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What Anime Should I Watch?

This is just a short post and I’m asking all my followers what anime they highly recommend me to see so I can review it. I’ll explain why I am doing this when I review the anime. So here are some rules to the anime.


1. It can’t be an anime I’ve already seen

I’ll let you guys know if you do recommend an anime I’ve seen because it’s not like you know what animes I have and haven’t seen but you would know some of the animes I’ve seen from my review and top 10 lists.

2. It can’t have more than 26 episodes or more than 1 season

It’ll take far too long for me to complete the anime if this were the case. The only time this is acceptable is if the anime has announced a second season but it hasn’t been released yet

3. I much prefer you to make a list of animes for me to choose from then only recommending one anime

The only time I accept this is if you have seen only seen one anime in your life. Other than that I recommend a list (I don’t care if it’s a short or long list) because it’ll be much easier for me to choose the anime.

4. I will only choose ONE anime

I am not saying I will never watch the animes you recommend but I don’t wish to tell you why this is the case, you’ll figure it out when the review comes out. I will either choose the most common suggestion or the anime that I find most appealing, it really depends. Don’t be put down if I don’t choose the anime you suggested, I promise I’ll watch every anime you recommend one day.

Please comment your recommendations, I’ll love to watch all your recommendations and an anime you suggest may actually be THE anime I review. You’ll know which anime I chose when the review comes out. Thank you so much πŸ™‚ till next time!


7 thoughts on “What Anime Should I Watch?

  1. Here’s a list I full heartedly recommend. But as to whether you’ve seen them it not slips my mind πŸ˜›

    Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

    Sound of the Sky

    selector infected WIXOSS

    Kokoro Connect


    Happy watching, and hopefully you pick one of these beauties!

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  2. Hello! I recommend something along the lines of:

    Prison School (I think it’ll be interesting to see your reactions to this!)

    True Tears


    Similarly, my impression from what I know is that I haven’t seen you review these anime, but I also apologise if I have mentioned something you have watched/reviewed before!


    • I haven’t reviewed but I’ve watch true tears which is a really good anime aha. But I have been meaning to watch Prison School ever I saw this one really weird but hilarious scene from it. Never heard of Barakamon but I’m quite intrigued to see it now πŸ™‚ thank you so much for your recommendations

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