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InuxBoku SS Anime Review


Another review that was voted for a long time ago… I’ve been a bit slack but I can’t promise I’ll be more productive with my blog so I apologize. Anyway InuxBoku SS is an anime I completed in 2014 and I’ll gladly give out my full opinion on the anime despite it being on my Top 10 Best Animes I’ve Watched 2014.


The apartment building called Maisen de Ayakashi or Ayakashikan is rumored to be inu x boku storyhaunted when it is actually a highly secured place for beings with demon ancestors, or yokai who are guarded with their own SS (Secret Service) bodyguard. The story follows Ririchiyo Shirakiin who acts tough and cold but is really a shy and gentle person. She moves to Ayakashikan for some quiet but instead is given a bodyguard, Soushi Miketsukami.

The only way you can enjoy InuxBoku is by looking at it for its comedy and fan-service. The story is good, I did enjoy the more darker elements and the comedy balanced it very well. However if you’re hoping for a supernatural themed anime, InuxBoku is not what you’re looking for. It is a good anime but as a supernatural anime, it fails. There is barely anything supernatural and could easily be looked at as a typical romantic-comedy. The romance however is very good and is probably one of InuxBoku’s best points along with the comedy. The anime can come off as slow and boring for some of you even though this is a 12-episode anime, but the pacing never got to me surprisingly but I know for a lot of people this put them off.

Grading: C+


 The characters are definitely the animes strongest points. Ririchiyo Shirakiin is our main inu x boku charactersfemale protagonist, she may come off as cold and snobby but she is actually a very shy and gentle girl who is just really bad at expressing her feelings. To compliment yet relate to her is Soushi Miketsukami. Miketsukami (I’m literally the only one who doesn’t call him Soushi) is very polite and friendly though has a very dark past that’ll actually make you understand why he is so dedicated to Ririchiyo. The one thing I love about Ririchiyo and Miketsukami is both of them are broken people and that’s why they work so well together. They were listed as my number 3 favourite couple so obviously I adore their relationship.

The side characters are all very unique and incredibly enjoyable to watch. We had Nobara Yukinokoji who is a lesbian Elsa, she is a big sister type of character pretty much. Nobara is the SS agent for Rensho Sorinozuka who she treats like shit but they have this bond that I really like. Sorinozuka is a very laid-back and lazy but he is a big brother figure to Ririchiyo considering they’ve known each other since childhood. We also have Karuta Roromiya who is one of the most adorable anime characters, she is a very sweet girl, who seems a bit airheaded but is actually quite clever and a badass, her whole character is also summed up on how much she likes to eat I mean her character song is based on food. Karuta’s childhood friend is Banri Watanuki and I ship the two. Watanuki is a wannabe deliquent, he is short-tempered and acts tough but is really much more gentle. Watanuki’s SS agent is Zange Natsume who is incredibly cheerful and is quite nosy and meddlesome but his intentions are good. Lastly the funniest character in the series who is Karuta’s master, Kagerou Shoukiin, who’s whole character is summed up by how sadistic, straightforward and narcissistic he is and the whole point of his character is to judge everybody and everything between sadist and masochist, his character song is even about that. The other side characters were all unique and enjoyable but didn’t stand out as much. The problem with the side characters that I’ve mentioned is most of them can get quite tiresome considering InuxBoku is more of a slice-of-life and we are provided with a lot of comedy from these characters but the comedy can get quite old and these side characters just don’t have as much purpose as they should. The only character that’ll never get tiresome is Kagerou considering he only appears a few times in the series and he is just hilarious.

Grade: B-


I must give high praises to the anime’s art style, especially in the opening, I mean the inu x boku animationartwork is just fantastic. The animation is absolutely beautiful from the action sequences (although their isn’t much action) to the more dramatic moments to the regular comedy scenes. It goes from absolutely stunning to simple and that’s what I love about this anime. Furthermore I adore the character designs especially for Ririchiyo.

Grade: B+


Inu x Boku has excellent music, from its opening to its endings to its OST. It has one of inu x boku soundthose background music that just stand out and creates so much emotion to the scene. The opening song is fantastic and memorable, my brother loves the opening and will never let me skip it when I was watching it with him and the thing is he doesn’t listen to much Japanese music so that’s something. All the ending songs were really good and matched the characters, my favourite is really hard to choose though considering I like them all equally.

InuxBoku is the only anime I watched in both Japanese and English. When I first watched this anime, I watched episodes 1,3,5,7,9 and 11 in Japanese and episodes 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 in English. The reason is because both versions are equally as good and it was hard to choose because Mamoru Miyano and Monica Rial were in it. So really both versions are really up to you. Both Hilary Haag and Rina Hidaka did a fantastic job as Ririchiyo, though Chris Patton’s voice acting as Miketsukami was a bit hushy he still did a good performance and although I feel Yuichi Nakamura’s voice is a little too deep for Miketsukami it still worked really well and he did a great performance. Yoshimasa Hosoya and David Wald did really good as Sorinozuka, Yoko Hikasa and Shelley Calene-Black did a fantastic job as Nobara. Both Tomokazu Sugita and David Matranga did really well as Kagerou, Takuya Eguchi and Greg Ayres did really well as Watanuki. Finally I must mention, Mamoru Miyano vs Blake Shephard as Natsume and Kana Hanazawa vs Monica Rial as Karuta. Mamoru Miyano did the better performance as Natsume even so Blake Shephard still did a really good job as, probably one of his better performances. Monica Rial and Kana Hanazawa did an equally fantastic job as Karuta. One tiny flaw with the dub though is that Sentai Filmworks really needs to understand Brittany Karbowski can’t do moe characters seriously. But this anime is Sentai Filmworks best dub.

Grade (Music): B+

Grade (Voice Acting): B+


Overall InuxBoku SS is a great anime. It is a great comedy with some great romance and inu x boku conclusionsome deep stories too but its flaw is that it is suppose to be a supernatural series but their isn’t much of that going on. The anime has fantastic characters although they can get tiresome for some people. The animation is great along with its fantastic art style and the music is just beautiful and it has some of the best voice acting. It is a great anime for fangirl type of audience and is a good anime for those of you who just want a comedy, slice-of-life series. I grade InuxBoku SS with a B.


Kamisama Kiss (Kamisama Hajimemashita)

Both attract a very similar audience with its supernatural elements, adorable master-kamisama kissservant relationship and cute boys with unusual features Miketsukami’s being his eyes and Kamisama Kiss’ Tomoe’s animal ears. The female protagonists are very different though and the guy lead’s personalities are very different but if you enjoy one anime you will most likely enjoy the other.

Fruits Basket

Weirdly these two animes are quite similar. Fruits Basket and InuxBoku have a similar style both being comedy animes with darker tones around it. Unlike InuxBoku, Fruits Basket is and is suppose to be more light-hearted whereas InuxBoku is suppose to be darker than it actually is. Not to mention change both Tohru and Kyo’s relationship is somewhat similar to Ririchiyo and Miketsukami (if you reversed the genders).

Till next time 🙂

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2 thoughts on “InuxBoku SS Anime Review

  1. I know a lot of people that dislike InuXBoku because of Ririchiyo but I absolutely adored watching her slowly come out of her shell but not get a completely new personality. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this series.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve never actually heard anyone complain about Ririchiyo, I honestly enjoyed watching her slowly grow as well so I don’t understand why people would dislike her but that’s my opinion of course.


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