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School Rumble Anime Review


I’ve spoken a lot about School Rumble. I have praised it so much that this review seems nearly pointless. But I think talking about this anime in both a critical and personal perspective would be great for my New Years Eve anime review.

Story & Characters

School Rumbles follows a love-triangle (kind of…) between Tenma Tsukamoto, Kenjischool-rumble-story Harima and Oji Karasuma. Tenma Tsukamoto is a clumsy, ditzy girl who is infatuated with her straight-faced classmate, Oji Karasuma but he is completely oblivious to her feelings so she makes it her goal to confess her love to him. Much like Tenma, her delinquent classmate, Kenji Harima is madly in love with her but she is COMPLETELY oblivious to his feelings towards her so Harima makes it his goal to confess his love to Tenma. This in result leads to a ton of fails.

school-rumble-charactersSchool Rumble’s story is a little bit shaky. In the first few episodes it is heavily based on comedy and it’s only till a certain episode the show takes itself seriously, so never get a first impression of the anime from episodes 1-8, after episode 8 ends, the show drastically but beautifully balances out it’s more dramatic side and comedic side. Reality about School Rumble though is you can’t take it TOO seriously, not even the characters can be taken seriously. All the characters are unique, entertaining and interesting, personal favorites being our two leads, Harima and Tenma. Even our supporting casts (including very minor characters) provided entertainment and managed to be memorable, making you invest into the series and really wish Class 2-C was your class. Also prepare for School Rumble shipping wars, the anime has a ton of ships. However I must warn you, the ending to the series is a disaster.

Grade (Story): B
Grade (Characters): B+

Animations & Sound

School Rumble’s animations are actually quite standard. They look amazing at someschool-rumble-animations points while other moments it’s quite generic. The character designs are usually detailed and all very well done. Every character is easily distinguished merely by their appearance alone.

school-rumble-soundAll the music in School Rumble stands out and is quite catchy. Most of its soundtrack is easy to notice, makes the scene better and is overall great. The first ending and second opening is quite standard (but good) while it’s second opening both in Japanese and English is fantastic. None compares to School Rumble’s opening song though, my goodness is it catchy! The Japanese voice acting is… very average, most of the voice actors were fine but didn’t stand out as much as I hoped, I mean Ami Koshimizu did well as Tenma, as expected Mamiko Noto pulled off Yakumo beautifully, Yui Horie did a great job as Eri. However it isn’t as good as the dub in my opinion. Sure some of the script in the dub is a little awkward but the voice acting is very good, Brandon Potter pulled off Harima, Luci Christian did an annoying (in a good way though) but adorable Tenma, Caitlin Glass pulled off Yakumo, everyone did a good job!

Grade (Animations): C+
Grade (Music): B
Grade (Voice Acting): B


Now I could easily just give School Rumble an A+ merely because it’s my favorite animeschool-rumble-conclusion and just call it a day, BUT I’m not going to recommend you to an anime out of personal feelings alone. School Rumble is a very funny anime, it has a great love story tackling issues of unrequited love beautifully but making it funny, it knows how to be intense, it has a fantastic dub, it’s music is great, there’s a lot to love! But School Rumble has clear flaws, it has a bad ending, it relies heavily on the stupidity of its characters and it can get frustrating. So judging the series from a critical and emotional perspective, I grade School Rumble with a B+. Definitely watch it if you want a good comedy anime.

Thank you for reading my review. Do you like School Rumble? Who were you shipping (if you’ve seen the anime)? Recommend me to any anime to review. Till next time 🙂



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