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Discussion: Onodera and Takano’s Reincarnations

DISCLAIMER: Huge spoilers to Hybrid Child!!! Maybe even some to Sekaiichi Hatsukoi!! Also lots of crying pics to describe my emotions towards this.

Yay, it’s my first discussion post!! I’ve always wanted to make a discussion post but never knew where to start. So if you didn’t know, I said I hated Hybrid Child because it made me cry, though I gave it a B+ grading so calm down I don’t seriously hate the anime. But to make matters worse I came across a certain theory.

Hybrid Child was made by Shungiku Nakamura, same creator of Junjou Romantica andpara-1 Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. So obviously the moment I saw it I noticed Izumi and Hazuki look a lot like Junjou Romantica’s leads, Misaki and Usagi but that’s not the point of this discussion. Hybrid Child is an incredibly emotional anime, its first two couples sure have an emotional story but it pales in comparison to Kuroda and Tsukishima.

para-2So Kuroda and Tsukishima are childhood friends who bicker a lot and it seems they don’t get along but deep down they obviously love each other romantically. After a battle with another clan, Tsukishima’s clan loses and he decides to commit seppuku. Kuroda goes to Tsukishima and they argue only to have a night of passion. Now at this point I thought, “There’s noway Shungiku Nakamura would kill of Tsukishima, right? This is a yaoi anime full of love and passion, right? The couple have to have a happy ending, right? Right?” I was dead wrong. Tsukishima ended up killing himself in honor, leaving Kuroda in a depressing state. Kuroda ends up completing his creation of Hybrid Child, his one looking like a child version of Tsukishima. Then his Hybrid Child talks for the first time quoting and doing something very similar to what Tsukishima did for Kuroda in the previous episode which was basically giving Kuroda a broken branch from a Sakura Tree knowing that he likes flowers, after this Kuroda breaks down into tears admitting he loves Tsukishima, nothing more, nothing less. And after that Kuroda lives his life alone.


Great we got the synopsis of Hybrid Child’s most emotional episode. Now after that episode I was in tears, I don’t remember the last time I’ve cried as much as I did when watching Hybrid Child. Then I ran into a certain theory. This theory was based on how Sekaiichi Hatsukoi’s main couple, Onodera and Takano are the reincarnation of Kuroda and Tsukishima. How did someone come up with that, first off with the obvious, they kind of look alike.


To go into detail, they also related Onodera’s stomach pain to Tsukishima’s seppuku. Also not to mention the constant bickering between Kuroda and Tsukishima along with Kuroda teasing Tsukishima, even though the two are actually in love but never fully admit it to each other is quite similar to Takano and Onodera where they argue a lot, Takano constantly teases Onodera and Onodera’s denial of his feelings toward Takano.

So I thought of it like this, Kuroda and Tsukishima two childhood friends who are secretly in love, one day Tsukishima commits seppuku leaving Kuroda in a depressing state. Years have passed and the two live on as Ritsu Onodera and Masamune Takano (well in high school, Masamune Saga). The two fall in love all over again only to split up all over again leaving them both in a depressing state and after 10 years they find each other again, fall in love again, as if they were destined to be together no matter how many times they’ve been split up.


After all that I was an emotional mess. This theory, I hope its true because it gives me resolve for what Kuroda and Tsukishima could’ve been if Tsukishima were still alive. The two finally have their happiness that they couldn’t have in their first life only to receive in their second life even though in their second life they lose it once. This theory is beautiful and incredibly interesting.


crying more.gif

So what were your thoughts on my very first discussion? Let me know what else to discuss, it could be anything. Thank you for reading. Till next time 🙂


7 thoughts on “Discussion: Onodera and Takano’s Reincarnations

  1. I was looking around for anyone who would be talking about this theory and your thoughts are mine exactly. The fact that no matter how many times they part, they are back together.

    When Takano suffered because Ritsu left him the first time, I thought to myself… this is like Kuroda and Tsukishima again. The fact that Takano had to suffer just like Kuroda, not knowing where Ritsu is or why he left but at least in this lifetime, it is better because Ritsu is still alive. And that can explain why no matter who Takano goes out with, it doesn’t feel right because he was reincarnated to find Ritsu again. To relive the romance Kuroda and Tsukishima had but this time, with a better ending… ^__^

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    • I AM SO GLAD YOU AGREE! 😀 Omg just thinking about the whole theory and everything you added on just makes me remember the OVA and the feels are coming back ahaha.


  2. Erika says:

    Jeah, I agree with your opinion too. It was interesting theory about ritsus stomach ache, good work spotting that! I have come up with these kind of theories: Why ritsu fell in love at first sight: Maybe because he kind of recocniced masamune from his previous life? They fell in love deeply kind of fast, because they recocniced each other? My theories could be wrong too 😀 And ritsus name means commandment or law -> kind of opvious cause he was commander of his clan in his previous life and same with takano. Masamune means coverment or that kind of stuff which prefers that he was also in high position of clan. Also tsukishima was only son of a big and important clan -> ritsu is only son of an big publishing company. Kuroda had unic talent -> Takano have unic talent too. Creation.
    Onoderas and takanos story begin with spring and cherry leaves -> tsukishima and kuroda had their own importance about the cherry leaves.
    Takanos opsession of confession and confessing?
    Their fear about losing each other. It’s nice to search little hints everywhere that would support this theory.
    What do you think?
    I think it would be wonderfull if sensei have decided to give these two their happy ending in different story and circustamses.

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  3. A simple woman says:

    I am about to cry while reading the comments. When I found out about the stomach ache I was shocked. There are too concidences but I think Nakamura won´t admit it. In fact, I read this manga four years ago (approximately) and I have not overcome it. I thought I had done it but when I watched the OVAS the wound returned.

    I don´t know if it is true but I want to believe. I would be happy.

    Because THIS IS LOVE 😀

    PD: Sorry for the possible mistakes, I am Spanish ñ.ñ

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