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First Reaction: Jitsu wa Watashi wa (Actually, I am…) (ep 1)


So the one thing I’ve always wanted to do but fail over and over again is to watch an anime that is brand new and you know be one of those people who watch a new episode every week rather than waiting for the whole anime to finish. So yesterday (or today…) a new anime came out and it’s a romantic-comedy and if you didn’t know, my favorite genre are rom-coms. So my goal is to watch a new episode of this anime each week.

Before Watching the Anime

I thought the art style was a bit off however it had very colorful animation which I really like. I didn’t know what to expect from the anime at all and part of me wanted to ignore this anime but the storyline is fantastic. It’s about a guy named Asahi Kuromine who is nicknamed by his peers as a “leaking basket” in other words he can’t lie or keep secrets. But one day he falls for a mysterious girl in his class, Youko Shiragami and when trying to confess to her, he instead finds her in the classroom alone with vampire teeth and bat wings. Due to someone finding out this secret, Youko (Shiragami… what do we call her) must move schools, and not wanting her to leave, Kuromine asks her to stay and promises to keep her secret. As cliche as it sounds with a vampire story and that “you must keep my secret” thing we see a lot in anime, I still am intrigued by the challenge of the secret being in the hands of someone who is known for being horrible with secrets.

Current Thoughts

After watching the first episode, I am very excited for the next episode. I could tell this anime will have many touching and many LOL moments. I really like Kuromine’s character, I can detect a cliche shonen romance male lead being the really nice guy and I can also sense that this anime will have a bit of a harem in it though it doesn’t say anything about being a harem. The OST is so beautiful and I do like the opening, though unsure of the ending song.

Will I Continue?

Obviously I’ll continue this anime and review it when it finishes. The anime introduced itself quite well and I really want to see more. Will Kuromine and Shiragami’s relationship go anywhere? What does the supporting cast have to offer? I want to know this and really looking forward to episode 2 next week.


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