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Jitsu wa Watashi wa (Actually, I am…) Anime Review


I finished this anime on the day the last episode was released which was a few weeks ago (I think) so I apologize for not reviewing it asap. What got me interested in Jitsu wa Watashi wa was the fact it’s a romance between a bad liar and a vampire. Though I expected a lot of rom-com cliches I was still excited to see this anime which is unusual considering it’s a vampire anime, why I say this? Because I’m not a fan of vampires whether it’s in anime, movies or books, I don’t know why I guess it’s just they don’t appeal to me very much. Though I do have one exception which is Shiki. But I do plan to get into Vampire Diaries and though I’m not a big fan of it, I did like Vampire Knight to a certain extent. Other than that vampires are unappealing to me, but has Jitsu wa Watashi wa become an exception?


I did do a first reaction post to this series where I explained the story so click the link if you want to check that out. But anyway I know I should explain it here too. Jitsu wa Watashi follows Asahi Kuromine, a boy who is described as a “leaking basket” because he can’t keep a secret and he can’t tell a lie. He eventually falls for his classmate, Yoko Shiragami, a mysterious girl who never talks to anyone. When trying to confess his love to Shiragami, he walks in on her with bat wings out discovering Shiragami is a vampire and he must keep this a secret for Shiragami to be able to stay at school and he eventually discovers other girls’ secrets.

When I was introduced to this rom-com and obvious harem, I expected a lot of cliches. Though there are a long list of cliches in this anime, I love how they decide to twist these cliches making it less predictable and the comedy better. Rather then relying on many misunderstandings for comedic effect like many comedy animes, Jitsu wa Watashi wa often relies on the reaction of the characters and the way these characters communicate to one another is just fantastic. The anime spends a lot of time focusing on the everyday lives of the characters and development of the relationships. The problem this anime has is that sometimes when it does something cliche rather then twisting it like they usually do, they actually go on with the cliche and it’s not a good kind of cliche however I do forgive the anime afterwards. The anime really needs a second season because it ended on a “read the manga” note which is VERY annoying but again it only just recently finished so they may announce another season next year or the year after… or they may never make a second season like what they do with other animes.

Score: B


I like the majority of the characters. Though we have met many male leads in harems like him, Asahi at the same time is also quite different to the other MCs. Asahi though kind of oblivious and reliable like many male leads, he is also described as the straight man of the show constantly making the comments to all the “WTF” moments which adds comedic affect. Shiragami is also a fascinating characters, she is described as extremely dense but loving and cheerful. Shiragami’s oblivion is what makes her perfect for Asahi because unlike the other girls Asahi has liked, Shiragami is so clueless to Asahi’s feelings that it makes it much easier for the two become closer whereas the other girls straight-up rejected him. Then we have Nagisa Aizawa, the class president who I thought would be your typical tsundere but wasn’t, heck she isn’t even a tsundere. Aizawa is actually a small alien inside a robot body. She is very efficient and smart, though when it comes to her feelings is quite oblivious. Aizawa is by far the most entertaining character because her reactions to everything are priceless. Then we have Akemi Mikan, the president of the newspaper club and Asahi’s childhood friend, she comes off as ruthless and sadistic, constantly bullying Asahi however secretly likes him. Her secret is her talking fake glasses. Next we have Shiragami’s childhood friend, Shiro who is a manwolf but when he sees moonlight he becomes Shiho a perverted girl who is center of our fan service and we have her for all of the series.Then we have the principal, Akane who appears young and is a devil and like a devil she is mischievous, childish and sadistic and to compliment her personality is her great-great-grand-daughter, Akari who is the teacher at the school and though has some cliche teacher traits she is still pretty kick-ass especially when Akane is doing something bad.

 When Akemi was introduced, I instantly fell in love with her but then when she got her own episode (episode 3) I just didn’t like her but then I started to like her a bit better. I like Shiho but I wish we had more Shiro because after her introduction it was as if the anime forgot about the fact that Shiho can become Shiro. Majority of the characters though likable, did become tiresome at some point and I can’t really explain why this happened. But I wanted to watch this show for a romantic-comedy which I did receive, Asahi’s relationship with Shiragami is very well developed and worked so well. His relationship with all the girls were all great, especially with Aizawa which was also very well developed and at times I felt more supportive of his relationship with Aizawa then I did with his relationship with Shiragami. All the characters were interesting though and I had fun with all of them. Though they didn’t take as much as a strong impact to the series, I liked Asahi’s 3 best friends, Oka, Sakurada and Shimada who just had a great friendship with Asahi and were all interesting but I do wish we had more of them in the series.

Score: B-


The anime’s licensed by TMS Entertainment who I know for animating Kamisama Kiss (Kamisama Hajimemashite) and a favorite of mine, Itazura na Kiss. The animation for Jitsu wa Watashi wa is really good. I like the vibrant colors in the anime and how it’s full of life and energy. The only problem is the art-style isn’t the best thing but at least it’s so much better then the manga.

anime vs manga (jitsu wa watashi wa)

Score: B-


The OST is really good. Probably my favorite one is the one that was playing in the first episode when Asahi was trying to confess. The opening song is amazing and ridiculously catchy, it has everything I like in an opening except an epic build-up but that’s ok, it’s still a fantastic opening. The ending however, I’m not much of a fan of and never cared to listen to it. Considering the anime only recently ended, there is no English dub and I don’t expect one anytime soon. The Japanese dub is really good and the thing is I have never heard any of these voice actors in different animes.

Score (Music): B-

Score (Voice Acting): B+


I really like Jitsu wa Watashi wa and yes it has become an exception considering I don’t generally watch vampire animes. The story is fun and entertaining with many twists with the cliches making it stand out. The characters though most got somewhat tiresome were still rather enjoyable and likable. The animation is great along with the music and the voice acting worked really well. I grade this anime with a B-, I highly recommend this if you like rom-coms and harems. I really am hoping for a second season and I would love to see Asahi’s relationship with Shiragami hit off.

I forgot to do this in my last review but if you like Jitsu wa Watashi wa, then I recommend:


Basically another Jitsu wa Watashi wa only with incest. Oreimo is another romantic-comedy harem and is also enjoyable with many likable characters and with a great MC. Though Oreimo’s main character, Kyousuke is different to Jitsu wa Watashi wa’s lead, Asahi, both male leads are somewhat different to the stereotypical harem anime MC. Don’t let the incest turn you off the anime though, there is a lot more appeal to it than that.

Fruits Basket

I know, I know Fruits Basket, but let me explain. Like Jitsu wa Watashi wa, the main character needs to keep a secret for other characters and somehow creates a huge impact to the other characters’ lives. Fruits Basket may seem like a soft, cute and innocent anime but at some points it gets very dark and gets into backstories, which is what makes it so different to Jitsu wa Watashi wa, however both are in the rom-com genre and though I disagree, many people describe Fruits Basket as a reverse-harem. Fruits Basket is a really good anime though and despite most people finding shojo anime/manga as a turn-off, Fruits Basket is an exception for most.

Till next time! 🙂


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