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Super Lovers Anime Review

Before I go on to this review which I was supposed to post over a month ago (opps..), I’d like to announce a bunch of reviews I’m posting on December 24th, 25th, 27th, 28th, 30th, 31st, January 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th. These reviews are a promise and I’m so excited for them all.


Now I’m a newbee when it comes to yaoi. Before Super Lovers, the only yaoi anime I’ve seen is Junjou Romantica. I’ve read some yaoi manga but that’s it. But regardless whenever I’m presented to the yaoi genre I feel excited because I’ve grown to have a soft spot for it. However, the one thing I struggle to enjoy is incest. So how I would end up feeling about Super Lovers is very uncertain leading us to this review.

Story & Characters

Haru visits Canada to spend his summer vacation with his mother, Haruko who trickedsuper-lovers-story
him into believing she’s on the verge of death just so he could come by and take care of her “new puppy” who is actually a boy she adopted named Ren who is incredibly anti-social and doesn’t trust anybody. Haru has to civilize Ren until the end of summer. Through all the struggles when dealing with Ren,  the two build an incredibly strong bond. When coming back to Japan, Haru gets in an accident that kills his dad and step-mother, in result causing Haru to forget that summer. Five years later, Ren comes to Japan and claims that “Haru” is his new brother.

Now I’ve always felt uneasy with this anime because from episode 1 it hinted a romantic super-lovers-charactersrelationship between Haru and Ren and the thing is Ren was 8 and Haru was 16, so of course that was a little weird but I got over that considering some of my favorite couples have an even larger age gap. However, I ranted about this with KissxSis and I’ll repeat myself again, it doesn’t matter if you’re not blood related you’re still siblings by law! I’m very weird about Haru and Ren’s romantic relationship but I can get over it because at least they had a good bond (unlike the main trio in KissxSis). I did like the other characters because they felt relevant but not too relevant to the story that they take the attention away from the main couple which is what their role is as the supporting cast. I liked the story overall and I’m still interested in Ren’s backstory which still hasn’t been explained. But my one problem is that the time skips are way too big and sudden.

Grade (Story): C+

Grade (Characters): B-

Animation & Sound

The animations is pretty well done and is quite beautiful. I liked it’s bright colors andsuper-lovers-animation during the animes more darker moment, the colours are more darker, obviously. But there is definitely something about this anime that is so beautiful and so vivid. The character designs were all well done but to be honest their are no stand-out character designs for me to mention.

The music in this anime really doesn’t stand out.. at all. I don’t remember any songs, I super-lovers-sounddon’t remember the opening or ending songs. It was nothing remarkable. Considering it was only made this year, the anime can only be viewed in subtitles and the Japanese cast is very good. My personal favorite performance is by Junko Minagawa who’s does the voice of Ren. It is expected a girl would voice Ren considering he started off as a child and is only 16 but she still did a good job at making him sound like a guy but not too mature.

Grade (Animations): B+

Grade (Music): C-

Grade (Voice Acting): B


Do I like Super Lovers? Well, yes. Though I am still a bit uncomfortable with the incest, I super-lovers-conclusiondo like Super Lovers. Haru and Ren do have a good romantic relationship, I just can’t deny it. The two find themselves in one another and just seem to find comfort which I find beautiful. I liked the supporting cast, the story was good and the characters were all interesting. The anime has a lot going for it and I hope it gets a second season. This anime gets a B-. I recommend anyone who  likes the yaoi genre to check out this anime. It is enjoyable and has an interesting story with an interesting romance. If you can look past an incestuous relationship and you like yaoi, then definitely check out Super Lovers.

Thank you for reading my review, please share your thoughts on this anime in the comments, do you like it? Do you you hate? I will gladly read your comments. Please recommend me an anime to review in the future or a manga to review. Also I would love to be recommended to more yaoi manga and anime. Till next time 🙂



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