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Anime Review: Kiss x Sis


I’m so proud of myself. Seriously. I said the exact same thing about Green Green but the way I feel about Kiss x Sis is different. I’ll explain this more later in the review but all I can say. I heard about Kiss x Sis on an anime Facebook page and I decided to read the manga and I could hardly read past chapter 1… That was 2 years ago and knowing me I felt the urge to continue it and regardless on how bad I hear it is, I still decided to continue it but as an anime considering I’m much slower at completing a manga than finishing an anime.


Keita Suminoe has two older sisters who are twins, Ako and Riko and considering Keita is related by blood to the twins, both of the girls love Keita and are trying to get in his pants and at the same time he is trying to study to enroll into the same high school as the twins.

The story line is very fucked up! I think it’s bullshit that they come up with this excuse to make the relationship okay by saying, “They’re not related by blood”. No! They may not be blood-related but by law they’re related, I mean they live under the same roof and have the same parents (though one is not a biological parent). I honestly rather the anime make the siblings blood-related so then it can stop with the bullshit on trying to make it okay because it really isn’t. Other than this bullshit what makes this anime special… the incest. I don’t like incest in anime that much so it’s not a quality I appreciate. Other than the incest this anime is a generic rom-com for horny guys or lesbians with weird fetishes. I’m not trying to be rude to the people who actually like the anime but the way I see it, the anime has all kinds of fetishes in it and I find it disgusting. If it’s not being “sexy” than it is trying to be funny. I didn’t like it’s kind of comedy, all it does is add in a numerous amount of misunderstandings and awkward moments which made me feel weird and not in a good way.

Score: D-


I strongly dislike all the characters ESPECIALLY Keita. Keita is the biggest fuckhead I’ve ever seen in an anime. He is bland and extremely stupid. I didn’t really like Ako or Riko. I will give the anime credit for making the two have unique personalities compared to one another. However it never stopped me from disliking the both because these two just kept throwing themselves at their brother it was annoying and it’s not that it’s incest that it pisses me off, if someone like Mikuni did it I would be so annoyed, it was because I find it really desperate. I couldn’t stand Keita’s three friends either, they’re like the baka-trio from Green Green only lighter and less weird. Every other character was bland and useless, the one character I liked was the teacher for the twins and I really wish the anime could follow her instead. Also Mikuni had so much potential to be an awesome character and have a good relationship with Keita, heck they even have a whole episode together and never actually bond. Their is no character development at all and the bonds between the characters were shit, especially the twins and the brothers bond. The twins never bond, heck all I know is that these two are rivals, do they care for each other? How close are they to each other? I don’t know. And they don’t bond much with Keita, all we know is that they like him and want to fuck him and Keita is confused because obviously he’s a fuckhead.

Score: D+


I don’t mind the animation. It was nice and cute too. It has a shit load of fan service, worse than any ecchi anime I’ve seen… so far. The tone is it’s problem, it was kind of dark for a cutesy rom-com anime which usually has bright colors. The character designs were good, except for Keita’s design which was extremely bland. I like the animation in the ending song, with the dance.

Score: C+

The OST is really good. All the songs matched the moments really well. I like the opening, not the best but it was cute. I also absolutely LOVE the ending song. The ending song is so catchy, cute and upbeat, it is one of my favorites. Every episode I sat through of this anime, I was waiting so eagerly for this ending song to appear.

Their is no English dub for this anime. The Japanese is average. Ayana Taketatsu, who did the voice of Kirino Kosaka (another incest anime) did a good job as Ako and Yuiko Tatsumi did a good job as Riko. I also appreciate Ken Takeuchi as Keita who actually makes Keita sound like the fuckhead he is.

Score (Music): B+

Score (Voice Acting): C


Overall Kiss x Sis is a piece of shit anime. I don’t like the story or characters. Sure it has good animation, voice acting and great music but other than that, this anime is awful. I don’t want to go on and on about it cause it’s late and I have school camp tomorrow. I give Kiss x Sis a D+. It is better than Green Green because it has a lot more good qualities to it than Green Green however it pisses me off more than Green Green did. Don’t watch this anime their is so much better anime seriously.

I recommend you to watch;

Oreimo (My Little Sister Can’t be this Cute)

Both are incestious anime. Oreimo is actually good in my opinion and is way better in comedy and has better characters. The story follows a high school boy named Kyousuke who doesn’t have a close relationship with his sister but eventually after discovering she’s an otaku they get closer… even to a romance level. Oreimo is the only incest anime I like and the only one I’ve seen. I don’t care much for the incest relationship but their is so much more to the story than ever.

B Gata H Kei

Both have a pervy female lead and are extremely sexual too. Both animes have that ecchi element too and are both comedies though different styles in comedy. I only recently reviewed B Gata H Kei last month actually.

(Sorry if the review has spelling errors or doesn’t make sense in some areas I have no time to fix them right now I’m off on camp till Friday, until then)!


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