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Anime Review: Trigun


So as I mentioned before, the reason why I review anime now is how much I admire other anime reviewers on Youtube. These youtubers include, Black Critic Guy, JesuOtaku, Anime America and Glass Reflection. Considering I spend so much time watching their videos, naturally I would find animes that I should watch that they recommend. How is this information related to my review, well one day I was looking through some videos from Glass Reflection and I found his top 25ish animes that he recommends. I’ll add in the video below if you wish to watch it.

And he mentioned here and many times in his videos that there are 5 animes he believes you must watch before you die, Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Neon Genisis Evangelion, Akira and Trigun. I really want to see all 5 of these animes (still watching Cowboy Bebop) however last year, considering a friend of mine brought over Trigun recommending my sister and I to watch it, I did see the first few episodes and a few scenes from later episodes while my sister was watching it alone and it made me want this to be the first out of the 5 to complete.


Trigun setting is in a place that looks like an American wild-west area but is actually a waste-land planet with a post-apocalyptic society living within it due to many years ago humans left earth and ending up crashing on this planet, this adding a sci-fi element to the anime. The story follows a legendary man named Vash the Stampede who is known as the humanoid typhoon and has 6 billion double dollars bounty on his head. Two insurance ladies, Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson are assigned to find and follow Vash the Stampede however believe it or not Vash the Stampede is actually a complete goofball who wants nothing more than a peaceful world and refuses to kill anybody.

Before I praise this anime, I’d like to first name the issues I have with it. Trigun’s pacing is incredibly slow, you guys know how I am with slow-paced animes, I’m very lazy with them and take even longer to complete them. A lot of Trigun’s episode were though quite enjoyable also extremely pointless to the story, especially episode 13… let’s just say it’s one of those episodes that basically look back onto what has happened so far in the series only narrated by another character. The one thing that bothered me but I also really liked about the anime is how it continuously jumps from comedy, action and drama, yes it is a good point but only if it’s balanced out properly but with Trigun sometimes the comedy would overpower the drama and action and vise versa for other times. But despite that, I did really like all 3 traits of the anime. The best thing about this anime is the concept, I absolutely love how it addresses the idea of whether it’s right or wrong to kill another, Vash’s life how despite being a wonderful person almost everyone wants to kill him because his presence can easily conclude to destruction and honestly I feel for Vash, I really do.  Trigun really started to shine by the end of the anime with it’s drama and action scenes. It’s one of those animes that are pretty good at the start and then become AMAZING by the halfway point.

Score: B


All the characters are likable. First we have Vash, who is an amazing person, he is a goofball so obviously he’s hilarious, he is kind-hearted and he can’t stand the idea of death. However he goes through hell, everywhere he goes there is violence because of his existence, could you imagine being called a monster, being called the humanoid typhoon by so many people. So many people want you dead, yet he is such a strong character still wanting to live and trying to fulfill so much in his life. Than we have characters like Meryl and Milly, the insurance ladies. These two characters are the bright colors to a dark story, their different personalities compliment each other and make the show more enjoyable. Meryl being the more serious and sensible one (I’ve heard some people call her a tsundere which can be true) whereas Milly is the sweeter and oblivious one. Than we have the most badass character ever, Nicholas D. Wolfwood who appears later in the series. He is a priest though isn’t so much like one, he is a good guy though and has a good heart, though does have different beliefs to Vash feeling that it is okay to shoot your opponent.

As much as I love the characters, I can’t ignore that the rest of the cast only appear for one episode and don’t do anything for the show. I won’t be too harsh though because this is for understandable reasons considering they’re needed for the episode (whether the episode does something or not for the show). And I need to mention the relationships and character development for the characters and oh my it is great. I like how Vash and Meryl’s relationship starts off and ends, though I assume entirely one sided, it was still good. Even better, I adore the bond between Wolfwood and Milly, it’s strong, adorable and definitely not a clingy one. I think Milly and Meryl have a great bond too and mentioning their different personalities again, despite it all they compliment each other so well. Same with the bond between Wolfwood and Vash, both having different beliefs yet work perfectly together and in the end they work out their issues so well. And I think all the character are very well developed especially Vash.

Score: B+


When you look at Trigun you can definitely tell it is a 90’s anime. Yes the animation is a bit dated it is still very impressive and for a 90’s anime, still well done. The characters all have good character designs… enough said. I think the shading may be the greatest point of the anime going from bright tones to dark tones depending on the scene.

Score: C+


I really like the OST for Trigun, their is a bit.. well a lot of the guitar and some of the saxophone (I think… I kind of suck at telling the difference between the sax or trumpet). I like the OST known as “Never Could of been worse” and “Stories to Tell”. By the way, Rem’s song “Sound Life” is beautiful. The opening is fantastic and has become one of my many favorites. I wish I could find a full version of it but nope… there is none. I’m not a fan of it’s ending song though, don’t know why just doesn’t stand out.

 The Japanese dub of Trigun isn’t good. I don’t know their is something about it that isn’t right. However Masaya Onosaka does an outstanding performance as Vash and I always thought he’d do a good job considering I’ve heard him once before as another goofball, Haruka from Lovely Complex. The dub however is outstanding, with the amazing Johnny Yong Bosch playing Vash the Stampede, this performance was perfect and probably my favorite from him. Than we have Dorothy Elias-Fahn as Meryl, Lia Sargent as Milly and Jeff Nimoy as Wolfwood who did an amazing job at their roles and I do wish I could hear them in more animes.

Score (Music): B+

Score (Voice Acting): B


Theirs a quote that says, “You never know how much you love something/one till it’s/they’re gone” and how I feel it relates to my feelings towards Trigun is that I never realized how much I love Trigun until the end approached and before I would’ve given it a B- or even go as low as a C+ (that’s not actually too bad) but no I won’t give it that score. Trigun has an amazing concept, and though a flaw also a good quality is it’s drama, comedy and action, great characters who are well-developed and have good relationships with each other, fantastic OST and opening. Overall I rate Trigun with a B+, probably the best anime I’ve seen this year… so far. I agree with Arkada when he said Trigun is an anime you must watch before you die, I highly recommend this anime to everyone.

If you like Trigun I recommend;

Attack on Titans (Shingeki no Kyojin)

When I started Trigun, I thought of it as the AoT of 2015 because I watched Shingeki no Kyojin last year. This was because like Attack on Titans, despite being enjoyable also extremely slow paced. However I can say I enjoy Trigun way more than Attack on Titans and I do regret putting AoT as number 4 on my “Top 10 Best Anime I’ve Seen in 2014” when it should of been lower or an honorable mention. But I do see more similarities between the two other than it’s slow pacing, it has a very troublesome society and both our main characters are called monsters but I can’t say why for AoT’s part. And hey, although overrated, Attack on Titans is still a kick-ass anime.

One Piece

This isn’t a must watch for anime fans who have experienced anime many times before but I do recommend it for newbies. One Piece also has a lot of action, drama and comedy, I’d say it’s more lighter than Trigun because every few minutes has a laugh-out-loud moment, whereas Trigun has a lot of drama and action. Our main characters are both being chased around too, for different reasons though. One Piece is extremely overrated and it’s main issue is that it has 700 episodes (nearly 400 are dubbed) so  if you don’t wish to watch it, that’s fine I understand that you have far better animes to watch.


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