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First Reaction: One Week Friends (Isshukan Friends)

Note: I’m so sorry for not only taking forever to update but also taking so long to finish off Trigun and Cowboy Bebop. I promise (I seriously mean it this time) that I will review these two by Wednesday. Lately I’ve been in a very bad mood and been having overdramatic issues not to mention I caught a cold. But don’t worry because I’m going to try update more often!


Yay, my first first reaction blog! This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time but didn’t know what anime to do. So I’ve been scrolling down my VERY long list of anime searching for either a rom-com or a really cute romance anime because watching 2 genres of anime I’m not use to lately has been a bit tiring (I actually do like those two animes though) and I found an anime on the list that was described as “so sweet it gave me diabetes” and I checked out the first episode….

Before Watching the Anime

When I first heard of this anime I thought of a movie called, “50 First Dates”. It follows a guy who tries to befriend a girl who’s memory resets every week on Monday

By looking at the serene and soft animation, I instantly assumed this anime would be a romance anime with many sentimental moments. The one thing that made me not want to watch this anime is by reading it’s story line, I’m a bit concerned on how each episode will be like, is it going to be extremely repetitive? Will it be a bit too dramatic? I don’t know. The characters I didn’t know what to think of them when I first saw them all, I assumed Fujimiya would be a soft-spoken girl who is always kind… basically Nagisa Furukawa from Clannad. As for Hase, I expected him to be just a generic nice guy and worried me if he’d be like that.

Current Thoughts

After watching the first episode I’m rather surprised at the characters. Fujimiya isn’t anything like Nagisa exactly, she is cold and distant at first glance but at heart is a cheerful and kind girl. Hase is kind of what I expected however presented much better then I expected. He is cliche, I have seen his character in many other animes but it never stopped me from liking this character. I really like Hase’s friend Shogo who is the most unique character of the show being very honest, straight  foward and a complete dickhead yet he is extremely likable and is a very good friend to Hase. I’m still concerned about how every other episode of the show will be like? I get this feeling it’ll be a bit too dramatic and repetitive.

Will I Continue?

Knowing me I can’t drop a show so this question is kind of useless. However I only put it up because it’s a way to decide if I continue watching the show or if I’ll let next year’s Chibi Majo finish it off instead. Thankfully, I will continue this show and review it this year after I finish it of course. I want to find out how  things go between Hase and Fujimiya, I want to get to know their characters and see how things end and I certainly do want to see more of Shogo.


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