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Top 19 Animes I Recommend

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To be honest, this list isn’t entirely original. I made this list because I saw a Top 25ish list like this one by Glass Reflection. I thought I should make a list like this for what I think people should go sit down and see. Keep in mind, this isn’t a list containing all the animes I favor (except my first 3), heck I could think that these animes have a lot of problems but even so, I do still think these animes should be on the list… my opinion, don’t like it make your own list.

1. School Rumble (Studio Comet. 2004-2006. Funimation. Contains 2 Seasons both with 26 episodes+2 OVAs)

I have said many times in the past that School Rumble is a favorite. Yes, it contains many cliches that we have seen a million times in anime. But what makes School Rumble so special is not just it’s comedy but the fact that it portrays high school accurately. Sure, Yagami High looks more exciting than real life high school, but I’m one to believe that high school can be almost as fun as it is in anime depending on the people you’re around and how you see it. But high school romance in real life is exactly what it’s like in School Rumble, hard and something you need to put effort in though School Rumble exaggerates this to add a comedy effect, it still understands that unrequited love for teenagers is incredibly painful and can be more serious than it seems. But anyway School Rumble is still epic as a comedy with many comedic scenes. It has so many couples you’ll be shipping and many sentimental moments which is what makes School Rumble a masterpiece. P.S: Every time is has class C doing a special event it is VERY intense.

2. Inuyasha (Sunrise. 2000-2010. Viz Media. Contains 167 episodes+ another season containing 26 episodes)

Out of every shonen anime that has a lot of episodes, I favor Inuyasha the most. Inuyasha does suffer the problem of slow pacing, a few cliches and filler but it is a diamond anime. Inuyasha has many memorable and lovable characters and will make you laugh. It has a unique story to it and a unique concept. You’ll hate many of the characters but you can empathize with them making you either fall in love with them or… pity them but hate them. All the characters develop really well and none are ever left out… except the filler characters but every shonen anime has that issue.

3. Death Note (Madhouse. 2006-2007. Viz Media. Contains 37 episodes)

I think Death Note is absolutely amazing. It has one hell of a story line that will definitely attract it’s audience. I think the idea of having a book that kill anyone you want just by writing their name in it is pretty fantastic. It’s like an epic chess game between Light and L or even cat and mouse. What makes Death Note great is the twist and turns between L and Light and how the both know they’re rivals though work together so it makes things much more interesting. The second half does go down but even so I still managed to enjoy Death Note. The animation is amazing and has amazing music with the most misunderstood opening song (second opening).

4. Trigun (Madhouse. 1998. Funimation. Contains 26 episodes)

An anime I recently reviewed and has become one of the best anime I’ve seen this year. Trigun follows a man named Vash the Stampede who has 60 billion double bounty on his head for being known as the humanoid typhoon causing destruction everywhere he goes however turns out he is peaceful, kind and a goofball and all the destruction that happen are accidents. The anime does have a slow start but eventually the anime picks up and it is amazing.

5. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Kyoto Animation. 2006-2009. Bandai. Contains 2 Seasons both with 14 episodes)

Haruhi was my first complete anime, I’ve seen a lot of Sailor Moon but never finished, I’ve seen Pokemon as a kid but that is honestly it so Haruhi is the first anime I’ve ever completed and I was obsessed with it to the point I wanted to have an SOS brigade of my own in school but all my friends were like, “Nah”. Haruhi’s character is full of excitement and makes the show so much fun to watch… even with the endless eight episodes.

6. Nana (Madhouse. 2006-2007. Viz Media. Contains 47 episodes)

This is probably my favorite drama anime. Nana follows two girls with the same name, same age and both meet each other on a train to Tokyo. What makes Nana so special compared to other animes in it’s genre how it not only doesn’t takes place in a school (FINALLY!) but it is so realistic. The characters are all likable (exception of one) and they are realistic, I’ve met a Hachi (Nana Komatsu), I’ve met a Nana and I’ve met a Yasu. Just sit back and enjoy this dramatic but entertaining and amazing anime.

7. Say “I Love You” (Zexcs. 2012. Sentai Filmworks. Contains 13 episodes)

When you read the story line of this anime, you think to yourself that it is nothing different to what we’ve all seen a million times, come on a love story between this shy girl and popular guy, biggest cliche in the book. But what makes this anime so different is the fact their is more to Mei and Yamato’s relationship than a cliche. These two help each other in a way no one else can. Yamato isn’t exactly like Kazehaya or Yuushin in the other cliche animes we’ve seen and enjoy, but he is a believable character who has his insecurities and Mei understands that he is not this prince that all the girls fangirl over, he is more than that. Like how Yamato understands Mei has insecurities and just makes everything better. Besides that this anime doesn’t take 13 episodes just to pair the main couple together no it is quick but not exactly rushed. The anime understands people have insecurities and things that hurt them and give everyone time to move on and love themselves.

