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So a year ago my friend randomly found a website, and I’ve been using it occasionally ever since. So today I decided to do some random anime pairs and share the to you all (I don’t actually ship some of these couples, completely random).

Chideki (Child of Chii and Hideki)

Because Chii’s a robot and her on/off button is in her vagina, Chii can’t have babies or even sex. So I thought, if this were possible, then how would this half robot, half human child look like. Chideki looks like her mother with the blood hair and innocent and dazed look but one question… how did Chideki end up with blue eyes? Chii has brown eyes and Hideki’s eyes are a dot, is Hideki’s eyes a really dark blue?

Lul (Child of Lucy and L)

Both Lucy and L start with an L, heck L’s name is L (just saying). Lul looks nothing like their mother or father. Is that hair going to turn pink one day? But hey, the child is lucky that it doesn’t have horns and hopefully it doesn’t grow vectors. It looks like it will be a genius though since it’s mom is smart and dad is a genius.

Luno (Child of Light and Yuno)

I guess Yuno realized Yukki is a pussy and dumped his ass and Light was like “She’s a goddess so being with her will make me a god *crazy laugh*” and that’s how we got this couple. I actually decided on this couple because I really hate both Light and Yuno and once I asked my friend who hates Light, Yuno, Misa and Takumi (like me!) and she said she hates Light and Yuno more than Misa and Takumi but she can’t decide who she hates more between Light and Yuno so lets make them a couple. This child, I pity it so much. Its parents are both insane and just by looking at it, you know it’ll grow up to be an psycho, heck its name ALONE makes it obvious that this child is going to be crazy.

Kaganata (Child of Kagami and Konata)

How am I suppose to feel about this baby? I only chose Konata and Kagami because I wanted a yuri couple. Where did this child get its red hair from? It has Kagami’s eyes but… Well it has a wide head like all the Lucky Star characters. Fingers crossed this child will be a gamer.

Menma (Child of Makoto and Tenma)

I am soooooooooooooo sorry for putting a dickhead like Makoto with someone as sweet and innocent as Tenma. I only did this because the two are the COMPLETE opposite in every way. As I said, I do not ship all these couples it’s pretty much random. It has it’s mother’s chubby cheeks and its fathers hairstyle (kinda). But what is with the cheeks though and it has no  eyebrows and HUGE forehead. More reasons why Makoto and Tenma should never be together. But hey it’s named after Menma from Anohana and also a mix of Makoto and Tenma’s names.

Lisa (Child of Light and Misa)

This one got me so excited because Light and Misa together are Lisa! So lets say Light wanted Misa to do him a favor but she was refusing unless he gave her a child so Light gave in and here we have Lisa (I’m sure that won’t actually happen, Light would find another way to solve it, actually Misa wouldn’t refuse Light in the first place). This child will obviously be either the biggest brat who is actually intelligent or a complete whore… I don’t know, all I can imagine is that this child will turn out to be a pain in the ass.

Mekai (Child of Makoto and Sekai)

I wonder what would’ve happened if Sekai was actually pregnant and Makoto never left her, like he all of a sudden was like, “You know what, I’ll settle down and raise a lovely child along with its mother”. Here he is Mekai. He has a slight similarity to his mother’s hair like it’s brown and Sekai has an ahoge and Mekai has spiky hair. The skin tone and eyes are kinda like Sekai’s. But this kid looks like he’ll be like his father…. Poor child.

Gertaly (Child of Germany and Italy)

He it is, what attracted you to this post in the first place. Making Gertaly was so exciting, I mean a country has been born and for once it’s a girl like only a few of the characters in Hetalia are girls and they’re all minor characters. She looks like Germany but it’ll be so cute if she had a personality like Italy. This makes me really happy, I was clapping my hands together when I made this. I wonder what it’s main language would be, German or Italian?

Who wants me to make more of these on some other anime ships even though you could do it yourself cause I put the link up top but it’ll be fun to do this again, depends on you guys.


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