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Inari Konkon Koi Iroha Anime Review


If you didn’t know, I live in Australia and finding anime here is…. well… frustrating. Anime in Australia are only sold in a few shops with the exception of Pokemon which is very easy to get. The thing is though most anime series on average cost $55 with the exceptions of those animes that are $10 cheaper. I don’t know about other places if it’s the same price or cheaper. But why it annoys me so much with anime costing over $55 is that I always have to buy something else and I can’t own the anime I want. So what I usually do is I go to the stores that sell anime and check what they have. So one day I did so and found this anime which looked cute and read its story and as I stated in my last review, I’m especially a fan of the cliche shy girl + popular boy love story which I thought this anime would be because of how the back of the DVD described it.

Story & Characters

Our main protagonist, Inari Fushimi has a crush on her classmate, the cheerful and inari-storyhardworking, Kouji Tanbabashi but is too shy to express her feelings. One day when running late to school, Inari finds a fox pup falling into the river and she saves it. Inari notices Sumizome who can talk to Tanbabashi easily and think Tanbabashi likes her, Inari becomes envious and goes to the Inari Shrine calling out to the gods and is lead by fox spirits to the goddess of the Inari Shrine, Uka-no-Mitami-no-Kami (Uka for short). Uka being thankful to Inari for saving the fox pup, which is actually a familiar named Kon and Uka is willing to grant her one wish and Inari wishes she could be Sumizome and she literally becomes Sumizome which is not what Inari intended. Uka changes Inari back to herself but gives her a bit of her divine power, allowing Inari to transform into anyone.

inari-charactersI walked into this anime expecting it to be a rom-com but the anime is such a tease! The problem is the anime tries to focus on one aspect of the story and completely tries to focus on another aspect making the plot a little messy. However the anime was strongly focusing on Inari and Uka’s friendship which was incredibly beautiful but without spoiling anything the anime resolves everything perfectly with its main focus on Uka and Inari’s friendship but fails with everything else. You’re probably thinking I hate this anime but I don’t, the anime has quite an interesting story with many interesting episodes and a few funny episodes (mainly ones that revolve around Uka’s brother). I like the romance despite it being A TEASE! I like Inari and Tanbabashi’s relationship and how it grew but honestly I’m more interested in Uka and Inari’s brother, Touka, I mean I ADORE there relationship and I hope they’ll get together. The main cast is all very well developed and they’re all very likable. The supporting cast are very likable too but are under-developed despite Sumizome, Chika and Keiko all getting two episodes all together revolving around them.

Grade (Story): B-

Grade (Characters): B

Animations & Sound

The animations are GORGEOUS. Like I said, I was lured into this anime from how cute itinari-animations looks. The characters are all very well designed and they all look adorable. Personally, I favored the character design for Uka, I mean she’s so beautiful. The music in the anime didn’t stand out. I didn’t pay too much attention to the opening and the same goes for the ending. The voice acting is all in Japanese and they all did a good job but honestly none of them really stood out. A small problem I have is with the foxes in that one episode…

Grade (Animation): B

Grade (Music): C-

Voice Acting: C+


Honestly I think I would’ve liked this anime A LOT more if I weren’t expecting it to be inari-conclusionheavily in the rom-com genre. Regardless I still really like this anime. It’s cute, the story is interesting, has good comedic moments, the characters are all very likable and the animation and voice acting are good. I grade this anime with a B-. I recommend this to everybody to try out at least.

Thank you for reading my review, I’ll be making a review tomorrow and Monday, share your thoughts on the anime in the comments I’ll gladly read it, give me a recommendation to any anime or manga to watch and review. Till next time 🙂



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