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Diabolik Lovers Anime Review


To be honest, I had no intention to watch this anime whatsoever. I’ve said in the past I am not a huge fan of vampire animes (of course a few exceptions) and I heard this anime is bad so I was like “Not going to watch it”. But than I came across a drinking game involving this anime and decided to do it which is the only reason why I watched this anime.


The story follows this girl by the name of Yui Komori (I had to look that diabolik lovers storyname up by the way) who is required to move to a mansion only to find hot vampire boys living with her and all of them suck her blood without her consent and pass her around to the next guy… yeah that’s it.

I have nothing positive to say about the plot whatsoever. The best thing I can say is that each episode is only 14 minutes long and it did have its mildly interesting moments. Other than that, it had NOTHING! Each episode was just the guys sucking the girls blood no matter how many times she tells them to stop. The plot went nowhere until halfway through the series where they get into backstory and some bullshit happens and they don’t explain everything properly.

Score: D


Earlier I said I had to  look up our main character, Yui’s name and the diabolik lovers charactersreason to that is because they rarely refer to her by her actual name, she’s given the nickname “Little Bitch” (Bitch-chan) and I find that incredibly disrespectful to the female character and I don’t understand the appeal to these men other than their beauty. But I will say these about the male characters in the show, they are BEAUTIFUL! I never understood the romantic appeal to vampires and I still don’t. However I find one male character, Laito the slightest bit appealing due to his cheerful and pervy personality but I can’t deny this guy is a complete asshole and is probably the most disrespectful to our female lead and despite my wild fangirl side attracted to his charm, my sensible side knows that like the rest of his brothers, this guy is detestable. I don’t care if any of them were treated like shit by there mothers explaining why they’re assholes to women, the fact that this never changes and they lack development is completely unforgivable.

Yui is no exception, she’s probably a lot worse as a character. Yes, I pitied her because she is basically being abused by 6 vampires, however sympathy is not going to make me like her. She is incredibly brainless, pathetic and one-dimensional. Yui lacks so much personality and only exists to fit the role of a main female protagonist. There’s barely any supporting cast other than two characters who lack any appeal and are complete assholes.

Score: D-


The animation is gorgeous. I love the character designs and everythingdiabolik lovers animation about the animation. Once again, the boys in this anime are beautiful, seriously. Yui herself has a beautiful design to her. I can’t go on enough about how much I love the animation, it is just fantastic.

Score: A


The music did not stand out whatsoever. I never cared for neither the diabolik lovers soundopening or ending, the opening had good animation but that is a different story. The music isn’t great and neither is the ending song, it’s just one of those songs you want to skip.

The voice acting is really good in Japanese (which I watched it in because I forgot it had a dub, lol), there was nothing really wrong with it, I really liked Rie Suegara as Yui and Daisuke Hirakawa as Laito. I decided to check out the dub and it’s pretty good, Maggie Flecknoe does a decent Yui and gives more life to the character at least. Though I liked majority of the voice actors in the dub, I had a slight problem with Chris Patton as Ayato. I’m not too keen on Cory Kartzog as Kanato either, just doesn’t sound creepy enough.

Score (Music): C-

Score (Voice Acting): B


Diabolik Lovers is not only the worst vampire anime I’ve seen but also onediabolik lovers conclusion of the worst animes I’ve seen. Sure it has stunning animation, great voice acting and my fangirl side is mildly attracted to Laito and I do think most of the boys are attractive but that doesn’t save the anime by much. The plot makes no progress whatsoever and it never explains what’s going on in the second half of the anime, Yui is the dumbest and most one-dimensional female protagonist, the boys are all assholes who have no respect for our female lead. The anime is straight up terrible, I’m giving it a D+. I understand that the appeal is hot vampires and as a fangirl myself, I drool over these hotties (Laito in particular) but again, I don’t understand the appeal of having men suck your blood. I would not want any fangirl to waste her time on this bullshit and look for another anime with both a good story and hot boys at the same time.

I recommend;


A sports anime that focuses on swimming. I highly recommend Free, free.jpgparticularly to fangirls and I know it’s a mainstream choice but would you rather me recommend a shitty anime with hot boys or an actual good anime with hot boys. Yes Free has A LOT of manservice but it has so much more to it with an interesting plot, great characters, beautiful animation and great music along with some good voice acting.

Ouran Highschool Host Club

Yes, another anime for screaming fangirls but I highly recommend this to anyone. Ouran is hilarious and it has some unique characters and our main character Haruhi is not some brainless girl, rather she is smart, honest and independent. This anime is great watch it, seriously.

Thanks for reading my review, enjoy 🙂


2 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers Anime Review

    • I think it already has a second season especially which its large fanbase. I’ve never played the games so I don’t know if it’s any better. This is one of those cases where an anime that I personally think is bad is getting a second season yet so many better animes haven’t got one when it needed it more :/

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