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Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji (Wolf Girl and Black Prince) Anime Review


Animes like Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji are incredibly common. This is shoujo manga at its finest. Persistent and energetic main female protagonist. Check. Asshole love interest. Check. Love interest has a sobstory. Check. I originally read the manga to this series before I found out it had an anime and completed it and here’s my opinion on Wolf Girl and Black Prince.


Erika Shinohara struggles to find friends in her class considering everyone has already ookami shoujo to kuro ouji storygrouped up. But then she hears these two girls in her class, Marin and Tezuka, talking about their boyfriends in causing Erika to lie that she has a boyfriend too. But eventually Marin and Tezuka get suspicious on Erika’s boyfriend, they begin to think he doesn’t exist and Erika decides to take a photo of this random hot guy on the street to show Marin and Tezuka. After showing the girls a picture of her “boyfriend”, Erika discovers that the boy she took a photo of is Kyoya Sata, the prince at their school. Erika explains the story to Kyoya who seems kind-hearted like a prince, and he agrees to pretend he is Erika’s boyfriend. But Kyoya reveals his true colors and tells Erika in exchange, she must be his dog.

Before I go on about the story itself, I want to praise the title for this manga “Wolf Girl and Black Prince” because I think it’s quite clever. The boy who cried wolf referring to Erika who is a pathological liar and the black prince referring to Kyoya who despite seeming like a prince has a darker personality. The romance is very interesting and the comedy is just excellent. I applaud this 12 episode anime as well for not taking 12 episodes for the couple to end up together, heck I applaud the fact that they got together in the anime because usually in anime like this, you have to read the manga to see the couple get together but that wouldn’t piss me off as much it does with most animes because I am up to date to the manga and read it before I even saw the anime but I can definitely empathize other fans who haven’t read the manga so thankfully the anime gave everybody what they want from a shoujo manga. Even though it still has a read the manga ending, I must say I don’t entirely dislike this anime ending, compared to many other read-the-manga endings.

Grading: B


The characters in Wolf Girl and Black Prince are incredibly enjoyable. I really like Erikaookami shoujo to kuro ouji characters despite seeing characters like her in many different animes. Erika stands out from being a pathological liar which is to be honest a very unique trait because when you think about it, most female protagonist in this genre are very honest even female protagonist like Erika are honest girls but Erika on the other hand is not exactly honest. Rather then having a female protagonist who is a tsundere, we have our love interest, Kyoya as the male-tsundere. This may the reason why so many people hate Kyoya. Fans love him but so many people hate Kyoya because he is an asshole and isn’t too sympathetic and honestly he is no competition for other male-tsunderes like Otani from Lovely Complex, Hiroki from Junjou Romantica or Inuyasha from well Inuyasha. On the other hand, I love Kyoya, he has become one of my favourite anime characters and I try to dislike him because he is an asshole. But what makes me like Kyoya is despite the cliches that will forever haunt him as a love interest in the shoujo genre, it’s how unique he is as a character. He is far from perfect, though he’s backstory is a little sad it isn’t enough to say his sympathetic and he is not very romantic, I mean at least Inuyasha and Otani do romantic things despite their lack of honesty to their feelings, Kyoya on the other hand is not at all romantic, that’s what I love about his character.

The relationship between Erika and Kyoya is very dynamic and they just compliment each other very well. Kyoya is cold, quite relaxed and very sadistic, Erika is easy-g0ing, energetic and when you get down to it, is a masochist. As Kagerou from InuxBoku says about sadists and masochists as a couple.

sadist and masochists

 The side characters were all likable. We have Sanda who is Erika’s best friend and I mentioned her in my recent top 10 list. We have Kyoya’s best friend, Takeru who is extremely nice and has an overall great personality. We have Kamiya who I can’t talk too much about because he is very likable in the manga but in the anime is someone who we’re still getting use to and because this is an anime review I can’t praise him from the manga. Furthermore I can’t rant about something that is involved with the side characters that is only shown in the manga. I also really liked Marin and Tezuka, particularly as a duo. I wish I could hate them because they’re bitches but they have this charm that makes it hard for me to hate them and I’m very disappointed the anime starts to exclude them, I mean they’re interesting characters who are the only reason this anime exists. It would’ve worked better if Erika didn’t have a friend at school, don’t get me wrong I love Sanda but if only they made her a friend that attends a different school it would’ve gave more screen time to Marin and Tezuka.

