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20 Reasons Why I Love Sebastian Michaelis


The inner fangirl is out and is ready to go on about Sebastian Michaelis. You may agree or disagree but this is all my opinion as to why I love Sebastian Michaelis.

1. His Black Hair


If you didn’t know I love black hair (especially when it’s straight).

2. His Eyes


Whether he’s normal or being a badass demon, Sebastian’s red eyes are just beautiful.

3. His Smile


Regular or an evil grin, Sebastian’s smile is precious.

4. He Has a Catchphrase

one hell of a butler

5. He Has a British Accent


Just listen to Sebastian talk. Seriously I just love British accents.

6. He is Voiced by J. Michael Tatum

j michael tatum

J. Michael Tatum is one of my favorite voice actors, a character voiced by him makes the character more enjoyable.

7. He Can Sing

Just listen to this, seriously.

8. He Wears Black

black butler

Black clothing is fantastic so of course this is a bonus for me.

9. He Still Looks Hot in Pink

pink hat

Only you Bassy, only you.

10. He Also Looks Good With a Deer on His Head


“I am simply one hell of a deer”

11. He Knows His Hot


12. He Has a Soft Spot for Cats


I’m more of dog person but this is adorable to watch.

13. Black Nails

black nails

I love black nails so definite bonus!

14. He Has a Pentagram on his Hand


This just looks cool.

15. His True Form Involves Heels

stripper heels

This is great but kind of makes me sad too, Sebastian looks like he has an easier time walking in those heels than I do in heels.

16. He Uses Kitchenware as Weapons


Dinner knives, plates, forks, Sebastian uses those as a weapon and looks awesome doing so.

17. He is a Badass


Sebastian is fast, efficient and awesome making him a badass.

18. He Can do Anything

he can do anything

He can cook, clean, play the violin, sing and do so much more.

19. He is Dedicated

he is dedicated

As a butler towards his master he’s dedicated.

20. He is a Demon


Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “20 Reasons Why I Love Sebastian Michaelis

  1. He is amazing. But, my favourite part about him is that if he can’t do something he learns. For example the curry cooking competiton. He didn’t just get it right the first time. Then in season 2 we see that he couldn’t cook food that tasted good at all in the beginning because he didn’t understand human taste. I think that part of him makes him even more fantastic. Thanks for sharing this list.

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