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Kono Danshi Sekika ni Nayandemasu Anime Review


So lately I have been reviewing more yaoi anime, this is because of my interest in the genre and I want to see more of it. I found this anime and it has a very odd but interesting story line which is enough to have my attention. So here it is, another anime review, telling you my opinion on the 2014 OVA, Kono Danshi Sekika ni Nayandemasu or in English, The Boy Suffers From Crystallization.

Story & Characters

The series follows a boy named Ayumu Tamari, who has an illness where he turns intokono-danshi-sekika-ni-nayandemasu-story crystal when he’s stressed. Tamari has to repeat a year and tries to make friends with his classmates by dressing fashionably, dying his hair and researching on popular topics but none of this really works due to Tamari’s shyness. Tamari’s teacher, Kouya Onihara who loves crystals, calls Tamari’s crystallization beautiful and after this Tamari becomes attracted and seeks to Onihara for advice.

kono-danshi-sekika-ni-nayandemasu-charactersOut of all the yaoi anime I’ve seen in 2016, this anime is the least sexual, in fact it’s definitely more of a shonen-ai than a yaoi. The story is very interesting but also at some points very melodramatic which can be a bit of a turn-off. I do like the attention they give to Tamari and him dealing with his shyness but they also focus on the relationship between him and his teacher. His teacher, Onihara is an interesting character as well but they never really went deep into his backstory and only showed a few glimpses, we know what his backstory is but the anime fails to actually explain it. The relationship between Tamari and Onihara is beautiful and you definitely cheer it on but they lack the chemistry you’d hope for but to be fair, this anime is very short. But for a one episode OVA series, the ending is perfect, I mean it actually ends on a satisfying note.

Grade (Story): B-
Grade (Characters): B-

Animations & Sound

Now for the animations, some people may dislike it but I personally think it’s very uniquekono-danshi-sekika-ni-nayandemasu-animations and it’s stunning. The anime makes the characters walk like stick puppets and I absolutely love it. The anime is incredibly vivid and colorful though it may be a bit too bright. The character designs were all fine except for Onihara who’s character design always made me feel uncomfortable.

kono-danshi-sekika-ni-nayandemasu-soundGlitter Wish by Shouta Aoi is definitely one the best ending themes to any anime, it’s incredibly powerful. The OST to the anime is quite beautiful too and stood out when it had to. The anime is only in Japanese but the voice acting is great, Daisuke Hirakawa did an amazing performance as Onihara-sensei and Shouta Aoi though a little whiny, overall did an excellent performance as Tamari.

Grade (Animations): B
Grade (Music): B
Grade (Voice Acting): B+


Another anime I regret not adding on my previous top 10 list. Well anyway, I highly kono-danshi-sekika-ni-nayandemasu-conclusionrecommend this series to any yaoi fan, sure it’s not hardcore as most yaoi animes, but it has a good plot, a well developed lead, a good relationship and the anime ends properly which seems to be too much to ask for from any anime, especially OVAs. I really did enjoy this series and I grade it with a B. I recommend Kono Danshi Sekika ni Nayademasu to any yaoi fan and to anyone who is interested in a simple romance anime, the anime only takes up at most 30 minutes of your time and trust me it’s worth.

Thank you for reading my review. I would love to hear your opinion on this anime. Till next time 🙂



4 thoughts on “Kono Danshi Sekika ni Nayandemasu Anime Review

  1. a wonderful review and you will be happy to know that this anime is part of an anthology series that includes the following titles, This Boy Fights Aliens, This Boy Picked up a Merman and This Boy is a Professional Wizard. The last one is a short anime series and all are brilliant (and is on Crunchyroll), though I must admit This Boy Picked up a Merman is my favorite!

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