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Top 10: My Favorite Anime Couples…. so far


One of the most realistic elements in an anime, movie or whatever is of course romance. Let’s face it, every anime I can think of has some sort of romance element in it even if its just a small unrequited love thing. No matter what, everything has romance in it. So I was finally able to make a top ten anime couples list. Keep in mind though, someday in the future if my list changes a lot because I’ve seen animes with better couples than I will make a new list, I don’t know when, maybe next year, two years or even ten years, who knows.

Rule 1: If you haven’t realized for majority of my top 10 lists, I’m only willing to do one per anime, if I did do more than one then this list would be too long

Rule 2: My list, don’t like it than make your own
Disclaimer: Spoilers!

Honorable Mentions (There are waaaaaaaay too many anime couples, it was hard to forget them):

Risa and Otani (Lovely Complex), Momo and Kairi (Peach Girl), Kin-chan and Chris (Itazura na Kiss), Tamaki and Haruhi (Ouran Highschool Host Club), Hinata and Yui (Angel Beats), Chizuru and Ryuu (Kimi ni Todoke), Chii and Hideki (Chobits), Junichi and Tsukasa (Amagami SS), Usagi and Mamoru/Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask/Serena and Darien (Sailor Moon), Nana and Ren (Nana), Misaki and Usui (Kaichou wa Maid-sama), Mizuho and Kei (Please Teacher), Maiku/Mike and Miina (Please Twins), Belldandy and Keiichi (Ah My Goddess), Lydia and Edgar (Earl and Fairy), Nanami and Tomoe (Kamisama Kiss), Nanami and Yano (Bokura ga Ita), Romeo and Juliet (RomeoxJuliet. Bad anime, good couple)

10. Minene and Nishijima (Mirai Nikki)

If you didn’t know, I hate the relationship between our main characters, mainly because I’m not too fond of Yukki and I hate Yuno (I made myself clear in my “Top 10 Couples I Don’t Care For” list). I would love it if Mirai Nikki focused on either Yukki and Akise or Minene (9th) and Nishijima. Minene a tough, foul-mouthed badass and Nishijima compliments her so well. I still don’t understand why these two weren’t our main couple and main characters.

9. Lucy/Nyuu and Kouta (Elfen Lied)

These two have experienced so much in their lives. Lucy has been tortured and discriminated growing up and has been searching out for acceptance. Kouta watched his family get killed (even though it was Lucy who did it) and was in a mental institution for most of his life. Both went through just as much, but when it’s just these two together, it’s peaceful. Lucy who hates every human only cares for Kouta because he is the only human who accepted her which I got to say is beautiful. Lucy wants to apologize to Kouta for all she’s done and she got to start all over again as Nyuu. I wish I could put these two higher on the list but there were other couples I liked more.

8. Ryuuji and Taiga (Toradora)

I’ll admit, at first I was kinda hoping Ryuuji would be with Minori and Taiga would be with Kitamura. However, now I think these two are better off together. Most people believe Toradora is the romance anime which I strongly disagree with but I can’t deny these two are one of the best couples in anime and are enough reason to make you want to watch Toradora. What makes these two work is how well they understand each other. Taiga, our short-tempered, tsundere who’ll kick anyone’s ass with Ryuuji who can tame her and can deal with her shit. Ryuuji who is a good guy and is continuously misunderstood as a delinquent, Taiga is the only one who never treated or saw Ryuuji as a delinquent (other than a few exceptions such as Minori, Kitamura and Ami who always knew Ryuuji wasn’t a bad guy). And when they got together, I was so happy!

7. Tomoya and Nagisa (Clannad)

Most people were always wishing Tomoya would be with either Kyou, Kotomi or Tomoyo, me on the other hand was always supporting Nagisa and Tomoya. Yes at the start Nagisa was just kind of bland and then only became likable in After Story, but from the start, Tomoya was always the one by her side and tried to help her open up. These two are both so different from one another yet are so strong as a couple. Tomoya did become weaker with Nagisa but she made Tomoya a better and happier person and Tomoya made Nagisa a stronger person.

