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Kimi ni Todoke Anime Review


One of my favorite genres in anime and manga is romantic comedies, particularly shoujo. My favorite types of stories revolve around the romance between the shy girl and popular boy, it’s cliche but being shy myself it’s easy to relate. Kimi ni Todoke is everything I mentioned so you’d expect me to be in love with this anime, right? Well that’s why I’m reviewing the anime I completed in 2013, to share my thoughts.

Story & Characters

Sawako Kuronuma is mistaken by her classmates for the ghost in The Ring, Sadako and kimi-ni-todoke-storybecause of this people continue to spread rumors that she can see ghost and place curses when really Sawako is just an innocent and nice girl who is incredibly shy. One day, the popular nice guy, Kazehaya approaches Sawako and asks for help and unlike everyone who apologizes to Sawako out of fear when she helps them, Kazehaya thanks her with a cheerful smile. After many interactions between the two, Sawako begins to make friends, learns new things and slowly but surely develops romantic feelings for Kazehaya.

Kimi ni Todoke’s plot in both seasons revolves around Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship but also has time to develop its supporting cast. The anime does rely heavily on character development to continue the story so it’s difficult to discuss the plot without involving the characters. Nearly all episodes revolve around the characters, making the pacing well done. But Kimi ni Todoke has its fair share of episodes that revolve around slice-of-life kind of situations, which I always found enjoyable. The comedy is always coming from either Ayane, Chizuru or Pin who are probably the best characters in the anime. I like most of the characters in Kimi ni Todoke and found them all entertaining. The romance between Sawako and Kazehaya is cute and incredibly pure but to be honest I never understood why it takes so long for them to get together and lets face it you knew they would get together so I’m not spoiling anything. Also I will say it Sawako is so adorable and I loved watching her grow as a character and experiencing new things.

The frustrating thing is how the anime creates drama, it’s far too dramatic and can easily kimi-ni-todoke-charactersbe solved. I also hate episode 16 which is a recap episode and I really hate it when an anime has a recap episode because it is so POINTLESS! I also wish we had more Ryu moments considering he is such a great character. Even though he appeared only in Season 2, Kent still needs more moments because in the manga he was so fascinating but in the anime… not really. There is one character I’m not too fond which is Kazehaya, Kazehaya is kind of bland and kind of boring, like sure his a nice guy but he still wasn’t interesting. Finally despite having TWO SEASONS and keep in mind most animes aren’t that lucky to get a second season but this anime was lucky enough, yet it still manages to end with a “read the manga” ending and the anime needs a third season.

Grade (Story): C+

Grade (Characters): B

Animation & Sound

Kimi ni Todoke is simple yet adorable in appearance. It’s something worth appreciating kimi-ni-todoke-animationbecause of how cute and innocent it looks. The character designs are well done, especially Sawako, if you didn’t know I love characters who have long and straight black hair because they are usually gorgous. The music is memorable and beautiful, this is mainly aimed at the OST and second ending which are probably the best parts of the music in this anime. I also really like the first opening which just fits in with the animes soft nature. But basically every song in this anime is fitting and beautiful.

kimi-ni-todoke-soundThe anime has no English dub which is quite unfortunate because I’m curious to see how this anime will turn out in English. But the Japanese voice acting is near perfect. We have Mamiko Noto who has voiced many shy girls in anime for example Yakumo from School Rumble and her performance as Sawako is unforgettable. Daisuke Namikawa plays Kazehaya and now that’s who I remember him for. Miyuki Sawashiro plays Ayane, Yuko Sanpei plays Chizuru, Yuichi Nakamura plays Ryu, Yuki Ono plays Pin, Aya Hirano plays Kurumi and MAMORU MIYANO plays Kent and if you haven’t read my previous reviews or just any of my posts where I mention Mamoru Miyano, basically I believe he is the god of voice acting. But I’m not going to lie Mamoru Miyano as Kent is probably my least favorite performance but it was still really good.

Grade (Animation): B+

Grade (Music): B+

Grade (Voice Acting) B+


Kimi ni Todoke is a really good anime but is definitely not my favorite in the romance kimi-ni-todoke-conclusiongenre or even shojo and I can think of better series revolving around the shy girl x popular boy trope. But I cannot deny I really did enjoy Kimi ni Todoke which is why I’m up to date to the manga. I have problems with this anime but there is a lot things I love about this anime. I give the anime a B, though the animation, music and voice acting made up for so much it isn’t enough to give it a higher grade but I did enjoy the story and I really like the characters who were all charming and likable. I recommend this anime if you really are a sucker for romance series or just love shojo anime, it is worth checking out.

Thank you for reading my review, share your opinion on the anime in the comments I’ll gladly read them, recommend me to review any anime or manga and expect more reviews to come this week. Till next time 🙂


7 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke Anime Review

  1. I was surprised when I didn’t really enjoy this anime when so many people love it. I concluded to myself it was because I usually prefer shoujo manga over shoujo anime but kimi ni todoke was really slow and dramatic even though like you said, could have been easily solved. I liked the characters though.

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      • the manga is great in my personal opinion but at some point it gets very slow. The drama remains present even after the point the anime ends but it tones down much later. So if you don’t like the anime because of the drama and slow pacing you won’t like the manga either, if anything I found the pacing in the manga after the 70s-80s chapters VERY slow (though I’m still willing to read it)

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      • I see. I might still try the manga one day just to see because I do really enjoy shoujo manga. It’s been a long time since I watched Kimi ni Todoke, so who knows. Perhaps not anytime soon though.

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  2. I loved this anime and it is one of my favourite romances though I agree that Kazehaya is a little bit bland and that we definitely need more Ryu moments in the anime. I’m not big on romance but I just find Kazehaya and Sawako a really sweet couple and I just found myself wanting them to get together. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

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