Shimoneta Anime Review


Sex jokes are not uncommon in the media, especially in anime. We see it in comedies, romance heck even in children movies it is hidden in. The people who created this series must of though to themselves, “lets create a whole entire series based off sex”. It’s ridiculous and can turn people off but this entire concept is actually incredibly clever.

Story & Characters

For over a decade Japan has had the healthiest public morals by banning anything sexual shimoneta-storyfrom sex jokes, lewd material or even banning dirty words. We follow our main protagonist, Tanukichi Okuma, who is a high school boy who just wants to be a wholesome and pure teenager but his father went to jail for trying to make anything related to sex legal. Okuma joins the Student Council working with his role model who he kind of has a crush on, Anna Nishikinomiya to keep Japan’s pure public morals going and stopping “terrorists” who are spreading around sexual material and are trying to educate the students on it. One of the student council members, Ayame Kajou approaches Okuma and is actually secretly an infamous “terrorist” named, Blue Snow and asks him to join her in her group called SOX.

    This anime has actually got me thinking heavily on sex education. Banning sex education is actually a bad thing to do for what it does for future generations and how it affects the uneducated teenagers heck even adults who don’t understand anything. We see shimoneta-charactershow sex is illegal and what it does for society, making people confuse their feelings between love and lust and well I don’t understand how anybody could reproduce without it. Shimoneta’s comedy is incredibly vulgar, shocking but absolutely brilliant and hilarious, the flaw however is the anime relies so heavily on it’s sexual and vulgar humor that it loses its affect and no longer becomes as funny. I also found the last few episodes to be less interesting. The characters are all a perfect fit for this anime, each being unique and interesting. The relationship between Okuma and Ayame is incredibly well-balanced and they compliment each other beautifully Okuma being the voice of reason who pretends he doesn’t like the concept of sex and Ayame being the hardcore one who constantly makes sex jokes and most of the humor comes from her. I also liked all the other characters but I don’t know how I feel about the character of Anna. Anna starts of sweet, pure and gentle but is a badass when serious but after a twist in the anime… lets just say she becomes a perfect example as to why sex should be discussed… Anyway my reasoning to why I don’t know how I feel about Anna is because I don’t dislike her but every time her character appears I feel a bit disturbed but I do kind of like her at the same time. With the character Saotome, I really wish they discussed more about her crush because they bring it up and then it’s completely forgotten. Lastly the anime NEEDS a second season!! (But I understand why it shouldn’t have one at the same time..)

Grade (Story): B

Grade (Characters): B

Animations & Sound

The animations are done by JC Staff and they did a fantastic job. However the censorshipshimoneta-animation in the anime annoys me despite the fact I watched it uncensored it still has censorship. I also love all the character designs especially for Ayame because you know I love characters with long black hair. The openings and endings are both very catchy and memorable, I even mentioned the opening before I’ve watched the anime and I don’t need to explain how good it is. I never noticed much of the OST though.

shimoneta-soundThe anime is not yet dubbed however one has been announced by Funimation and all the voice actors have been announced and I will do a review on that. The Japanese voice acting is superb especially giving credit to Shizuka Ishigami as Ayame and Miyu Matsuki as Anna because their lines must be hard to say without laughing out loud. Unfortunately again I can understand why Shimoneta wouldn’t be getting a second season, considering Miyu Matsuki died almost a year ago (she died October 27) and Anna was one of her last roles and though I haven’t heard her voice in much animes, I really think she’s a great voice actress with her role as Anna alone.

Grade (Animations): B

Grade (Music): B-

Grade (Voice Acting): B+


I overall really enjoyed Shimoneta. Yes the last few episodes weren’t that good and it’s shimoneta-conclusionhumor lost its sensation, the whole anime is hilarious and a lot of fun to watch. I liked its characters, animations, music, voice acting and especially its premise. I overall grade this anime with a B. I highly recommend giving Shimoneta a shot especially if you enjoy comedies.

Thanks for reading my review, share you opinions on this anime, recommend me to any animes to watch and review or any manga to read and review. Till next time 🙂



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