6. Shizuku and Haru (My Little Monsters)

What I love about these two is that there is no bullshit between them. We continue to get couples that don’t know how to communicate or be honest with each other. Shizuku and Haru on the other hand are both so honest with each other (I mean nobody straightforwardly tells the person they like that they imagine having sex with them). Shizuku may be a bit hard to deal with because she struggles to choose between studying and Haru. However she always tells Haru everything on her mind, example was when they had an argument and Oshima was in the middle of it, these two spoke so honestly with each other. Shizuku the dry ice warmed up by Haru’s innocent personality who is judged as a monster.

5. Sango and Miroku (Inuyasha)

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Inuyasha and Kagome, those two went through so much just to be together, however, I love Sango and Miroku more. These two took so much time to grow as a couple and went through a lot as well. In the Final Act, Sango had to do everything she can to protect Miroku from dying and how Miroku tried to help Sango but couldn’t. Sango has to deal with Miroku, a perverted monk but still loves him unconditionally. When Miroku proposed to Sango, that was perfect and I was so happy. They had the perfect ending that they deserved.

4. Tohru and Kyo (Fruits Basket)

These two compliment each other so well. Tohru lost both her parents and still continues to smile and is so strong. Kyo who continues to get rejected by not only his parents but by everyone in the Sohma house. When he met Tohru, his life changed, just like everyone else in the Sohma family. Tohru gave Kyo exactly what he needed and wanted, acceptance, love and compassion.

3. Ririchiyo and Miketsukami (InuxBoku SS)

These two work so well because they’re both at heart are so lonely before meeting each other. Ririchiyo grew up with a hard childhood and life at home and is constantly picked on at school and she uses her cold words as defense. She doesn’t know how to be honest with others and struggles to tell people what she means. Miketsukami who is described as the loyal dog (despite being a fox?) and before only knew how to manipulate and try to understand women’s feelings and never really had real feelings of his own, until he met Ririchiyo, he put all that aside and smiled for his lady. The two understand each really well and see through each other so well. Neither of them love themselves however fill in that gap with the love they give each other.

2. Misaki and Usagi (Junjou Romantica)

Most people favor Nowaki and Hiroki’s relationship and I honestly I don’t blame them, those two were perfect together. However I’ve always favored Misaki and Usagi, in fact while I was watching Junjou Romantica last year in October and December, I was always looking forward to the episodes based on Misaki and Usagi (don’t get me wrong I do like the other episodes that focus on the other couples). These two work because we have Usagi who has loved Takahiro for so long and can only hide his sadness on the fact Takahiro’s feelings aren’t mutual, than Misaki comes in and not only teaches Usagi how to love again but changes him as a person making Usagi much warmer. Not to mention, Usagi is Misaki’s fist love and the way Misaki understands Usagi and knows him is just admirable. Yes, I know that their relationship has a bit of rape in it and Usagi is too possessive and jealous but I strongly admire and love their relationship.

1. Mei and Yamato (Say “I Love You”)

These two are my relationship goals. They grow so much as a couple and compliment each other really well. I’ll admit, these two are an unlikely couple, Mei, the most quietest and gloomiest girl at school and Yamato, the most popular and nicest guy at school. However what made these two work is the fact that they’re actually not that different, both suffer from a past that affects them till this day. Mei started off shy and cold, but Yamato is the first to actually get close to her and helped her open and warm up to people. These two got so high on the list because of how much I admire and want their relationship.


8 thoughts on “Top 10: My Favorite Anime Couples…. so far

  1. LitaKino says:

    You have listed most fav couples I ship so hard XD NO1 spot I agree with its one of my fav romance couples ️hehe they do meld well together 😄 your second couple I was surprised did not realise you had seen that anime I love Hiro x shinbou from that series there my fav ❤

    I think me and you have similar taste in many things anime wise 🙂

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