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Hybrid Child Anime Review


I hate this anime. Fans of this anime may be losing their shit but I don’t mean it seriously. I’ve seen Clannad. I’ve seen Angel Beats. I’ve seen Air. I’ve seen Kanon. I’ve seen Anohana. I have watched A LOT of sad anime and I was left in tears with most of them, making me hate them for that (not really!). So as you all should know, I’m a fan of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and Junjou Romantica, both created by Shungiku Nakamura, the same mangaka who wrote Hybrid Child. When I found out about Hybrid Child I decided to watch it and now as you can tell I’m reviewing it.

Story & Characters

Hybrid Child is neither fully  human or fully machine. It is kind of a doll that can growhybrid-child-story from the love of its owner. Much like Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Hybrid Child follows more than one couple, for this series it’s three couples.

Hybrid Child has dark themes. Each episode is incredibly hybrid-child-charactersemotional but their is this tone of happiness in them too (well kind of) making this anime quite bittersweet. The series is incredibly short considering the manga was only a one shot but each episode is beautiful and unique. Now with Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and Junjou Romantica, I had one couple to complain about but with Hybrid Child, all the couples though never have any resolution, are still all very likable and you can’t help but support each of them.

Grade (Story): B+

Grade (Characters): B

Animations & Sound

Like Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Hybrid Child was animated by Studio Deen hybrid-child-animationsand my God did they step up their game. Hybrid Child’s animations are incredibly stunning. The scenery is always beautiful and colorful and I just love it. My only few problems were design of the chins but at least it’s less distracting and why are the tears so huge?!

The music doesn’t usually stand out but when it does it hybrid-child-soundis beautiful, especially in the last episode. Also the opening gives you this creepy feeling and although it’s not the best opening, it is still good. Of course this anime is only in Japanese and the voice acting is all top-notch. I think all the voice actors did an excellent job at portraying their characters, but no real stand-outs.

Grade (Animations): B+

Grade (Music): B

Grade (Voice Acting): B-


While everyone is arguing that Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is better than Junjou Romantica or vicehybrid-child-conclusion versa, I’m just going to say hands down, Hybrid Child is the best. The couples are better (well better than most couples), the stories are interesting and everything else is just great. It had some flaws like a lack of resolution to each episode but each episode was beautiful and enjoyable. I grade this anime with a B+. I highly recommend this anime to any yaoi fan, it’s only 4 episodes so it’s very quick to get through. If you’re interested in an emotional roller coaster, then look no further than Hybrid Child. The only thing that should stop you from watching Hybrid Child is if you dislike yaoi. Other than that, I recommend it.

So what are your thoughts on Hybrid Child? Did you get emotional watching it? Let me know in the comments. Recommend me to an anime or manga to review. Really wanting to check out some more yaoi so please recommend me to some if you like. Also later I’ll be writing my first DISCUSSION post based on Hybrid Child and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Till next time 🙂



3 thoughts on “Hybrid Child Anime Review

  1. OneWhoDreamz says:

    Please, understand that I do not know how comments work on this website so I may be slightly repetitive.

    Response to “Hybrid Child Anime Review” [NO DISRESPECT/”FLAMES”].
    You mentioned that each episode remained ‘unresolved.’ I can understand how you may have come to that conclusion (when looking at the character relationships). However, I believe this is done on purpose to show how life continues. “There is no true beginning nor end.”

    What I want to add is this: Each episode adds to each other (subtly going deeper into how a single [string] of event[s] connect the lives of others).
    1. Due to the creation of Hybrid Child, anyone who owns the ‘doll’ lives are somehow connected to the creator.
    2. Ichi Seya, A man haunted by taking command in a past war, will not defend himself when confronted/attacked by a person grieving for a lost family member. After an ambush, he mentions to Yuzu (a Hybrid Child) that he should go back to his creator as Seya could only show Yuzu kindness. Seya mentions that Yuzu will be taken good care of because the creator is a good friend of Seya.
    Its the last two episodes that connect Ichi Seya to Kuroda.

    3. Seya, Kuroda, and Tsukishima are three friends. Kuroda shows his two friends his prototype of a ‘doll’ [which resembles Tsukishima] that will grow when shown love. [Eventually the doll will be named “Hybrid Child.”]

    4. War begins. Seya and Kuroda lead troups into battle. Tsukishima stays in the village to act as Minister. The war is lost. Seya will not speak and whatever he saw on the battlefield eventually turns him into the man who won’t defend himself (in episode 2).
    Kuroda loses himself to grief to be pulled out of his trance by the prototype that resembles his dear friend. He ‘disappears’ and continues work on Hybrid Child. When Seya finds Kuroda, Kuroda says he will be fine as many people are wanting “Hybrid Child.” Kuroda (after being accused of living in the past) claims that it is Seya who is stuck [once again referencing episode 2].

    Perhaps you noticed this already. I meant no disrespect. I just believe that the “resolution” you mentioned is actually in the backstory of “Hybrid Child.” (What we saw first was the “resolution” of what happened in the last two episodes…. Hopefully this makes sense.)

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      • OneWhoDreamz says:

        Thank you for your kind complement. It really makes me happy. (I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your response, but, because I do not have an account, I could not give a “Like.”)

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