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I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying (Danna ga Nani o Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken) Anime Review

Synopsis: I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying, despite its long name, is a simple slice-of-life comedy anime made in 2014 following a married couple, Kaoru and Hajime. Kaoru is a full time worker who struggles to properly understand Hajime who is an over-the-top otaku but still loves him unconditionally… that’s basically it.

My Thoughts

With a name like this, the series immediately caught my attention though to be i-cant-understand-what-my-husband-is-saying-1completely honest, I’m a little bit disappointed. I did enjoy the anime and the comedy did make me laugh as it was suppose to but I didn’t laugh out loud like I wanted to. Regardless, this anime had very simple but overall delightful features like its animations, music and voice acting. My favorite point of this anime has to be the relationship between Kaoru and Hajime. I’m actually quite happy to watch an anime that follows a married couple. Not the typical high school couple and the start of their romance, no A MARRIED COUPLE! I don’t have a problem with the typical anime high school romance stories but it’s always nice and refreshing to take a step out of the high school setting and follow the life of a married couple.

i-cant-understand-what-my-husband-is-saying-2But I must go on and praise Kaoru and Hajime, I said it earlier but their relationship is the best thing about this anime. Kaoru as I said in the synopsis she loves her husband unconditionally even if she just doesn’t understand him. Kaoru tries her best to understand Hajime and you can tell how much she loves him despite his weird behaviour. Likewise, Hajime obviously loves Kaoru and does try to be a great husband for her. As individual characters they’re both very likable and somewhat unique. The only flaw with this couple is that the anime needs to go into detail about their relationship before they got married, and they do but they never explain as much as I wish they did, but other than that this couple may be just as good as Mei and Yamato from Say “I Love You” (they’re my favorite couple if you didn’t know). As for the side characters, I mostly didn’t notice any of the supporting cast since I didn’t find any of them interesting, except for Hajime’s younger brother, Mayotama who is a trap character.

Do I Like it?: Despite my disappointment, I did find something to love about this anime which was Kaoru and Hajime and their relationship. For the most part I definitely do like this anime.

Recommended?: To anybody who can appreciate a simple comedy anime. It’s only 3 minutes per episode and there’s only 26 episodes (this is season 1+2 altogether).

Thank you for reading my review, hope it was enjoyable. What do you think about this anime? Till next time 🙂

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