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Squid Girl Anime Review

IMPORTANT: Before I continue with this review, I’d like to let you know tomorrow I’ll be writing an announcement that discusses my future reviews.


The one video I remember seeing quite often was one third of an episode from Squid Girl and it was a sad video too. So I went into this anime thinking it’ll be a dramatic tragedy like Clannad or Angel Beats, but… obviously not what I expected at all.

Story & Characters

The anime follows Squid Girl who is a squid but looks a bit human-like and she attemptssquid-girl-story to invade humankind as revenge for polluting the ocean and she announces her invasion at a beach restaurant but because nobody takes her seriously, when trying to prove how “threatening” she is, she punches a wall into the restaurant with her hair-like tentacles but instead becomes the restaurant’s waitress.

Now Squid Girl is really nothing better or worse than a standard slice-of-life comedy. Each episode is split into thirds and is put into one episode making the anime only 12 episodes long. The main source of comedy comes from Squid Girl herself considering her antics is what keeps the audience entertained. The other characters would be the family who own the beach restaurant, the eldest, Chizuru who is the motherly figure but is one of those characters who ALWAYS have their eyes closed and just by me saying that you know exactly what kind of character she is.


The middle child is Eiko who is the voice-of-reason in every situation and finally the youngest child, Takeru who is an elementary school student who Squid Girl made as her squid-girl-charactersunderling. The supporting cast… well, some enjoyable, others didn’t stand out, I mean sure they had their time to shine, they still don’t stand out in the anime, though I do really like Squid Girl’s stalker, Sanae. One problem as well is the anime never really explains anything, like Squid Girl before episode one or where the Aizawa family’s parents are, and I don’t really expect it to since it’s a slice-of-life anime. The anime ends pretty well, even for a slice-of-life series which I applaud. Also one thing that bothers me is does Squid Girl not smell like the ocean or like fish? I mean she’s been raised in the ocean and she is a squid so does she smell like fish or the ocean, and if she does how is no one bothered by that? This is not a flaw to the anime, I just needed to let that out.

Grade (Story): C+
Grade (Characters): C+

Animation & Sound

This is pretty hard considering Squid Girl does have good animations but nothing thatsquid-girl-animations actually stands out. The character designs are fine, though I do really like the character design for Squid Girl, it is perfect. The OST doesn’t really stand out but the opening does and it’s nothing significant honestly but the ending however is really good, probably one of my favorite ending themes. The voice acting is both good in the Japanese and English dub but the only flaw with the dub is the dialogue. Because in the Japanese, Squid Girl usually ends her sentences with “degeso” which the Japanese believe to be the sound squids make. In the dub because it just wouldn’t work they replaced the dialogue with squid puns or in general ocean puns like “inkvasion” or “you’ve got to be squiding me” or “I won’t gill you” and it just seems forced and doesn’t work at all. But in the end, both the dub and sub are equally as good.

Grade (Animation): C
Grade (Music): B-
Grade (Voice Acting): B


I do like Squid Girl but it’s not anything significant as someone who has seen A LOT ofsquid-girl-conclusion slice-of-life comedy animes. The humor is good and each episode is as zany and entertaining as the last. And it’s one of the good animes that conclude properly and nicely. So is Squid Girl worth watching? Yes if you can enjoy a decent slice-of-life anime, especially since Squid Girl is only 12 episodes so you can’t go wrong. I grade Squid Girl with a C+.

Thank you for checking out my review, sorry that is was so late, please stick around for my announcement tomorrow about my future reviews. As always recommend me to any series and I’ll check it out. Till next time 🙂

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