named, Orion who guides her. She constantly jumps from universe to universe and is with different guys.

My Thoughts

Now any series that approaches the concept of amnesia immediately grows potential5 because having a protagonist or an character in general with amnesia is just bursting with plot and character potential. The anime at first really does treat the whole amnesia topic fine… key word is “at first”. The anime loses focus on a great plot and honestly it just slowly became boring… well, until a certain point which I’ll get to later. The anime ends very well which I’m relieved about.

2The animations are so stunning and the character designs are VERY pretty. The guys are mostly attractive like any bishi males. But my question is why do the bitch girls have no eyes especially considering how important they are. Now I’ve mentioned the opening before and I’ll mention it again but I do like this opening and the anime makes me like it more, making me realize how epic it is. The is one OST that really stood out which was the creepiest and most unsettling one and I’m saying that in a good way. The Japanese is pretty decent but I will give credit to Kaori Nazuka who did a great job as the main protagonist. The dub however is HORRIBLE, a few characters were decent like Shannon Emerick as Orion, but it wasn’t a fantastic performance.

Usually I discuss characters early but it’s because I have so much to say about the 1characters that I left them for last. The anime handles a lot of their characters terribly. There is one character who annoyed me throughout the series who is when you get down to it, is useless, it’s Orion. For anyone who has played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the best way to describe Orion is he is exactly like Navi. Our main protagonist is VERY bland and boring, I understand she has amnesia but that doesn’t justify her lack of growth and personality throughout the whole entire series. The anime is so hard to treat as a romance anime since none of the relationships are good. Now the anime has five arcs and two of them are treated terribly which hurt the plot so badly. The arcs were for both Ikki and Kento and it hurts because Ikki’s one had potential which was wasted whereas Kento from the start came off as bland and forgettable and I understand what the series were going for but it didn’t work.

4But I will say I do like the other arcs for Shin, Toma and Ukyo. Shin’s arc although plain was a good one because I really like Shin’s character. Out of all the guys you can tell he was the one who put the effort into taking care of the heroine and by the way he knew she had amnesia which two of the other guys (Ikki and Toma) didn’t know (to be fair). Despite the forced relationship, Shin was such an interesting love interest who cared so deeply for the heroine. Next is Toma’s arc who is the character I didn’t like but I love his arc. Toma at first seems likable and sweet but get to his arc and without giving too much away, I didn’t like Toma for the same reason I didn’t like Kaname from Vampire Knight. Then there’s Ukyo who I don’t want to go into detail about due to spoilers but his arc is the most interesting one and his the most likable character despite being the creepiest.

Do I Like it?: It’s not as bad as people say it is but it is not a good anime either. Amnesia has some interesting plot points but its got boring plot elements not to mention terribly handled characters ruined the series.

Recommended: I don’t recommend this series to most people. However if you like animes like Diabolik Lovers (which I hated but I know it has a large fandom) then you might like Amnesia.

Thanks for reading my review. What do you think of this anime? Do you like it? Do you hate it? I’ll be posting stuff for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday s. Till next time 🙂



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