Grading: B-


The animation is quite good, it’s nothing too special though. However there is one smallookami shoujo to kuro ouji animation problem I have. It the weird thing they do when they have the background being the whole scene and a close up of the characters talking like this;

ookami shojo to kuro oji habit

I do appreciate it for being unique but my problem is that sometimes it distracts me from the moment and it just seems a bit weird and unnecessary. The character designs are all well done, that’s pretty much it.

Grading: B-


I never paid attention to the soundtrack and after looking back at the anime, I realised theookami shoujo to kuro ouji sound OST is quite generic and may as well not even be there. It never captivated me into the moment. Though I can name one scene where the OST was nice (though didn’t stand out till I checked out the episode again) which was the end of episode 7. The ending song is decent though in the end it is just one of those endings you can skip and move onto the next episode. Now the opening, Love Good Time by Special Thanks is an great and very fitting opening. It’s an opening I could watch every episode and after I completed the anime and I found myself listening to this opening alone. By the way Kyoya in the opening has got me spinning my head around.

kyoya sata

Unfortunately there is no English Dub so I can only talk about the Japanese voice acting. I do really like the Japanese cast. Particularly Takahiro Sakurai as Kyoya. This is the guy who voiced the perfect and lovable Yamato Kurosawa from Suki tte Iinayo, he is still fangirl material but Yamato is actually very different from Kyoya and my God did Takahiro Sakurai nail it. However I don’t know if I like Kanae Ito as Erika. I mean the voice acting did get on my nerves at first but either it got better or I just got use to it, either way I’m not sure if I could say I liked her voice acting or not but I know if an English dub were to come by it’ll be easy to surpass the Japanese voice of Erika.

Grading (Music): C+

Grading (Voice Acting): B-


Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji is standard shoujo anime. But I still really like it. I love ourookami shoujo to kuro ouji conclusion main couple and their relationship. I love Kyoya especially for how unique he is. I liked the comedy and the pacing is just right. Also thank you for not leaving me so incomplete despite having a read-the-manga ending but season 2 please? Also WE NEED MORE MARIN AND TEZUKA!!! So I do recommend this anime especially if you’re a fan of standard shoujo anime but if you’re looking for something that is unique you may be disappointed, even though Kyoya is a unique character and Erika has unique qualities, this anime as a whole is not that different to other shoujo anime. So overall I grade this anime with a B-. 

I recommend:

Itazura na Kiss

The shows are different with their concept but the main relationship is quite similar. Bothitazura na kiss Itazura na Kiss’ Irie and Kyoya are attractive males who are quite cold towards the female lead mainly to hide their true feelings towards her. Both Itazura na Kiss’ Kotoko and Erika are persistent female leads who love and care unconditionally for the male lead however will stand up for themselves when necessary. Both are quite standard but also enjoyable. You may also dislike both Itazura na Kiss’ Irie and Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji’s Kyoya and I definitely will not blame for disliking one if not both of them.

Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu

This only has 2 OVAs but as someone who is up to date on Wolf Girl and Black Prince andkyou koi wo hajimemasu has completed Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu, I can see an obvious similarity. I don’t see much of a similarity in our main female protagonists, it is more of our love interests. Yes Kyoya is a unique character, I can’t deny him and Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu’s lead, Kyota not only have very similar names but also follow the cliche of an asshole male lead who has a harsh childhood and coincidentally both Kyoya and Kyota’s childhood have made them close their heats. Also both series don’t take ages for the main couple to get together.

 Till next time 🙂


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  1. I’ve read the manga for Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu and honestly the main male character pisses me off. He can be so sweet but I don’t see how his back story can justify him being such a jerk. It’s always the girl fixing the problem between them.

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