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Top 6 Anime Deaths I Don’t Care For


This title makes me sound really heartless. But lets face everyone has sat through an anime and when that one anime character they dislike dies, you don’t cry you’re just like, “Meh” or you celebrate. As mean as it sounds, you just don’t care about the deaths of these characters. So many people create a list of the “Saddest anime Deaths” but I’d like to address the happy one but calling it a happy death is pretty mean so I decided to call it, “Deaths I Don’t Care For”

Disclaimer: HUGE Spoiler Alerts!!!! I’ll name the animes before the character who died for you.

6. Shiki

Megumi Shimizu

Out of every character in Shiki, Megumi is the one I hated the most. She’s selfish and she did kill my favorite character of the show, Touru, why? Because she’s jealous of him. She really doesn’t realize how much sadness she put everyone through, including Masao, the character that hates everyone but Touru. She deserved to disappear the way she did and I didn’t feel any sympathy towards her.

5. Black Butler II

Alois Trancy

I could empathize the fact Alois just wants love but could never have it. So I do feel bad for him in that way but it never stopped me from hating him and thinking he’s an absolute bitch. When he died, I wasn’t exactly happy because I didn’t like the character who killed him. But I really don’t care for Alois at all and his death didn’t bother me.

4. Black Butler II (again…)

Claude Faustus

I hate Alois, but I hate Claude even more. Sorry fangirls. I like this scene a lot because it is a pretty epic action scene and in the first season we didn’t get an epic ending action scene. Claude’s death didn’t affect me in any way, I was applauding Sebastian the whole time. Claude is a dickhead and I didn’t like how he just broke his deal with someone who needed him the most (even though he is a bitch). I’ve said this before, but Claude is basically a copy+paste Sebastian just minus the charm.

3. Mirai Nikki (Future Diaries)

Yuno Gasai

I watched this anime dubbed and I couldn’t find the scene in English dub so going with the Japanese here. I’m sorry to everyone who loves the yandere, Yuno Gasai, but for me I couldn’t stand her. The bitch killed my favorite character because he kissed Yukki.

She is a batshit crazy bitch who doesn’t care about anyone else except Yukki and herself. I don’t care if she had a hard childhood, she is still an unlikable character to me. When Yuno died, I just didn’t care at all… for most people this was emotional and sweet but for me… meh.

2. Death Note

Light Yagami

No I’m not a Light fangirl at all. He killed so many people, even those who are innocent. I understand his intentions but he just gets so bad that he wouldn’t give two-shits about anyone else. I think Smosh explained this pretty well…

But when Light was discovered and Ryuk decided to kill him off, I was cheering on Ryuk for it. It was sad to see Light run past his old life before the death note.

1. School Days

Makoto Ito

I would actually like to meet one person who likes Makoto. I’ve heard people say they like the other characters on this list, but no one has ever said they like Makoto. Everyone hates Makoto because he is an asshole. He cheated on Kotonoha with a lot of girls breaking all their hearts because he is a selfish bastard who thinks cheating is okay. Yes, it’s unrealistic that someone would kill you for cheating but I think School Days hit the hammer on the nail perfectly when it came to cheating. I was way too happy when this scene happened and I think everyone else was too because we can all agree Makoto is an asshole. I feel like this song was made for him.


10 thoughts on “Top 6 Anime Deaths I Don’t Care For

  1. LitaKino says:

    Oh my god this post made me laugh lol your posts always talking about things like this make me laugh one of the reasons I love your blog. I 100% agree on this list is Yuno I found her character was just over the top for my liking and glad she died lol. The black butler dudes I can’t remember (been so long since I saw the anime) but they did annoy me also. As for your no 1 choice he sound slike my no1 choice for couples I will never support from rumbling hearts but can’t remember his name. I know school days is a bit of a screwed up anime but I still will watch it regardless 🙂

    Great Post !!

    Liked by 1 person

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