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RANT: Junjou Romantica Season 3 Ending


So on September 23 2015 Junjou Romantica Season 3 ended. I love Junjou Romantica, it’s the best anime I’ve seen last year and when I discovered they were making season 3, I was excited though I knew what’ll happen because I did read the manga after finishing season 2. But my concern for season 3 was how they’ll conclude the series considering Junjou Romantica’s manga is still ongoing and my concern was right.

The problem with season 1+2 of Junjou Romantica is that it gave its viewers a “read the manga ending” and season 3 did the exact same thing! Not many animes are lucky enough to get even a second season and the fact Junjou Romantica gets not only a second season but also a third but gives it the exact same conclusion pisses me off! Look, I’ll gladly continue to read the manga but I’m pretty sure most of your fans are reading the manga considering season 2 ended December 27 2008 which was almost 7 years ago and then you release a new season that could possibly conclude the Junjou Romantica series… but you just give us that annoying read the manga ending.

So season 1 was just a simple introduction and development to all our couples and their relationship and how did it end? Misaki tries to be the seme for a change and do what the Misaki in Usagi’s novel does but Usagi just continues to be the seme because Misaki is too embarassed. October 12 2008 which is a few months after Season 1 ended, Season 2 came out and it was basically giving Usagi some character development and getting to know his backstory and also testing out his relationship with Misaki. How did season 2 end? Usagi’s father is trying to separate Usagi and Misaki and Usagi refuses and they leave the house but Usagi’s father follows and Usagi almost gets hit by a bus but Misaki saves him and yells at him and then the father realizes that Misaki can stand up to Usagi and leaves them alone… Seriously.

Nearly 7 years later came Season 3 which is basically giving Misaki a bit of development, also more development to the relationship to Misaki and Usagi and adding in Usagi’s love rival. How does this season decide to end. Possibly the last season to Junjou Romantica, and how does it end. Usagi takes Misaki to Kamakura for his 22nd birthday despite Misaki telling him he doesn’t have to. Misaki buys marbles and then they go to a cafe and Misaki explains something his brother told him when he was little that you can do with the marbles but using three of them and making a wish with each one and keeping them all together and the third wish is the most important one. Misaki goes outside and he sees Ijuuin-sensei there and Ijuuin-sensei confesses once again and asks him on a date and Misaki rejects Ijuuin-sensei saying he only loves him as a fan not in any romantic way and Usagi who overhears this is very happy. They go back home the next day to celebrate Misaki’s birthday with Takahiro and his family and it basically ends with Usagi telling Misaki he wished on the last marble that he could stay with Misaki forever and Misaki who refuses to tell Usagi this but he wished on his last marble that he could be with Usagi forever.

That’s it. That’s the end of Junjou Romantica. And keep in mind not many animes are lucky enough to get a third season and if most animes aren’t lucky enough to get a third season imagine how unlikely a fourth season will be. So this is how you’re going to conclude the anime. I hate how Junjou Romantica ended cause seriously you gave us 3 seasons… 3 SEASONS! And you couldn’t end the last one properly! I get it, you’re advertising your franchise but don’t you think you already did that with season 1+2 which was finished almost 7 years ago? As much as I enjoyed season 3 I really don’t think it should’ve existed in the first place because it is basically an advertisement to it’s original source material and yes this method works but Junjou Romantica is popular enough, if anything other animes that aren’t as popular need another season which they never got.

RANT OVER. Expect a new top 10 list soon.


6 thoughts on “RANT: Junjou Romantica Season 3 Ending

  1. Bailey Tolbert says:

    I just finished watching Junjou Romantica and I LOVED it it’s one of my OTP’s and I like the way it is the story was good the art was great and I just absolutely LOVED IT and this is coming from someone who used to not like anime but now I really like it and your right we’re lucky to get a 3 seasons out of it and the only thing I didn’t like about it was that when they ended season 3 I just made me want more so much more and I just really want to see a 4th season but I really liked it and I really hope I’ll see more in the future maybe someday it will come back to us.

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    • I absolutely adore Junjou Romantica (I’ve said this many times in the past too ahahaha), it is one of my all time favorite animes but it did have its faults which I can look past but one it’s biggest faults is the ending for season 3, I’m so glad you agree and I too really want there to be a season 4 but I heard they’re planning to make season 4 and I hope it ends properly (especially since the manga looks like it’s coming to an end too).


  2. Aiko says:

    I was starting to read the manga after watching the anime because I really want more of the story, but the manga seems a lot different to the anime by the little details? So far, everything is the same story wise (I’ve only read about a chapter) but the names are different in the manga e.g. Takashi Kyokou in manga, but Takahashi Takahiro in anime. Tsuno Tamaichi in manga, Sumi Keiichi in anime, Usagi-chan-sensei in manga, Usagi-san in anime. I wanted to know about this difference because it makes it slightly harder to read the manga after watching the anime. I really really love Junjou Romantica!! Thank you ^u^

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    • I haven’t noticed the Tsuno Tamaichi part in the manga (maybe because I never paid much attention to Sumi to begin with) and the same goes with the “Usagi-chan-sensei” part. But from where I’ve read the manga, they only referred to Takahiro as Kyoukou in the first chapter and after chapter two started calling him Takahiro. I found it very weird but as it turns out (after a bit of research) it’s a translation error, the translators got confused with the kanji pronunciation.


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