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Kiss Him, Not Me (Watashi ga Motete Dousunda) Anime Review

Synopsis: Watashi ga Motete Dousunda or as everyone else calls it, Kiss Him Not Me, follows Kae Serinuma who is a chubby and hardcore fujoshi. One day, one of her anime husbandos dies leading Kae into a deep depression. One week has passed and Kae has locked herself in her room and hasn’t been attending school, but she gets forced out of her room and she discovers that she’s lost A LOT of weight. When she comes back to school barely anyone recognizes her and she is now beautiful and has four boys already chasing her.

My Thoughts

I was one of the people who has read the manga before the anime, but unlike most5 incidents, I was far behind considering at the time they only translated about 6 chapters. So when I discovered they made an anime, I immediately tried to catch up on the manga and watch the anime weekly. I think the story is very unrealistic and ridiculous which is great for the comedy, but also quite shallow which was my problem with the series. But one thing that pleases me is by the end of the series one of the boys do grow and reflect on their mistakes, the other two don’t and the other was never shallow to begin with.

4The anime is enjoyable as a comedy, and I can appreciate how it brings fujoshis and every other anime fan together since fujoshis can all relate to Kae on a spiritual level and other anime fans can too (kind of) and well others can just enjoy the series entirely. Personally though I am 50/50 about Kae, she’s likable and cheerful and relateable, but I found at some points she was insensitive to her suitors’ feelings and just didn’t care. To get this clear, Kae is not really our main character, she is more of a tool for the suitors so they can all grow. And as I said before, Senpai is best boy! I think Mutsumi-senpai is the best character, he never cared about beauty and always cared for Kae even before she was beautiful and even still he managed to grow as a character. Even though Senpai is best boy, I have found myself crushing on Igarashi, even though he started off shallow, he grew as a character and reflected on his mistake, he was always kind to Kae even before she was beautiful but it wasn’t until she changed he truly noticed her which I can understand.

Though I am not keen on Nana and Shinomiya, since they never change or grow and just1 don’t come off as likable to me, but they are not horrible either since they had little charm. Though I do really like Kae’s fifth suitor who is female, Kashima… I mean Nishina! I’m sorry, for some reason Nishina reminds me of Kashima from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Everything else is good, from its animations by Brains Base, its music and the Japanese voice acting, but the dub is very average. Most of the voice actors take their time to improve but I always liked Kae’s voice in English. Also I need to praise Kae’s Japanese voice actress, Yuu Kobayashi who nailed every tone of Kae’s voice from cute girl to crazy fangirl.

Do I Like It?: I really do like this series, sure it had its flaws, but it’s a great comedy and definitely keeps your attention with the shipping wars and the entire concept.

Recommended: To all anime fans, at least give it a go!

THANK YOU FOR READING MY REVIEW!  Hope you like this new style, let me know what you think of it. What do you think of this anime? Till next time 🙂



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