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Peach Girl Anime Review

An anime voted for by you guys ( in 2015 :/ )

Synopsis: Momo Adachi is often misjudged as a skank due to her bleached blond hair and tan skin which all come from her history of swimming. In actual reality, Momo is a strong and determined girl who is a bit shy. Her only “friend” is a girl named Sae Kashiwagi who is praised for her beautiful white skin and being around Momo only makes her stand out more. By the way, if you couldn’t tell, when I said “friend” I meant Sae is a fake friend who is behind the bullying towards Momo. Momo does hope to win the love of her middle school crush, Kazuya Tojigamori (aka Toji) but then of course Sae gets in her way and so does a boy named, Kairi Okayasu.

My Thoughts

This is an anime I watched when I started getting into anime. But even back then and till3.gif this day, my biggest problem with Peach Girl is the melodrama. The drama in this anime is VERY emotional and at some points its too dramatic and quite unrealistic. However I do praise how the anime deals with the characters of Momo and Sae, ESPECIALLY Sae. Momo is not a cliche main protagonist, she is head-strong and determined regardless of the situation, but what makes her character so rich is she has breaking points, she has moments of weakness like any other person which honestly made her very fascinating.

1With Sae, her character is very rotten and infuriating, I mean she is unbelievably unlikable and I absolutely despised her… at first. Sae goes through heavy development which was needed and by the end of the series I found myself actually really liking her as a character entirely, because everything bad about her kind of disappeared and she became quite humorous.

Now this anime is a love triangle. The first half focuses on Momo’s relationship with Toji2 and without giving too much away (because this is a review so no spoilers) but it does eventually focus more on Kairi. Both boys are likable, Toji being the cool and kind hearted guy and Kairi being the charismatic goofball. Both guys did a lot for Momo which makes this a hard choice for the love triangle, but personally I found myself rooting for Kairi more. The supporting cast though some relevant and interesting, others quite useless. The animation is very solid and very colorful not to mention I absolutely adore Momo’s character design. However their lips really piss me off! I found myself getting distracted by the character’s lips because they looked so odd. This anime has both of my guilty pleasure openings, the Japanese one and the English dub one, I’m the weird one who likes both regardless of how bad it truly is. Sae’s background song “Junai Hametsu Kosaku” is one my favorite OST’s ever because when you hear this you know Sae is up to some shit. Finally both the Japanese and English dub are good, no stand outs, just they were all solid.

Do I Like it?: Yes. Although the drama put me off and the series got frustrating at some points, Peach Girl to me is the most iconic love triangle anime, I mean when I think of an accurate love triangle anime, Peach Girl comes to mind. I especially love the development for Sae and Momo as a lead character.

Recommended?: Depends how you feel about drama considering this anime is very dramatic and will frustrate the shit out of you. Also if you haven’t read the manga, you’re on the safe side like me cause those who have were incredibly pissed. So basically if you can tolerate a heavy amount of drama and haven’t read the manga not to mention you like romance animes and love triangles, then Peach Girl is for you.

Thank you for reading my review, hope you liked it. What do you think about this anime? Till next time 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Peach Girl Anime Review

  1. Great review 😊😆 I was a sucker for liking peach girl it’s melodrama is blown out of the water to the point of funny XD UGHH I thought I was the only one that was annoyed over the lips 👄 animation. It
    Distracted me as well. I liked momo as a character she was cool. Sae even now I am on the fence with about her so infuriating brings out the gripping drama 👍🏼

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahaha, no you’re not alone, the lips are too distracting! Glad you agree cause I never heard anybody complain about it. I was on the fence about Sae but I grew to like her a little bit after re-watching it ahaha but I completely understand why some people don’t like her while others are on the fence 😀 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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