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One Week Friends (Isshukan Friends) Anime Review


So last year I made a first reaction post on this anime. I was still interested in the series and I decided to continue it, though it took awhile. And here it is, the review I’ve been meaning to post for a long time.

Story & Character

So One Week Friends follows Yuki Hase, who wants to befriend Kaori Fujimiya, a quiet girlone-week-friends-story in his class but for some reason is very cold and distant. Hase is still persistent to befriend Fujimiya but he eventually finds out Fujimiya memory resets every Monday so she ends up forgetting her friends. The two become good friends, but when Monday arrives, she forgets about her friendship with Hase.

one-week-friends-charactersNow my fear for this anime was that it’ll get very  repetitive but it really did not. The story has direction and it keeps you entertained watching the characters grow, especially Fujimiya. The relationship between Fujimiya and Hase was pretty good and incredibly adorable. My personal favorite character in the anime though is Hase’s best friend, Shogo, he is very straightforward to the point where it’s brutal honesty and he usually cuts the bullshit. Shogo is smart and reliable and just felt refreshing to the series. Another character I’ve heard a few complaints about was on Saki, who I actually found to be likable and useful. Saki is there to give Fujimiya more growth and without Saki, Fujimiya wouldn’t of made as much progress as she did. I also have to appreciate how they give Fujimiya a backstory as to the possibility on how her memory loss happens and it’s good but I do wish they focused on it more. But one thing I’m sick of complaining about with a lot of animes is that it doesn’t end properly! One Week Friends basically ends similarly to how it started and it needs a second season.

Grade (Story): B
Grade (Characters): B-

Animations & Sound

The animations for One Week Friends is very soft, colorful and beautiful. All the charactersone-week-friends-animations have a good design to them. The only small flaw is that Hase’s appearance make him appear way more bland than he is because Hase is not very generic so he doesn’t need to look so.

one-weeks-friends-soundThe music is good but didn’t stand out as much in the anime. I do like the opening but it’s not all that amazing but it’s overall pretty decent. The anime is only in subs and the voice acting is spot on. Again with Saki, although I’ve heard a few complaints on how boring her voice sounds and how it seems like the voice actress put no effort into her, I beg to differ. I actually really like Saki’s voice, it fit her in a really unusual and unexpected way. It’s not the typical moe voice but it was a reasonably childish voice matching Saki’s personality.

Grade (Animations): B
Grade (Music): C
Grade (Voice Acting): B


One Week Friends is an enjoyable anime. The characters were likable, it has a good storyone-week-friends-conclusion that made progress along with some beautiful animations and great voice acting. This anime is suited for those who don’t mind more soft-toned and sugar sweet animes and for those who actually care about plot. I grade One Week Friends with a B. It is an interesting anime that you should check out.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. Did you like One Week Friends? Recommend me to an anime or manga to watch and eventually review. I’ll be posting an anime review tomorrow. Till next time 🙂 



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