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Discussion: Why I Don’t Like Fifty Shades of Grey (But Will Watch Fifty Shades Darker?)

Well isn’t this a first, discussing something that isn’t anime. Now if you didn’t know, I’ve been meaning to talk about movies on this blog but I never did for some reason. But here we are, talking about my opinion of Fifty Shades of Grey.

I have read the first book and watched the movie and overall I don’t like it and I have a few reasons;

  • I found it difficult to treat Fifty Shades of Grey as a romance movie/book because of the lack of chemistry between Christian Grey and Anastasia.
  • Our main protagonist, Anastasia Steele is incredibly bland but they try to make her come off as shy and sweet yet change her personality COMPLETELY at some points in the movie.
  • The heavy focus and discussion on the contract got VERY annoying, I mean she hasn’t even signed the contract but they act as if she did
  • I didn’t think the movie was kinky enough, I mean it promises you kinky sex but doesn’t deliver enough
  • They don’t handle the concept of BDSM well
  • The movie is, when you get down to it, quite boring

However I will give the movie some credit. Jamie Dornan is an excellent actor and I think christian-greyhe is so beautiful, not to mention, although I use to dislike this character, I actually really like Christian Grey, sure he has a pretty bad personality but he is an interesting character. Also the music in this movie is excellent!! Also, Dakota Johnson did do a decent job at portraying Ana, though at some points the acting was not convincing. Finally I do praise two more things which is not really in the movie, I do admire EL James’ passion when writing the series, she definitely did her research on a topic she isn’t too familiar with (even if she didn’t handle it well) and I also appreciate how this book/movie gave recognition to BDSM.

fifty-shades-darkerNow I haven’t read Fifty Shades Darker or Fifty Shades Freed, and although I dislike Fifty Shades of Grey, I have hopes for Fifty Shades Darker. My reasons are because I think some of my (bigger) problems with the first movie will be improved on in the second movie. I do reckon the movie will be more interesting, they’ll have less of a discussion on the goddamn contract and most importantly build on the chemistry between Christian and Ana. Also I’m excited to learn more about Christian Grey and watch him grow as a character, after all he is already very interesting.

So what do think of this movie? Do you like it or hate it? Let me know, I actually really am curious. Also I won’t be posting anything tomorrow, my next blog posts will be Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Till next time 🙂   



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