sunshine awards

Sunshine Award part 2

Part 1 HERE!

I got nominated again by JKPleaseHearMe! Thanks for nominating me aha. I won’t be nominating anyone in this post, I’ll just answer all the questions

1. What is your favourite anime of all time?

I have so many favourites but my top 4 would have to be School Rumble, Inuyasha, Death Note and Lovely Complex (planning on making a top 30-45 favorite anime list).

2. Do you prefer Subbed or Dubbed?

Both. I don’t have a preference at all. Though when I do start an anime I do check it out dub and if I like it dub I’ll continue it and re-watch one episode in Japanese to compare the two. However if I hate the dub, I’ll finish off the anime sub. The only anime where I hated the sub though was with The Wallflower.

3. Do you prefer anime or manga?

Anime. I like manga don’t get me wrong, however because I’m lazy and I don’t bother reading much, I always choose the anime. However I have completed a few mangas, heck I’m writing my own manga.

4. Have you ever been to any conventions?

No, I’ve never been to a convention in my life. It is because I have no one to take me and I’m too young for trains plus my parents don’t let me go. Unfortunately conventions (and basically everything else) in Victoria are always held in Melbourne and I live in Geelong and because Geelong kind of sucks, nothing is ever held in Geelong, seriously nothing no joke. And my parents are a bit weird when it comes to Melbourne.

5. If you could meet any person in the world (famous) who would it be?

Channing Tatum. I find him really attractive and you know it would be great to meet him and all.

6. There are 4 ways to get off an island. Plans A, B, C, and D. Which do you choose?

Plan D.

7. What anime or manga would you NOT recommend to others?

Animes would be Green Green, Pupa, Kiss x Sis, Mars of Destruction, Boku no Pico. As for mangas basically the manga version of all these animes, though I heard Pupa’s manga is actually good, I don’t know haven’t read it.


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