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Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Season 1 Anime Review


There are two kinds of animes for fangirls. The first kind are reverse harems like Ouran Highschool Host Club or even Diabolik Lovers and the second kind which I personally much prefer is the regular anime with a lot of manservice such as Free. Black Butler is the second kind of anime and despite being a shonen it’s audience are generally fangirls. But this is because of it’s yaoi reference which I’ll get onto later. Right now I’d like to review an anime I watched back in 2013, Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler.


 Black Butler takes place in 18th century England, following Ciel black butler story
Phantomhive, on the night of his tenth birthday his mansion was on fire and his parents were murdered. After a month of enduring torture he returns to his household with a butler, Sebastian Michaelis who can do anything but he is a demon who promised Ciel he’ll get revenge and kill those who murdered his parents and in exchange after Sebastian plays his part, Sebastian will devour Ciel’s soul.

Black Butler is a good anime and when it’s dark and serious it is spectacular. Each episode was quite interesting with Ciel serving the queen and doing jobs for her. However Black Butler’s problem is it’s large amount of comedy in a show that needs to take itself seriously. Black Butler’s comedy is good and I love that about the show however it takes far too much screen time in the show and you can’t take the show too seriously when that’s what it needs to be. The ending was perfect because honestly our main  characters win and it just satisfies you but my problem with the show’s ending is the lack of action I mean it looked epic but then they didn’t show anything when the anime is suppose to be action packed and it is action packed but the lack of an epic battle really was annoying.

Grading: B-


Sebastian is an asshole. Before everyone rages at me for that statement, I black butler charactersam not saying I hate Sebastian at all. I love Sebastian, he is one of my favorite characters not only in the series but anime in general. Sebastian is an asshole though, he is malicious, sadistic, cold and a bit of a snob but he has this charm and his playful character is what makes him so lovable and very amusing so it’s very difficult for anyone to dislike him. Ciel is also incredibly likable and has the best quotes ever. Ciel is very mature for a twelve year old, he is cold, confident and stern but Ciel has a good heart towards those close to him and this is what makes Ciel so likable. Ciel and Sebastian’s relationship is dynamic and when I say they have a good relationship I mean as master to his butler not a romantic one like many fangirls want from the two, there are many reasons why I don’t like the yaoi references to Ciel and Sebastian relationships it’s not just the large age gap but the main reason is they just don’t click as a couple no matter how much the anime forces it and they work better as master and butler.

The side characters were all very memorable and likable. The servants were all unique and incredibly entertaining and their short backstories were good to see. The anime never excludes its side characters even when they were introduced in side plots of the story. My favorite character is Grelle who pretty much represents every Sebastian fangirl including myself.

Grading: B+


The animation has been done A-1 Pictures, the same studio that animated black butler animationFairy Tail, Anohana and Oreimo. The animation for this is gorgeous, its dark tones and the animation for its more comedic moments just made it so good. I love the art style for the anime as well.

Grading: B+


The first opening is AMAZING, it is absolutely beautiful from its vocals, black butler soundguitar and the video that accompanied it and I love how Black Butler decides to be a bit unique and use the same song both openings but the second one is about the second half of the original song and the first one is about the first half of the song. The second ending though matches what Black Butler strives to be is still good but my preference is the first opening which matches Ciel’s situation in a way and is pretty catchy too. The OST is not something to praise considering it doesn’t stand out but when you listen to it alone it is beautiful but what’s the point if it doesn’t stand out.

The Japanese voice acting though really good doesn’t feel right. I watched this anime in English where everyone used an accent and to me it felt right so listening to the Japanese just didn’t seem right because Japanese voice actors can’t do accents which kind of sucks but it’s not they did a terrible performance, everyone did an excellent job. Now the dub is stunning, J. Michael Tatum is made for Sebastian and though many people will disagree, Brina Palencia did an excellent job as Ciel and it’s hard to imagine anyone else doing a better performance. I wish I heard Daniel Fredrick in more anime because his performance as Grell is an amazing performance. Everyone else was good too, yes some accents sounded really fake, I still really like the dub.

Grading (Music): B

Grading (Voice Acting): B


Overall Black Butler is a great anime. If you’re looking for action then black butler conclusionyou’ll enjoy it although be disappointed at the end. The characters are very likable and enjoyable with great character development. The yaoi reference will get annoying to people like me who show no support in Sebastian and Ciel’s relationship and if you just don’t like yaoi in general you will like the show it’s just you’ll be very annoyed. Fangirls, watch this show if you haven’t, it may not be romantic but trust me this is an anime made for fangirls but at the same time is enjoyable for the non fangirls. I grade Black Butler with a B. I definitely recommend it. The ending by the way is perfect and DIDN’T NEED TWO MORE SEASONS!

I recommend

InuxBoku SS 

Both these shows have very similar styles. InuxBoku is a show that wants to be taken seriously but is too comedic for that and same for Black Butler. They both have the whole powerful servant and rich master except Ririchiyo from InuxBoku is also powerful unlike Ciel. Also both Sebastian and InuxBoku’s Miketsukami are fangirl material trust me.

Earl and Fairy

Both animes have the same setting with supernatural elements etc etc. Ciel and Edgar are well kind of similar with a dark past and I don’t know why but Raven from Earl and Fairy and Sebastian are somewhat similar, it’s hard to explain.

Till next time 🙂

Tomorrow my next review: Black Butler II


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