8. Clannad (Kyoto Animation. 2007-2009. Sentai Filmworks. Contains 23 episodes+ After Story has 24 episodes)

If I had to recommend you to any anime that is guarantee to make you sad and go as far as cry, than like most people I aim you at Clannad. I could choose Anohana, Angel Beats or Kanon but I reckon Clannad is the best choice. What makes Clannad so great is the development the characters go through, no character is the same as they were in episode one. The first season may be a little slow-paced and for some people boring, I still recommend you watch both. The first season is just a high school drama/romance with a bunch of girls with hard lives involving family and then things get better by the end of their arc. Then their is After Story which is a more mature side of the story following life after high school, getting a job and giving development to the adult characters. I promise you whether you like or hate this anime, it is worth watching.

9. Princess Tutu (Hal Film Maker. 2002-2003. ADV Films. Contains 26 episodes) 

I could put Madoka Magica on this list which is one of my favorites, but I think Princess Tutu has a quality within the show that Madoka Magica lacks. While Madoka Magica is more of a show about naivety (is that even a word), Princess Tutu on the other hand is a magical girl anime based on tragedy and most people like to describe it as a dark fairy-tale. Yes, it has the girliest name ever but don’t be deceived this anime is sad and ballet is only a sub-category if you misunderstood. Yes, it doesn’t have the best start but it sure as hell doesn’t fail to tell an amazing story which I wish all fairy-tales could be like.

10. True Tears (P.A Works. 2008. Bandai. Contains 13 episodes)

We have seen animes where the drama is just ridiculous and over-the-top and the romance is unbelievable and just full of fluff and cliches, True Tears on the other is something else. I really like how it develops the characters all at the same time not splitting it into arcs and it didn’t turn into a story that was all over the place. The characters are all interesting and the connection between them is perfect. Yes Shinichiro will piss you off with his indecisiveness but looking at it from his perspective, you can really understand. I like both his love interests though I favor Noe, a character with so much to her other than this energetic girl, but she is so much fun to watch. What I liked most is Miyokichi’s character who is the best friend however isn’t this hopeless romantic pervert and actually has a girlfriend but is an overall very nice guy with a good heart and is still funny at the same time. Watch this anime and be sure to check out it’s opening if what I said is not enough to convince you.

11. Doki Doki School Hours (J.C Staff. 2004. Geneon. Contains 13 episodes+ 7 OVAs)

Doki Doki School Hours is by far my favorite slice-of-life anime. I know it doesn’t have the best animation considering almost every character has green eyes only a few having blue and every character has brown hair except for a few. But it doesn’t need good animation because it is just a simple and very funny anime. Unlike most slice-of-life anime it is not an anime that focuses on high school students but the teacher, Mika is our MC and I love her relationship with her student and how at the same time she is their teacher but is also their friend. All the student characters are likable and very unique in their own way and one of them actually made it as an honorable mention on the best characters in anime. Don’t watch this anime dub though, even if you prefer dub over subs.

12. Bokura ga Ita (Artland. 2006. Contains 26 episodes)

Another anime with a bit of a cliche in it. As soon I saw it I thought, “oh no this is gonna be another cliche romance anime” but no this anime isn’t really that cliche. I guarantee you will be pissed off at the characters so many times but at the same time you empathize with them and their issues. Yano and Nanami have a relationship that you both support but also get pissed off at. I can’t say you will love it, but you can at least understand these characters.

13. Kids on the Slope (MAPPA+Tezuka Productions. 2012. Sentai Filmworks. Contains 12 episodes)

The only coming-of-age anime I have seen. Watching the friendship grow between Kaoru and Sen was truly a joy to watch, it has it’s problems but in the end always worked out like how friendships usually work. I don’t really like jazz music but it was a joy to listen to when watching this anime. The unrequited love quality was handled beautifully and was so believable. It has been years since I last saw this anime but I promise it’s worth your time (according to my memory).

14. Fruits Basket (Studio Deen. 2001. Funimation. Contains 26 episodes)

My first shojo anime (that I completed). Out of every anime I’ve seen, none compared to Fruits Basket which I finished within less than a day, showing how much I loved it. However as the years gone by, I came to notice that Fruits Basket has it’s problems. But this anime needs to be seen regardless of it’s flaws. It has a very unique storyline and is a great comedy with lovable characters and an amazing concept. Read the manga when you’re done, from chapter 1 to the final chapter, seriously it is so much different to the anime and needs to be seen.

