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Anime Review: Black Butler II


So yesterday I did a review on Black Butler Season 1 and usually I don’t do a separate review on another season or I just review season two in the same review as it’s first season. However Black Butler II is very different to any other sequel to an anime. If you recall me saying another season is completely unneccessary then you’ll expect me to talk trash on this season. Well…


A year has passed since season 1 ended. Black Butler II follows a new black butler II storymaster, Alois Trancy and his demon butler, Claude Faustus. It turns out Sebastian failed to devour Ciel’s soul because of Claude and you know there is a load of fucked up bullshit in it.

Look the story line is fine and all really. Season 2 made up for some of my problems with Season 1 because it was still comedic had more epic action scenes even at the end. I had no problem with the fact that this season wasn’t apart of the manga but my biggest problem is that this is a sequel to Black Butler and as a sequel it failed. As an anime it was great don’t get me wrong but if you’re looking at it as a sequel it is just a pile of yaoi fanservice which created some of the most craziest fan theories.

ridiculous fan theory

Did I forget to go on about how awful the ending is. I pity Sebastian and it just spits in the face on season 1’s ending. It tries to be all awesome with it’s plot twist and all but it just made this season all the more pointless and fucked over the Black Butler franchise.

Grading: C+


The original cast is still as likable and as good as ever. But how about our black butler II charactersnew characters… well Hannah was cool and so were the triplet servants. That’s it. I hate Alois and I hate Claude more. Alois is a sadistic, little brat and I tried so hard to like him because his past is tragic and it does explain his character but I HATE HIM! Claude is an asshole, he has his comedic moments but what he did to Alois later is just awful, even if Alois is a dick what you did is just terrible. Claude and Sebastian have similar asshole traits but Sebastian is not only more loyal as a butler but he has this charm that Claude lacks. What pisses me off even more is what they do to Ciel and Sebastian’s relationship. They try to confirm Sebastian only sees Ciel as food when season 1 hinted their bond is stronger and better than that. I’m not saying they care a lot for each other, I’m implying Sebastian has more respect for Ciel then being his food. This season continues to shove in the yaoi bond by driving fangirls wild with the yaoi bond between Ciel and Sebastian, Sebastian and Claude, Ciel and Claude, Alois and Claude, OMG NO! I said in my review on season 1, Ciel and Sebastian’s relationship wouldn’t work as romantic so stop trying to suggest more romantic bonds that JUST DON’T WORK!!!!


Grading: C


My opinion on the animation is the same…. The art style of the new black butler II animationcharacters is well done, particularly Claude, I hate him but damn his hot. Hannah’s design is beautiful as well, I actually adore it. Lastly the opening sequence was so artistic and gorgeous.

Grading: B+


Unlike the first season, the second season’s OST really stood out. I liked black butler II soundmajority of them particularly The Butler of Trancy’s which just fit Claude perfectly. The opening song is great too though I much prefer the first season’s Monochrome Kiss, season two’s Shiver is that kind of opening that makes me wish I was rich and just drink tea in front of everyone. The ending songs I never noticed so not much to say.

The Japanese voice acting is good but like I explained in season one’s review, it doesn’t feel right without the accents. Season two’s English dub is pretty much the same as season one, J. Michael Tatum, Brina Palencia and Daniel Fredrick are still as great as ever but how about our new dub cast, Luci Christian is the perfect Alois, I mean she has this childish tone like Luci Christian always has but at the same time makes Alois sound like the brat he is. Maybe her British accent was a little bit forced but it still worked. Jason Douglas did an amazing performance as Claude, he sounded calm and cool with a comforting British accent. Caitlin Glass as expected did very well as Hannah, she was soft but at the same time badass when necessary.

Grading (Music): B

Grading (Voice Acting): B


Honestly your opinion on Black Butler II really depends on how you look atblack butler II conclusion it. If you’re looking at as a sequel to Black Butler, then you’ll be terribly disappointed. As a sequel it is incredibly unnecessary and the ending proved that because really this is just ridiculous yaoi fanservice. However as an anime, Black Butler II is really good, it is epic and the story is interesting, the animation and dub is as good as ever and the music improved. I liked how Black Butler II learnt how to balance the comedy and action which Black Butler’s first season couldn’t do. However the new characters are very unlikable, I hated both Claude and Alois. So as a sequel I would give this season a bad grading however as an anime I would give it a pretty high grading so to balance the two, I give Black Butler II a C+. I do recommend it as an anime and if you enjoyed season one for yaoi fanservice then you’ll get a kick out of season two but if you don’t like that then be warned. Don’t expect too much from this season as a sequel and just enjoy it as an anime alone.

I won’t be doing recommendations because I did that for season 1

Next review: InuxBoku SS

Till next time 🙂


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