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Ookami Shoujo to Kuro-Ouji (Wolf Girl and Black Prince) Live Action Rant

Before I go on with the rant, between the 3rd-10th of this month, I’ll be posting 4 anime review.

Anyway if you didn’t know Wolf Girl and Black Prince is one of those anime where I’ve completed the manga first (so far considering it’s ongoing) and watched the anime. I’m a fan of both the anime and manga and when I saw a trailer to its live action movie, as you’d expect I was very excited. But… after I watched… most of the movie, I am so bloody annoyed and disappointed.

Disclaimer: Spoilers to both the live action and anime!!!!!!!

Before I bitch about this live action remake I will give it some credit. The acting is pretty good (though I’m a bad judge of acting), they portrayed Kyoya perfectly which I absolutely love because if you didn’t know I have a crush on Kyoya, they have more Sanda which is A-MA-ZING! The music is really good  and I like the way they changed the scene where Erika is trying to take a picture of Kyoya.

But here’s the things I hate… first off who the fuck is Nanase?

nanase I was so confused when I saw this like what reason is there to have this Nanase girl? Why can’t we just stick to Erika, Marin and Tezuka? And the weird part is that she doesn’t appear after this scene. In this scene it’s after Erika’s friends find out that Kyoya is Erika’s “boyfriend” and decide to laugh at him for his “BDSM fetish” and Erika is like “aww shit what do I do?!” and Kyoya admits it, now in the anime as Kyoya admits it and threatens MARIN, in the live-action however, Kyoya admits it threatening this Nanase chic… wtf? And after that scene Nanase disappears from the movie, like we see Marin and Tezuka but not Nanase. It’s weird because even through Erika’s messages with the girls when Erika’s like “aww Tezuka is overseas with her boyfriend for the summer and Marin is doing something with her boyfriend”, Nanase wasn’t even mentioned… wtf! Also what happened to their fourth friend who’s completely unknown and disappears after discovering Kyoya and Erika are “dating”? Like why do we need so many extras in this friendship group?

That’s not even the worst part, like I can let that slide. What pissed me off and made me dislike this series after it happened… Now in the anime and manga there is a character named Kimura


Remember him? He is the guy Erika has a crush on in episode 2. He lead Erika on because he believed Erika was actually Kyoya’s girlfriend and wanted revenge on Kyoya because his girlfriend dumped him because she likes Kyoya which we discover after Erika tells Kimura that she actually likes him and her and Kyoya aren’t actually dating and he breaks Erika’s heart and Kimura says hurtful things to her and Kyoya punches him… Yeah he’s not in the live-action. “Why does this matter? He’s not even an important character” you’re asking. You’re right, it doesn’t actually matter but why I’m ranting about it is that instead of Kimura, they replace him with Kamiya…

You know Kamiya he becomes a reoccurring supporting character, he’s the guy who use to play around with girls and has fun and tries to convince Kyoya to not settle for Erika but eventually Kamiya stops after Kyoya’s influence. This got me so mad but I was willing to let it slide if they didn’t try throw in Kamiya’s arc of being a playboy but they did! This pisses me off because Kimura and Kamiya are two different characters, we’re suppose to dislike Kimura and grow to like Kamiya, you can’t just put them into one character! And the worst part is everything happens at THE WRONG TIME which is the live-actions worst point, TIMING!

Now the order of the anime is this: Kyoya and Erika’s “relationship” begins, then Kimura comes into the picture, then Kyoya is sick and Erika takes care of him, then Erika eventually admits to liking Kyoya but Kyoya being Kyoya doesn’t reciprocate (sort of), then Erika gets Takeru to help her, then it’s Christmas, then Kusakabe comes in and Erika decides to give up on Kyoya and they basically avoid each other, then Kyoya comes to terms he likes Erika and Erika realizes she can’t like Kusakabe and will always like Kyoya, then of course Erika and Kyoya start to officially date, then Kamiya comes in, and then we meet Kyoya’s sister who’s surprised Kyoya is serious about someone, and then we meet Kyoya’s mother in Kobe and then it’s Erika’s birthday. The timing for everything is perfect but the live-action fucked up, in live-action it’s this: Kyoya and Erika’s “relationship” begins, then KAMIYA comes in to steal Erika’s heart, then Kamiya tells Kyoya to team up with him when playing with women and Kyoya rejects him, then Kyoya gets sick and Erika takes care of him, then they go on a date for the summer to show off to Marin and Tezuka (even though that was suppose to be for Christmas but whatever), then Erika admits to liking Kyoya and Kyoya doesn’t reciprocate, then Kyoya’s sister comes in and Erika asks for her help and then they have this food contest.. I stopped watching at that point but you see what I mean! It doesn’t make sense why everything is all forced in so early, it makes no sense why Kyoya’s sister is there so early in the movie and why Kamiya is even a character when he is suppose to be convincing Kyoya to join him AFTER Kyoya and Erika get together and not before and I skipped through the movie to check the end and I know Kyoya and Erika get together in the end of the movie which makes Kamiya pointless.

And basically my other problems which aren’t as major is that Erika doesn’t seem like Erika… Erika in the manga and anime is cheerful, energetic and a liar but in the live-action she’s just a generic female protagonist which is an even bigger problem because it ruins what I love about Kyoya and Erika’s relationship which is how the contrast each other perfectly and in the movie though they nailed Kyoya’s personality perfectly, they didn’t do the same with Erika. Also I don’t like the lack of Takeru in this movie like he was just there.

But of course I shouldn’t be too harsh on this movie I mean I stopped 1 hour, the movie could’ve redeemed itself but I was so done with the movies bullshit and dropped it. But lets face it, me being me will probably go back to check out the last 50 minutes of the movie out of curiosity. But in the meantime I don’t like this movie and I really wish it could’ve been something great. Maybe I’m being too picky as a fan of the manga and anime and I’m not looking at the series from a different perspective but again I usually let those things slide, I enjoyed Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai’s live action despite the huge difference to the manga. So yeah, I don’t like this movie… Enough said.

Thank you for reading this LOOONNGG rant! Share your opinions on this movie would love to hear, suggest some animes for me to watch or mangas for me to read. Till next time 🙂


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