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Top 6 of the Worst Anime I’ve Seen in 2015


2015 is over and welcome 2016. Before I fully say goodbye to the year I have two top list, the best and the worst animes I’ve seen this year so I’ll start off with the list with the anime that I truly hated when completing it in 2015.

6. Romeo x Juliet

I was in a bit of a dilemma deciding whether I like or dislike the show I mean when I reviewed I gave it a C- because it does have some really good points to it and I wasn’t sure I disliked it. However as time went by I finally decided that I don’t like this anime. It’s slow pacing was just tiresome and I didn’t care for it yet for an anime with slow-pacing they somehow rushed Romeo and Juliet’s relationship. You eventually do kind of care for their relationship but at the same time it just seems stupid. I hate how the anime tries to convince its viewers that Juliet is a strong woman and yet there are too many times she doesn’t defend herself and needs someone else to save her when someone like her should know how to get out of the situations. Lastly the characters were incredibly under-developed so I struggle to remember the majority of them. This is why Romeo x Juliet is on the sixth spot on this list.

5. Mars of Destruction

To be honest, I don’t remember much about this one episode anime. All I know is that it had a large amount of potential to be something good only to be really bad to the point many people find it hilarious. The animation is very bad, the music was bad and the characters are very under-developed and the story was boring to the point I almost fell asleep. But my memory on the anime is quite bad so that’s why it’s number 5.

4. Pupa

Like Mars of Destruction, I don’t have much of a memory on Pupa. All I really do remember is the scene where the sister is eating her brother and how I almost puked from it, seriously. The characters were weak and the story is all over the place that you have no idea what’s going on and apparently the manga is good, fuck you creators for ruining a good manga with this shitty anime adaption but I wouldn’t know about the manga because I never read it.

3. Diabolik Lovers

The only reason I saw this anime was because of a drinking game, that’s it.diabolik lovers I’m honestly not all that into vampires in anything really, particularly when you try to make vampires come off as romantic though Vampire Knight is decent. Diabolik Lovers was just straight up terrible. Every FUCKING EPISODE was the girl getting her blood sucked by all these hot vampires and she is literally the dumbest and weakest female lead in anime. The guy vampires are all assholes and have no respect towards her and I don’t feel much sympathy for any of them.

2. Kiss x Sis

This was a close match between Kiss x Sis and my number one choice but I’ll go into that later. Kiss x Sis pissed me off the most out of all these animes. JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT BLOOD RELATED DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN DO THAT WITH YOUR LITTLE BROTHER OMG! YOU’RE RELATED BY LAW FOR FUCK SAKES!! What I witnessed in this anime is so disturbing, so disgusting and for an anime that’s trying to come of as sexy or just create sexual fantasies for it’s viewers, I’M SORRY EVEN IF I DID LIKE GIRLS OR EVEN IF WE REVERSED THE GENDERS, WHY WOULD I WANT SOMEONE’S PUBIC HAIR AS GOOD LUCK THAT IS CREEPY AS FUCK!? HOW IS FOOT SEX SEXY OMG?! This anime is very disgusting to the point it actually pissed me off enough to rant about it in my review.

1. Green Green

This came very close to Kiss x Sis, because Kiss x Sis pissed me off and disturbed me more than Green Green did, but regardless, I would rather watch Kiss x Sis all over again then witness the stupidity in Green Green again. At least Kiss x Sis had good animation, music and one likable character. What does Green Green got going for it? NOTHING! We spend the large majority of the anime with the baka trio who are our comic relief characters but the three fuckers weren’t funny at all, they were annoying assholes and this anime would’ve been better if they at least had less screentime. Not just the baka-trio our main character Yusuke is incredibly bland and I don’t give a fuck about either of his relationships with Midori and Futaba. Worst of all, the characters with the potential of being interesting were ignored and under-developed, this is a fine example with Futaba who at first hated men but after Yusuke proved his different, Futaba experiences changes in her feelings but this was ignored completely, she was left on the sidelines but in later episodes they remembered her and she’s a different person, FUCK YOU GREEN GREEN! You’re not only the worst anime I’ve seen this year but the worst anime I HAVE EVER WATCHED!


6 thoughts on “Top 6 of the Worst Anime I’ve Seen in 2015

      • i did accidentally see 4 episodes of the OVA episodes before the actual TV series because I watched it online and the website had KissxSis and KissxSis TV and I was confused and ended up clicking KissxSis only to watch 4 episodes and find out it was the OVA and personally it was more uncomfortable to sit through than the anime but you enjoyed the anime so that’s good 🙂

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