Top 12 Memorable Moments of Anime 2015


To be honest with you guys, I don’t like Christmas

the grinch

But despite that I thought I should give my followers a little present from me with an top list. I decided top 12 anime moments this year (no order) because I don’t have a Youtube account to do 12 days of anime so I decided to do a top 12 list based on the animes I’ve seen this year.

Disclaimer: Spoilers!!!

A lot of errors because I didn’t preview it like I usually do sorry.

1. Russian Condoms (Hetalia Axis Power)

russian condoms

Roll your eyes at me if you like but I do love penis jokes and this is one of them. I thought I should add Hetalia into the list and I thought of the funniest scene according to my memory and though there were many of them, this one was one of the best. So America’s boss told him to call Russia to make 25cm condoms in order to destroy the Russian will to fight. Russia reluctantly agrees and gives them to him labelling it as XS and I laughed my ass off to this from the reactions.

2. A Bicycle for Two (Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun)

bike scene

This scene was no doubt the funniest in the whole show. So what happened was Nozaki a manga artist wanted to add a bike scene into one of them and with the help of Chiyo. So then at school Nozaki tells Chiyo they’ll bike home and Chiyo (who secretly likes Nozaki and struggles to get them across to him) is excited about this only to find Nozaki brought a two seated bicycle and what broke the ice was the reaction of both Chiyo and the people they bike pass.

3. Vash kills Legato (Trigun)

I was going to add the death of my favorite character in the show BUT I decided to do this scene. What made this scene stand out so much was because Vash is someone who refuses to kill people is fighting for peace and he made a promise to his mother-figure, Rem that he’ll never kill ANYONE. So then Legato puts Vash into a very sticky situation, either he’ll hurt Meryl and Milly unless Vash kills him and this must’ve been really hard for Vash who believes there is always a way to avoid killing someone but for this case there was none and the guilt Vash felt afterwards, my God!

4. Eating Onii-chan (Pupa)

I’ll be honest, I can barely remember Pupa. That’s why I don’t know how much I dislike this anime but I know I dislike particularly from this scene. This scene stood out in the whole anime and I remember feeling the need to vomit from watching this, lucky for you guys this scene is censored but it is still disturbing watching the little sister eat the skin and the little sister eating the flesh… ew.

5. Practicing for Keita (KissXSis)

practicing for keita

Out of every disgusting scene in KissxSis this is the worst. Here’s a little story on how I ended up watching this scene that was in the OVA series. So I watched this anime online and on the website I watched it on, it had two KissxSis, KissxSis and KissxSis TV and I didn’t know which one was the original series so I ended up watching KissxSis and I watched 4 episodes and was confused why My Steady Boy wasn’t the ending and I later found out it was the OVA series. Anyway in the fourth OVA episode, Ako and Riko found some porny magazine based on threesomes with sisters in Keita’s room. When it was given to him by his friends when Keita didn’t want it but Ako and Riko thought otherwise believing he actually likes it and wants to do this with his sisters so they decide to practice for him so they created a dummy as Keita and practiced for him for sex and the way they touched each other and everything was more than disturbing.

6. Getting Hot in the Equipment Room (Green Green)

equipment room

By the way I screenshotted this photo from Black Critic Guy’s review on Green Green. This scene is not doubt the most disturbing scene on this list. So basically what happened was the baka trio our “comic relief” characters got locked in the equipment room and it became very humid so they all took off there clothes and believe me it gets worse, the humidity made these guys delusional and they started fantasizing about their girls and without even realizing climbed on each other and they were humping and shit like that on each other it’s more than disturbing.

7. Alciel’s Cape (The Devil is a Part-timer)

I watched this anime in English and unfortunately couldn’t find it in English. But anyway we’re back on the good animes. So this scene is no doubt one of the funniest because what happened was Sadao Mao aka Satan was in an epic battle and needed Alciel but he managed to win without him but Alciel finally arrived and is too late because he was looking for his cape. Omg, that is priceless.

8. Juliet turns into a Tree (RomeoxJuliet)

juliet is a tree

This is a scene in the anime I’m suppose to take seriously but ended up laughing my ass off to. Romeo x Juliet’s ending was perfect but the build-up to it was hilarious. Juliet turns into a tree. Well she is absorbed by it to be accurate but basically she became a tree and I died laughing because she’s a tree OMG!

juliet as a tree

9. Surprise Motherfucker/Gainax WTF Ending (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt)

wtf gainax

Many people describe this as one of Gainax’s most fucked up, out of the blue and the worst ending but I loved it because it’s so out of the blue and it raises the possibility of season 2 even though it has been 5 years so Gainax is kind of trolling us so maybe no season 2 but even so it’s great.

10. Sexy Contest (Jitsu wa Watashi wa)

sexy contest

What made this scene so good was how they treated it. So our main female lead, Shiragami and our loli, Ayane are both competing on who’s sexier and our main character is the judge. I rolled my eyes as soon as I heard they were having a contest because I thought it was going to be an overload of fanservice like many shonen rom-coms but this anime decided to be less cliche and made the sexy contest something hilarious. But Shiro who is our fanservice character tries teaching the girls a thing or two on how to be sexy which the girls failed miserably at but that’s what made the anime hilarious.

11. Where’s Midori (Midori Days)

midori days 

I’m one to believe that you never realize how much someone means to you until you lose them. For this case it’s very true. So Midori is knitting a scarf for Seiji who tells her how he’d love to have a girlfriend who’d do so and Midori tells Seiji she’d love to do that but Seiji laughs because she is his right hand because he can’t seem to see Midori as anything more than his right hand. The next day, Midori disappears and is back in her own body with no memory of being Seiji’s right hand and Seiji’s right hand is back. Seiji tries to act like his happy his right hand is back and that he is fine without Midori but misses her deeply realizing he loves Midori leading to its perfect ending and this was so memorable because of how it built up to it.

12. Ayumi’s Confession (Honey and Clover)

yamada's confession

This scene is beyond beautiful. In my opinion Honey and Clover is not the best unrequited love (Itazura na Kiss surpasses it) but this scene alone makes me adore Honey and Clover because how Mayama was talking to Ayumi questioning why she even likes him and how looking at her makes him wonder if that’s how Rika sees him and that he cares for Ayumi and doesn’t want to lose her but his feelings for her aren’t romantic and Ayumi then repeats “I love you” to him over and over and that was emotional to watch and perfect too.

I know it’s a bit late but happy holidays 🙂


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