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Chibi’s Top 10 Husbandos

DISCLAIMER: Fangirling!!!!


We all find ourselves obsessing over attractive anime characters and claim they’re our waifus/husbandos. Believe it or not, I don’t usually feel attracted to an anime character until a month-a year after watching the anime but I’m still a fangirl when it comes to beautiful anime boys so here is my list.


  • This is my list so my opinions
  • Spoilers (possibly)

Honorable Mentions

Renji Abarai (Bleach)


Laito Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)


Zange Natsume (InuxBoku SS)


10. Shou Fuwa (Skip Beat!)

This is only really a recent crush, I last watched Skip Beat two years ago… Anyway, I foundshou-fuwa
myself liking Shou after my Top 10 Likable Assholes in Anime list and just look at him in Prisoner (just look at the gif) he’s beautiful. But my God he is an asshole but he has great interactions with Kyoko that it makes him likable and he just makes me laugh. Did I forget to mention Mamoru Miyano does his voice and my lord it is fantastic.

9. Edgar J. C. Ashenbert (Earl and Fairy)

Despite Raven being my favorite in the anime, I still like Edgar as a husbando. This is aedgar
crush that has died down a bit considering I was in love with Edgar from the moment he was introduced but after some time it calmed down. However I still like Edgar till this day because he is so charming and beautiful. Everything about Edgar stole my heart and I know if I were to rewatch Earl and Fairy my inner fangirl will come out.

8. The Iwatobi Swim Club and Rin (Free!)

Usually I would choose one character from the anime but Free is an exception. I like all ofiwatobi-swim-club-and-rin these boys, I mean at first I liked Haru the most then Rei then Makoto then Nagisa then Rin and now I’m just choosing all of them. I mean they all have different personalities and all of them have traits I want in a boyfriend. Not to mention they’re all hot.

7. Tamaki Suoh (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

I was struggling to choose out of the Host Club, I would go for all of them but I had totamaki-suoh
choose one. I chose Tamaki because he stood out the most and he made me laugh. I find him the most relatable too and he is just so adorable. Tamaki had the greatest backstory in the anime too so just made him all the more enjoyable.

6. George Koizumi (Paradise Kiss)

George’s charismatic, polite and caring personality just takes me away. He may be a bit ofgeorge-koizumi
an ass but the way he encourages Yukari to improve just makes him all the more likable. He has beautiful eyes and stunning taste in clothes too. He is just a great and likable character and my attraction to his personality made me choose him as my husbando.

5. Yamato Kurosawa (Suki tte Iinayo)

Yamato is no doubt one of the most attractive anime characters out there not to mentionyamato-kurosawa
his personality is perfect. Yamato is basically a dream boyfriend, he barely has any flaws. What makes him so much more believable though is his backstory seeing how he blended in the crowd and didn’t hang out with his best friend Kai at school but would hang out somewhere they can’t be seen together and he regrets this. The thing is he is too perfect so I can’t put him higher on the list especially because I adore his relationship with Mei too much to want him for myself.

4. Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)

 When I started Inuyasha I hated Sesshomaru because he was such an asshole. Now evensesshomaru
though Inuyasha is my favorite Sesshomaru is my husbando. Sesshomaru became likable after Rin came in and the relationship he built with her which showed a gentle side to him and made him build as a character. Not to mention Sesshomaru is just beautiful and he is a badass demon who doesn’t need a sword to fight when he has poisonous claws.

3. Vegeta (Dragon Ball franchise)

I haven’t actually watched the Dragon Ball franchise, all my knowledge of Vegeta comesvegeta
from my cousin, Team Four Star’s Abridged series and the movie Battle of the Gods. Vegeta’s asshole personality in the Abridged series weirdly attracted me after some time and apparently his personality in the Abridged series isn’t much different to his personality in the original franchise only exaggerated. In Battle of the Gods I loved him more when he tried protecting earth from Beerus and the scene when Beerus slapped Bulma, oh my god he flipped and that just makes me love him more. Vegeta is not only the prince of all saiyans but my prince.

2. Kyoya Sata (Wolf Girl and Black Prince)

I really wanted to hate Kyoya but I couldn’t. Kyoya is just beautiful and I felt myselfkyoya-sata
relating to him a little bit. Kyoya is a unique character and is the king of tsunderes, he is literally the only tsundere I ever had a crush on. His love for dogs just make him more adorable. Not to mention he is mint in the opening. Everything good I said about Kyoya I’ve already said before so yeah no surprise he’s on this list.

1. Sebastian Michaelis

Like any other girl who has seen Black Butler, I’m in love with Sebastian.sebastian-michaelis I will explain my
reasonings in a different list and I’ll add a link below.

20 Reasons Why I Love Sebastian Michaelis

So do any of you also like any of this boys I listed. Who are you husbandos/waifus? Also how many of these guys are voiced by Mamoru Miyano? 

Till Next Time 🙂


4 thoughts on “Chibi’s Top 10 Husbandos

  1. I’m probably one of the rare girls that has seen Black Butler and am not in love with Sebastian. I’m not entirely sure why because he is extremely good looking and completely capable and has black hair and is a demon.

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