15. Amagami SS (AIC. 2010-2012. Sentai Filmworks. Contains 26 episodes+ Second Season has 13 episodes)

Probably the most unique harem anime out there. With harem anime we have our fingers crossed that our MC will end up with one girl and we become disappointed because he chose the oh so obvious main girl (it is always obvious who the MC ends up with). Creators of Amagami thought to themselves, “hey lets have an anime where our MC ends up with ALL of the girls without making him a complete slut like Makoto”. The anime worked and despite not seeing the second season YET, I still recommend everyone to see it.

16. Elfen Lied (Arms. 2004. ADV Films. Contains 13 episodes)

It really is a shame so many people hate Elfen Lied confirming it as a gory anime with lots of nudity and is nothing better than that. Well…

Elfen Lied is sooooo much more than that! Yes it has its flaws with it’s characters, ridiculous amount of gore and kind of a confusing story line but look past all that and this anime really is beautiful. Lucy’s backstory is the most emotional backstory of a character I’ve ever seen and it made me realize how much I love this anime. The concept of the feeling of discrimination, wanting acceptance and love, loneliness, this anime understands it better than any other anime out there. Lucy and Kouta have the most beautiful relationship and Lucy alone is an amazing character who is a badass. I wouldn’t be surprised if people comment hateful messages on me recommending Elfen Lied.

17. Hetalia (Studio Deen. 2008-2015. Funimation. Axis Power (season 1-2) contains 52 episodes+ World Series (season 3-4) contains 48 episodes+ Beautiful World (season 5) contains 20 episodes+ The World Twinkle (season 6) was announced January 2015.  

I have only seen season 1 but I doubt anything would change with the next couple of seasons. Why I recommend Hetalia is because it is a great comedy with great characters. Yes, it does use stereotypes with it’s characters but it was fun to watch and we all still fell in love with Hetalia. Just sit back and watch Hetalia, it is only 5 minutes per episode.

18. Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute) (AIC Build. 2010-2013. Aniplex of America. Contains 12 episodes+4 OVAs+second season contains 13 episodes+3 OVAs)

The reason why I’m recommending Oreimo is because of not only it’s potential but mainly because as a person who is uncomfortable about incest, Oreimo is the only anime I’m fine with. The reason being is because whether Kyosuke and Kirino ended up together didn’t matter because they obviously had this romantic spark following them but they also had this relationship as siblings that grew along with it. I know Kirino is not the most likable character, but she is entertaining. I really like the other girls too who all had a potential relationship with Kyosuke and I felt supportive to them all (personally I favor KyosukexKuroneko). Kyosuke is not 100% like your average MC in a harem anime but he is a very entertaining character starting off as this average guy who develops an interest in anime/ero games etc along with his sister. Oh yeah Wikipedia isn’t exactly correct when they say Kyosuke and Kirino have a sexual relationship, it’s not really that sexual though it is kinda weird they play eroge together.

19. School Days (TNK. 2007. Discotek Media. Contains 12 episodes)

Yes, I know School Days…. SCHOOL DAYS! Let me explain. So I was telling fellow reviewer/anime fan, Lita Kino that I actually recommend School Days despite disliking it. Yes, everyone hates the majority of the characters ESPECIALLY Makoto but I think they were all executed accurately. School Days’ concept on cheating was presented well and honestly is a topic not many animes tackle on or at least not as well as School Days. No spoilers mentioned, but although the ending is extreme and cheap, I still find it to be an amazing ending and one of the happiest moment of my life (that’s kind of sad). Besides I remember when I started School Days I expected it to be soooo bad because everyone else said it’s the worst anime ever, but I’m surprised because it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. Heck I have ran into a very small amount of people who love School Days and I respect and appreciate them because they don’t kiss up to the opinions of other people and gave this anime a chance to decide whether they like it or not. That’s why I recommend School Days, you may actually like it or you may hate it, it’s an anime that you need to see for yourself regardless of how bad people including myself says it is. I can’t promise you’ll like it but give it a chance and you can see for yourself.


That’s all everyone. Sorry if a certain anime you like isn’t on the list, it’s either because I haven’t seen it or I don’t exactly agree but if you feel inspired to, go ahead and make your own and be sure to send me the link to it, I’ll gladly check it out. That’s all


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    • I can’t promise they’ll be great as i said these are animes that i feel have a quality that other animes lack and deserve to be watched whether you like it or not so i do recommend them all but i can’t promise you’ll like them all 😀

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